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My name and goal:
Hey everyone, I'm Trisha! I'm a succubus! ^That's me up there!^ I've had many names in the past but Trisha is the one I'm choosing to go by for now, hopefully I will have a lot of cute little incubi and succubi running around calling me mommy in the near future! That is what I'm trying to achieve after all!

Spell is active. I'm fertile and ready to begin my quest to get knocked up! 31/08/2021
Not even 5 minutes into my quest and I encounter an Angel! O_O' I'm going to have to lay low for a bit... I think I managed to convince him I'm not a succubus but still better be safe than sorry especially when it comes down to my kind's potential extinction! 31/08/2021
Already receiving offers from some very promising sounding individuals how ever will I choose? 01/09/2021
It came to my attention that I could possibly be the one doing the impregnating! I'm currently trying to figure out a way to edit my spell a little to allow me to temporarily grow male genitalia so I can expand my partners to women as well without feeling like I'm slacking off on my quest! 01/09/2021
I believe I have done it! After a day of researchI think I managed to edit my spell, allowing me to expand my partners to women and possibly impregnate them! 02/09/2021
Well the spell works! I got pregnant! Not only that, it's triplets! I'm due to give birth on the ninth! 02/09/2021
It appears I'm capable of getting other girls pregnant too! Thanks to a very fun and exciting breeding session I've managed to make someone a mother! 02/09/2021
I decided to spend the last few days getting some rest and catching up on some well needed sleep, being pregnant is tiring, only to find quite a few messages of offers to assist me in my quest! I hope to take advantage of all of them some day I just hope they don't get jealous in the meanwhile if someone has already beaten them to it! 05/09/2021
After a long tiring, but fun, battle for control I managed to impregnate another girl! This one was rather defiant at first but I managed to subdue her. To celebrate my victory I decide to change my profile picture! 07/09/2021
Well the day has come! I gave birth to the triplets. Now to take a few days off getting pregnant to ensure I can give this lot the proper attention they need. ^_^ Wait a moment, doesn't this make me a MILF now? Great! ;P 09/09/2021
Alright! Rest week is over! Spell is active and I'm ready to continue my quest! 17/09/2021
First game back fertile and I get knocked up with five! FIVE! 18/09/2021
Got another girl pregnant with triplets all girls! I'm so happy! ^^ 23/09/2021
Not too long after my last entry I received a message from a rather kinky girl she had heard about my quest and was curious about how I impregnate girls. She now knows first hand how. She's now my little breeding pet carrying four. ;P 23/09/2021
Whew! I did again. This time I managed to impregnate another girl with twins. Three in one day! I feel spent! Hehe! 23/09/2021
It appears I accidentally wandered into another succubus' domain! After some discussion about interests and affirming superiority we had a match game! There were spells, hypnosis, and bondage! But ultimately I succeeded and came out on top! I then successfully impregnated her with five! 24/09/2021
Oops I got a little busy over the last few days so giving an update completely skipped my mind! Well on the night of 25/09/2021 I gave birth to my quintuplets, and entered my rest week which will end on 02/10/2021 not much has happened since then though regarding my quest. 30/09/2021
I met a knight, she was a fun one! Now she's carrying a set of my twins. ^^ 04/10/2021
Hmm... My latest daughter Caeruleum, grew up into a lovely looking Oni! Maybe her mom had some dormant genes in her? Maybe my spell grew a little unstable? Doesn't matter she's still my precious daughter! ^^ 04/10/2021
Well, after a few days of negotiations I got an interview with Cherry herself of Cherry(s) & SEX! It looks like I managed to impress her because after an interview and a session with a client I saw my name on the list for the "Reserved" girls! ^^ To celebrate I decided to update my appearance again. I think it's a nice look. ;P 08/10/2021
I sensed a new arrival so I decided to be nice and greet her! ^^ 11/10/2021
After a rematch with a mother of my children I successfully gave her a new bundle of joy to welcome into our lives! ^^ 13/10/2021
I'd been keeping an eye on the new girl Hazel That was quite a messy game she got herself in... Time to break out the sewing kit and fix her clothes for her and clean her up while she sleeps. 15/10/2021
My studly daddy of five came round last night and decided he to wanted give me more babies. Now I'm carrying our sixth, seventh and eighth children. ;P 16/10/2021
I met another succubus today. After a bit of teasing each other and saying what we planned on doing to each other we eventually got down to business. ;P She's now a mother of one! 19/10/2021
It's Halloween! Best day ever! I get to walk around freely and get compliments on my "costume." Hehe! People always get so shocked when I give my wings a flap or wiggle my tail in response. ;P 31/10/2021
It was nice stretching out the wings openly with no stress of exposing my true nature to any particularly zealous individuals! But Halloween is over now, so while I remain around the mortals I must change back into a more easily disguised form. 1/11/2021
No Nut November? As in... No cumming?! What a horrendously awful concept! Who came up with this?! 1/11/2021
Ahhh! That was an eventful night! ^^ I had a reunion with one of my fellow succubi and we went at each other until we knocked each other up! Now we're both expecting twins! ^^ I have two girls inside me and she has one of each! We haven't talked about names yet as she started to feel tired, but she gave me permission to keep going! I promised to make sure she can't feel her legs tomorrow. ;P 5/11/2021
Hehe! It feels great knowing I'm another child closer to saving my race from extinction! ^^ 11/11/2021
I went on a walk after I got a bad headache. I met a slime when I sat down to rest. I proceeded to tame it when it tried to do naughty things to me and now it is my pet! I called it Bubbles! They're soooo cute! ^^ A little timid at the moment though, and small, maybe when they're bigger I'll let them play with me during my encounters with people. ;P 18/11/2021
Got a chance to play with a cat girl today! She was very fun! ^^ Four more babies coming soon! 20/11/2021
Meh. I feel a little foolish celebrating the birth of my worst nightmare's son but I suppose as a mother now I have to make an effort for my own kids. :/ 'Tis the season after all... This feels so weird! >.< 01/12/2021
I'm going to be welcoming a new son into my life thanks to a wonderful woman letting me vent my frustrations out on, and in, her body! ;P 17/12/2021
The holiday last month and the aftermath of it has been keeping me extremely busy, I barely even have time to update my diary anymore. >.> 11/01/2022
It's been quite some time since I put my quest on hold, but as soon as I got back a new potential mother offered to help me! ^^ 24/04/2022

My people are quickly becoming extinct, so I'm on a quest to find any potential fathers, or studs if you prefer, out there willing to make a deal but first I'll explain the situation for you, Succubi are pretty difficult to impregnate due to millennia of adaptation we naturally evolved to become more sterile due to our method of feeding, once we reach maturity our diets require semen to be received into our bodies via any of our orifices, what provided us with nourishment as children will only cause severe illness once fully mature, so naturally eons ago the succubi evolved in a way so our pussies can shape itself to match the size and shape of any of our partners and as a byproduct stimulate ourselves with heightened sensitivity. This made vaginal sex the preferred method of extracting a mate's semen which in turn led to more pregnancies and as a result, led to us evolving to become less fertile to prevent overpopulation. This however backfired immensely as of now the numbers of succubi and incubi being born are as low as one child per ten millennia, one succubus or incubus every ten-thousand years. However, after centuries of tirelessly working on a solution to my kind's natural decline towards extinction I have managed to create a spell that will increase my fertility to compensate for nature's huge oversight towards my kin's preservation meaning the chances of our coupling bearing fruit is much more likely! At least I hope... Haven't had a chance to test it yet... But I'm ever the optimist!

The spell:
The spell I created, if it works properly, will have a purple heart appear on my stomach upon impregnation attempt if the attempt is successful the heart will glow either blue, a boy, or pink, a girl, before fading again unless you want me to keep it showing. In the event of multiple babies, twins or more, the tattoo will glow but instead of fading will pulse in the colour of each child, one blue pulse followed by a pink pulse would mean twins with one boy and one girl, two blue pulses means two boys and so on. Each pregnancy regardless of how many kids I'm knocked up with will last for a week due to my spell speeding up the incubation process, however I will turn the spell off for a week once the pregnancy ends to focus on looking after the baby/babies until they're old enough to look after themselves. Once my rest week is over, the spell will automatically activate, the heart will glow red purging any commands left on me that hinder my goal of getting pregnant, and make me fertile and ready to be bred again. But the spell has a placed a permanent side affect on me whether it's activated or not...
I decided to add a new feature to my spell to assist my quest even if I play with other girls! Now I should be able to grow a working set of male genitals, it's only temporary though. As interesting as a permanent addition sounds I like my natural form more! Strangely enough according to my notes, in theory, my chance of successfully impregnating someone are higher than my own impregnation chance however the trade off it is much less likely for multiple children per pregnancy.

What I'm into?:
Well that's a bit of a silly question seeing as I am a succubus... But I suppose if I had to answer my biggest goal right now would be impregnation and pregnancy so I'm into that. Really though I am happier making adjustments to accommodate to your kinks. You taste better when satisfied. ;p And I'm certainly no stranger to playing with other girls, I don't mind sharing with my best friend Jezzy who is also a succubus but she isn't joining me on my quest. Yet... However I will not accommodate scat or physical punishment towards me if I'm pregnant and no cock and ball torture, I need those swimmers of yours as healthy as possible to boost my chance of getting pregnant.

My wins:
If I win and I'm not pregnant, you got to experience sex with a succubus and instead of me taking a piece of your soul leading you to eternal damnation once you pass on from your mortal coil, I'll instead have you fill my womb with your semen three times with a consistent chance of pregnancy. This is non-negotiable. If it takes and I become pregnant great! If not, oh well I'll be a little disappointed but I won't forcefully drain a piece of your soul because you did at least give me a nice meal to keep myself sustained and it was fate that decided I wouldn't be bred... Unless you want me to take just the tiniest bit of you home with me...
If I am already pregnant, or I'm in my rest week, and I win I get a nice meal and I get to decide whether I drain a piece of your soul or not, depends on what mood I'm in and if I like you or not.
My losses:
If I lose I suffer my spell's side affect, active or not. The spell will make it so I climax with an extremely high sensitivity upon losing, effectively turning my mind into submissive mush temporarily, while I'm in this state I will do whatever you say whether that be using my ability to change my appearance for a week, unless I like it in which case I'll keep it until I lose again or find something else I like more (Preferably you'd send me a picture and I replace my pic with it, I do have a few ready if you can't find something though.) posting a public status update (Permanent in the sense that a purge won't remove it.), return a soul piece (Permanent) etc. However if you command me to do something that would hinder my quest, my spell will either force me to refuse it if it directly goes against my quest or eventually purge it at the end of my next rest week regardless of how new or old the command is (For example start off in bondage and have to roll to escape.) If the spell is active making me fertile you can choose whether or not you want to try and breed me up to three times with normal or lower chance of pregnancy if you're feeling particularly kind and want to help me with my quest or just want to make it even more chance based whether I am bred by you. You don't have to if you don't want to though.
(These apply only to Classic, Hentai and Wrestling only. Interactive JOI or Femdom games especially don't make me feel like I've earned a win or loss although I will still play those modes or arrange something if you ask nicely or command me to after beating me in a match ;P)

(If you are a father you can name your kids if you'd like! Otherwise I'll just keep them as one boy, two girls etc.)
Mike managed to get me pregnant with triplets! Two boys (Raphael and Nikolas) and a girl. (Jade)
Cervantes got me pregnant with FIVE... Three girls: Dulcinea, Dorothea and Lucinda. Two boys: Sancho and Sampson. He has now given me an extra two girls and another boy! Names are still being thought of as of now. After a return date he got me knocked up again with another son Simón and two girls, Liliana and Dhalia!

(If you are a mother you can name your kids if you'd like as well! As with the fathers I'll keep them as one boy or two girls and so on if you don't want to.)
Gabriella is currently the mother to a baby boy! Trevor!
Tay Is currently the mother to a baby girl!
Alex Ninja Is currently the mother to three triplet girls! Rachel, Riley and Rebecca! And now a boy! Ryker! After another bout of lovemaking we're now expecting our fourth girl, Rose!
Brooke Is currently the mother of three boys Cal, Kurt and Lloyd and a girl called Jessy! After a second game another boy Adam!
Bimbo Cleo is currently the mother of twins! A boy and a girl. Linus and Emilia!
Lady Catria Is currently the mother of five! Four girls and a boy!
Haveline of Astora Is a mother of twins! A boy named Rubrum, and a girl named Caeruleum!
Laetitia Is now the mother of our son Cassandra! After our second game I now carry twin girls and she has one of each! We decided to name them Hilda, Marianne, Petra and Claude! ^^
Mika a lovely catgirl and now mother of our four! Mary, Misha and Maya and our son Cole! ^^
Cassy is now the mother of a boy! Shawn! ^^

Soul pieces:
Alex Ninja My first soul piece. ^^ 08/11/2021

Rules placed on me till next purge or I complete the rules conditions:
None yet!

Pregnancy rolls:
(I get pregnant.)
One 4 sided die roll will determine whether I get impregnated or not with 4 getting me pregnant. (25% chance normally.)
One, 1000 sided die roll will determine how many kids I'm pregnant with.

(1-600. 1 Kid - Singleton)
(601-825. 2 Kids - Twins)
(826-950. 3 Kids - Triplets)
(951 - 975. 4 Kids - Quadruplets)
(976-990. 5 Kids - Quintuplets)
(991-1000. 6 Kids -Sextuplets)
One coin flip will determine gender.
(Heads - Boy)
(Tails - Girl)

Impregnation rolls:
(I impregnate someone.)
One 5 sided die roll will determine whether I get you pregnant or not with 4-5 getting you pregnant (40% chance normally.) That is if you want to help with my quest. If you have your own set of rolls on getting impregnated we can play by them if you'd prefer.
One, 1000 sided die roll will determine how many kids I impregnate you with.

(1-750. 1 Kid - Singleton)
(751-850. 2 Kids - Twins)
(851-925. 3 Kids - Triplets)
(926 - 975. 4 Kids - Quadruplets)
(976-999. 5 Kids - Quintuplets)
(1000. 6 Kids -Sextuplets)
One coin flip will determine gender.
(Heads - Boy)
(Tails - Girl)

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