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Hi \o and nice to meet you tail wagging

I'm a little Kitsune, who found this website and decided to stay here... because... because it is a nice place!
For people who doesn't know what is a Kitsune... all you need to know is I'm a human with a fox ears and tail!

Pretty naive, a little submissive, I'm a total foot/legs/shoes and ballbusting lover.
But I can to be a little wild too, and makes my prey cumming hard without letting her any chance to resist~
I'm more a competitive player, and I'm a bit bratty... let me an opening while trying to tame me... and you may regret it~

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NNN 2022

After an intense moment and got tag teamed by a duo composed from Rachel and Alice, I failed and ended up bursting all my semen I build up for the three last days from their strong knees >////<
But it was so good... I just loved it even it it means I lost >.>

About me

I love playing in Classic and Hentai mode, those are my favorite!

I have some difficulties with making a roleplay in Wrestling, because I have very few experience into this, but I'm not against playing in this mode if that's your favorite and if you want to try taming a bratty Kitsune... don't be surprised if you end up cuming on the mat tho~

Interactive and Femdom are exclusive to few people with whom I have trust and enjoy enough any IRL play with toys or instructions.

I love doing roleplay.
I'm not a native english speaker, so my roleplay isn't really elaborated, but I like to try doing my best having and sharing a good time with my partner.
I really love dirty talk too, and I'm perfectly fine with shorter game!
So if you prefer quick games with just back and forth dirty talking it's okay for me!

My roleplay games tend more to not go further than 1.5/2 hours, that's the perfect duration for me.
I can do more, but it's hard to find the time for this

But please, if you're watching a game where I am, I don't mind if you do a rp in the chat, I don't mind if you talk a little, commenting the game, just welcoming new people, I don't mind all of that.
But when i'm focusing on my roleplay, to statify, or get satisfied by my partner, I don't want to read a physolofical debate into the public chat.
Can you fap, stroke, edge, being horny, in the mood, when all people are talking about others things around you?
I personally can't
I don't mind playing public, letting people watching my games, and I don't want to make them private and prevent people who want to see to peek.
So please consider that, my game with others people isn't a public bot chat.

And now... will you be my prey? Or will you manage to got me before I make you cum relentlessly?~
There's only one way to answer, don't you think?~

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My DM are open!
I'm an old member here, so don't hesitate to send me a message if you want to talk about anything and nothing, to ask any question you can have about the game or even me!
I'll not bite you! I swear! Unless you try to touch my ears or tail... they're the most sensitive parts of my body 😶

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I also wrote few stories for the blog, so if you want to know about the Kitsune's adventures on Erofights, you can peek here!


As I mentionned at the beginning, I have a particular kinks, making me loving feet, legs, socks and shoes.
Since it's not the most common thing, I'll try to explain it a little here.

First of all, feet and shoes!
I don't know why, but I love seeing pics of feet, or any footwear. Just the visual is something I appreciate a lot and can turn me on pretty easily ( yes, you can't imagine how much it's a pain to try not being horny each time I see feet or shoes in real life \o/ )

Second is of course, any kind of "stroking" involving them! So basically, Footjob (stroking with feet), Sockjobs (stroking with socks on) or Shoejob (this time with shoes on, yeah it doesn,'t sound comfy at all, but honnestly, with a good skill it's amazing)
This one is my main fetish, and if you take a look at all the foot fetish actions created today, you'll see I submitted many of them :D

And Third is "ballbusting"
I know it does looks like terrifying, but I love kick and knees in crotch.
Seeing them more than receiving them IRL of course, it's still painful as fuck (did 8 years of ballbusting sessions IRL, so I know what I'm talking about).
In Roleplay, I just get intensely turned on by it.

Here's for my kinks, it was just a quick description to help you understanding more what is involved here :D

Fox and Wolf

After being challenged by the cutie wolfy Amelia, I just ended up begging her to make me cum while getting kicked in balls by her skilled feet...
I lost against this rookie, not able to handle her sandals smell while shooting my load on her wolfy feet...

The Dragon Princess and her Fox

After cockily teasing this dragon princess for having "weak" and "stinky" feet, I ended up begging to worship her feet at the end of the match. I came after she used her boots to step on and kick my cock, and I can't wait for her to do it again...

Brother and Sister

In the past, me and my sister fusionned our souls.
When one of us is awake, the other is sleeping, deep inside our mind...
But we're not sharing the same body! I told you it's about spirit!
Don't try to understand it, it's Kitsune's magic~

Here's her appearance when she's awake!

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I only play with people whom i'm interested by with her.
So if you want to catch her attention... you can still DM me and let's see if you manage doing it~

English is not my native... I'm a French Kitsune \o/
So if you are more comfortable with French during our rp, we can use it...

Otherwise, my apologies for my poor english! But I'll give my best for you!


Defeated in Eropets tournament as Winston's pet
Defeated in Eropets tournament as Alissa's pet
Won the Eropets tournament as Romantic's pet \o/


I participated to this tournament with my partner Weiss Schnee, and we ended up champions \o/


I participated to the December tournament with the team "Sassies Skiers", and we won the best Costume contest!
Here's the costume we had for the tournament!

From left to right :
PerfectPet , Diana Adams , Me \o/ , and Felix

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During the Halloween Tournament, I was bite by a bat, and I became a Batsume!
But even in this form, I was defeated and didn't pass the pool phase 😶

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She's better than you thought and manages to easily break free. Time to rethink your strategy. Your opponent breaks free Tu sens son sexe se contracter entre tes chaussettes douces pendant que tu le masturbes avec tes pieds. Footjob en chaussettes Il est meilleur que tu ne le pensais et se libère aisément. Il est temps de changer de stratégie. Libère-toi Il est meilleur que tu ne le pensais et se libère aisément. Il est temps de changer de stratégie. Libère-toi Tu utilises tes orteils pour caresser sa bite dure. Toejob La sensation de ta queue était trop pour elle ... Accablé de plaisir, il a fait irruption sa charge dans ta queue ... Tu souris en regardant son sperme voler, tandis que son visage fond de plaisir ... Jouissez dans sa queue Ils ne pouvaient pas supporter tes mains douces et habiles~ et maintenant ils répandent leur sperme sur toi~ Ils ont raté Juste comme ça, vous l'avez fait jouir. Il souffle sa charge sur vos cuisses, preuve de votre supériorité. Jouir sur ses cuisses La sensation de ta queue était trop pour lui ... Accablé par le plaisir, il éclate sa charge dans ta queue ... Tu souris en regardant son foutre voler, tandis que son visage fond de plaisir ... Jouir dans sa queue Vous avez ciblé sa faiblesse et il n'a pas pu se retenir. Vous regardez sa bite, éjaculer après votre branlette, son corps se tortille de plaisir. Bien joué ~ Jouis dans ses mains, étouffé par ses pieds

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