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Small piece of advice if you want to play against real players: You should pay attention to your profile, as other players can pick their fight and choose their opponent! A good character name, profile and avatar can get you chosen in matchmaking really quicker ;) Also, don't hesitate to roleplay a girl character if you don't want to wait in matchmaking! They have absolutely no wait time at the moment ;)

You can use most of the Markdown features for your profile ;)

Upload an avatar (optional)
Upload an image:
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Or use a link:

If it's your first time, all following default options are certainly enough for you ;)


Accept messages from guests, not only registered members.

/!\ WARNING: Activate this feature only if you want your games to be public, everyone will be able to watch them and participate in the chat (both users have to click it):

Do you want to hide your partner options during a game? Your partner will know if you hide or show his options.

Do you want to control the moment where you pass from "Resisting cumming" to the next action?

(For action publishers) Do you want to add your contributions to your profile?


The game is mostly vanilla, but kinky actions have been added over time, so if you like other kind of things, you should set your kinks! You can play the game without checking any if you don't want any kinky actions to display! Kinky actions will only be displayed when both players are ok with it ;)

Domination play: Choose if you are a dominating person, a submissive, or maybe both? People being only dom will be paired with subs and switchs, same for subs.

For people cross-gendering their character, please check this box to not be paired with people not wanting to play a cross-gendering player (They won't be displayed in "join in matchmaking", too) (It's secret and won't be displayed in your profile).

For people not wanting to be paired with cross-gendering players, you can check this box (be aware you might wait longer in matchmaking, though).

Actions with bondage:

Actions & games with female domination:

Actions & games with male domination:

Actions with anal sex (on girls):

Actions with anal sex (on guys):

Actions where one inflict pain to another:

Actions with CBT (Cock and ball torture):

Actions with chastity (chastity belts or cages):

Actions with Humiliation:

Actions with Feminization/Sissyfication (forced cross-dressing of a guy into a girl):

Actions for foot fetichists:

Actions where one lick the ass of another:

Some user submitting content is pretty hardcore. If you don't wanna see fisting, balls destroyed or things like that, better let this tag unchecked:

Are you heterosexual? You may be matched with characters of the other sex. (Can be combined with homosexual to say "bi")

Are you homosexual? You may be matched with characters of your sex.


Toys you possess, it will only be used by JOI games. (Not all toys are implemented yet)

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