Cinder (Stufe 7) mail warning

Can't play, but I'll drive you crazy anyhow :P


A slutty little attention whore wrapped in a bratty shell. I'd love to tease and taunt you until put me in my place... or watch you fail and call you out like the pathetic bitch that you are.


I prefer to keep dom/sub roles blurry until the conclusion of the match. There's nothing sexier to me than knowing the match could conclude with the loser broken and begging to cum at the mercy of their new owner..

I'm a true switch, and while losing can be more fun sometimes, I'm way too competitive to give anyone an easy win. Don't expect me to be a gentle mistress in victory. When I'm winning, I tend to act quite mean and I LOVE to humiliate opponents. I'm a big fan of hypnosis, strap-ons, feminization and other intense means of breaking down my sub, both during and after a match.

If I'm losing, I will continue to resist until the very end, but despite the act, I love being berated, teased and occassionally hypnotized. I may beg your permission to cum after losing a match, and I love when opponents make me admit I've lost in humiliating ways. I'm especially a fan of post-match rounds for wrapping up the game in a fun way!

How I like to play:

I enjoy combining game mechanics and competitiveness to forge narratives. I use actions as a foundation to build our relationship, and ramp up the stakes with kinks and roleplay. I don't tend to do instructional stuff, except maybe after our fates are decided. Try to keep the pace up if possible! I'll take a fast-paced game with quick banter over a novelization anyday! I don't mind paragraphs at all, just make sure you don't stall out the game (I tend to lose interest when you afk). And please don't try to extend matches past 2 hours (as I can't promise I will be able to provide a satisfying conclusion).

I'm willing to add rules if you manage to defeat me, just make sure to ask beforehand! Just know I will provide you with rules myself should I win.. For my frequent partners, I've been considering a more dynamic rule change (work in progress! These are ideas, not absolutes):
1 win and I will add a (temporary) rule change.
2 consecutive wins and I'll let you upgrade said rule, as well as a status change.
3 consecutive wins and I'll let you humiliate me on my own profile.


My Favs: Hypnosis, humiliation, bimbofication, uniforms & clothed sex, detailed foreplay, oral, cumplay, forced feminization & sph, MtF, chastity, tease & denial, collars, leashes, profile changes
My soft limits include: Feet, incest, pain, petplay
My hard limits are: Ageplay, scat & watersports, IRL pics, serious injury, blood, people with blank profiles

I'm playing mostly Classic as of now, although I may dabble with Hentai and Wrestling Modes ocassionally. I'll try to respond to your messages if I can but I don't always get the chance!


You what they always say, if you’re going to embarrass the competition, do it dressed to the nines. You’ll never see me in anything less than a prim skirt suit, designer heels and jewelry you can’t afford.

I'm always wearing a familiar pink collar with glittery finish that seems to spell out 'JAKES WHORE'. Reminding me he has beaten me 3 4 5 times in a row.

I must refer to Eggo as "Sir" until I beat him in a rematch!

Thank you Belle Delphine for showing me what a perfect student looks like! I adore you and hope I am worthy of your attention. Please notice me and I promise I will be the perfect simp!

Current Rules
I tend to enjoy playing with hypnosis/bondage rules, requiring a 5 or 6 to escape and a maximum of 3 turns. I don't like to stack them typically, as the game can get pretty boring for the captive in those cases. Open to modifications, just ask before we start.

Former Rules and Items
After losing to Betajon for the next 5 games I have an oral fixation, and must suck cock if the options allow. [5/5]

After my loss to Stijntje Buttslut, fucking my ass has a chance to break my concentration. Upon rolling a 3 or lower, I must skip my turn. [5/5]

After my loss to Haruna, I'm a horny bitch stuck in heat and must strip my clothes off whenever possible. [5/5]

Due to my loss to Stephanie, I must message her and thank her everytime I cum for the next 3 matches. Thank you Stephy! [3/3]

Due to my loss to Mariska, I must act like a real stripper for the next five games, and will use only undressing actions if available. [5/5]

My left breast was pierced with a bell tag, signed with Haruna's name. It used to jingle whenever my breasts bounced!

Due to my lose to Dianne, I've changed my profile to Bimbo Cinder for the next 5 matches. My dark hair has been dyed a rich platinum blonde and complimented with a fake spray tan. [5/5]

Miss Saduharta made me realize how weak I am without my toys. Whenever I get the chance to use a dildo, strap-on, or vibrator on an opponent I need to roll [5/5]:
4+: choose normally
2-3: must pick that option if possible
1: must skip turn as I doubt myself`

Will you break me? Or be broken?

subby domina

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