Lina (Cammy´s sweety) (Stufe 10) mail warning

Winning streak: -1: Roma profes in the Final, boys can have Stamina

Hello, I am a 20 years old girl called Lina.

Brown Hair and Body Parts like in the Picture, means small tight boobs, a flat Belly and a cute little round butt with "long legs". I am 1.70cm high (Yeah I've rounded up)

Around my neck is a beautiful a necklace with a big "C".

If you think you can destroy my pussy and me, we can bet!

I never lost 3 full games (No short) in a row against one Perosn (without Frikka and Romantic)

Daddy Draco: After 10 Wins in a row a beginner dom like him is an easy win. But after few turns I was more horneyier then I expected. After I make him cum the first time, I felt safe to win but I was wrong... he comes back and foeced me to cum two times in a row...
The First time l couldnt resist his tounge skills and he licked my brain out, I twitch while he hold my leggs and I cum all over the bed, it feelt so strong. No time after the first Orgasm I felt his cock in my butt start fucking me from the button... I was on top but he found my weakness and used it. I tryed to turn the tables but after few pound I cant resist his skills and cum again, even havier then befor. My eyes roll back, I losed my mind and after I found myself again he told me how easy he fucked me in the complete Submission without a Chance and let me twitch and moan until I submit to him.

I am Vincents Slave. He defeats me 8 time until I can defeat him once. He humilate me in every way and dom me Like no one befor without Frikka.

I lost against Romantic now I am a black rose of him.

Money: 100 Redits


Wrestling Champion 1 Time
Guardien of the Hill
Hentai Champion
LWR Champion 1 time


Frikka I fight Frikka 3 times and get never destroyed like this. Our Orgasm counter is 6:1, on our last match I can make her cum for the first time, I lost but it was a great Moment

Cammy <3

The greatest fight I ever had and my Wife<3. I meet a sweet Girl, her name is Cammy after my 4 games winning streak, I challanged her to be the fifth Person on my list, but she set the counter back to 0. We fight and she completly dominated me, no body befor her was ready to do that. After make me cum she teased me a little bit more, my only way out was to give up. After giving up she used me to make cum herself and finished me off. It was pure humiliation, but I loved it. I challanged her to a rematch, which would have gone almost like the first one, but I started angreat comeback an finished her off with a big squirting Orgasm. I was lucky, we made a bet so I was allowed to change her pfp :).
The third match was the best and worst at the same time. It was my first LWF Game, but I managed to dominate her. I had 86 life points and she only 18 life points, I had a sure win. But I forgot one action which she once mentioned. The finisher! She said she wanted to end it. I thought she was going to give up, but suddenly I was lying with my back on the floor and my legs in the air. I felt arousal until I realized she rub my clit and my hole Pussy. I had no choice but to cum and cry. So I start crying at First and after the plessure was to much, I cum heavy. I squirted my face (and my Bed irl) I lose completly against her! I have to accept that she is better than me. She could now also change my pfp. I am her dear little sex toy and belong to her. But she remains my darling and I remain her sweety.

Part 2:
Cammy o Cammy. The most beautiful person I got to know here. But I've already told you that. The latest fight was about my profile name. I had her firmly in my hand for 20 rounds, she was hypnotized and I was in full control. I started playing with her, a bitter mistake. She had a normal orgasm (hentai) so there were two left. When she was free she brought me to an orgasm with a speziall attack, I still had one Orgasm left but she had two left, I suddenly had a problem and wasn't that dominant anymore. So started the bad luck, I was able to bring her to an orgasm one more time, but there was no time for a third one. I was wriggling on my back pussy in the air and she licked me until the wet end. Now everyone knows by my name to whom I belong, to her and I am happy with it! :)

I won the race to 10 wins

Lina-Cammy win counter: Lina 15:14 Cammy
Lina Streak against Cammy: 2


Evilthorn after watching the fight how he won the hentai title, I challenged him to a fight to catch the titel. I saw his game and I knew it will be an easy fight. It start good, I make him cum and have control. I cum few Turns Later but this was no Problem. Then I start resting, that was my mistake. He continue fuck me, and my sensitiv Pussy was to weak to take it anylonger. I cum a Second Time few turn after my first Orgasm. I got destroyed in Public. It was an embresed defeat two Orgasm in a row was to hard to fight back...

JohnI lost a bet Against him, so everbody has to know. My pussy cant handle John's big fat dick. I challanged him to a rematch, I was realy confident and can controll him to begin. But he quickly switched roles and dominated me to a intensiv destroying lose. I begged him to let me go and dont make me his slut but he didnt approved it. I must Accept that John is much stronger then myself, but the Orgasms feels good.

Nina My strongest opponent ever. I fought her 3 times... She dominated me and didn't give me a chance to make her cum. I completly lost two times with embressing orgasms. In the last fight I turn the tables, I took her down and maker her cum 3 Times. I dont knos how thiese was possible, but I won.

Pet and Opponent:

I underestimated him, I thought it will be easy for me to let him cum but he showed me that it is more easyer for him to let me cum. After I orgasmed very fast he dominated me the hole game. I got a Chance to make him cum to but in the end I try despratly to finish him befor he fucks me in a new Second Orgasm. He fucked my brain out and the whole world should know that he is to Strong for me. I challanged him again and Orgasmed harder then ever before. After he last time fucked my vagina and ass he decided to fuck just my Vigina in this battle, but I still had no chance. His cock fucked me with so much Stamina that I orgasmed two times close behind each other. My try to win was desperate and I must accept that he is better then me and destroyed my pussy. (Orgasm Counter Ardem make me cum 9 times. I make him cum Lina 9 times)
After our lasf match he got my pet. Now he has collar to show everyone, he is mine!

Purple Guy I fought him and thought he will be an easy win for me, but I didnt know that he have Hypnose skills. He start fucking me and I had no chance to come free. In the middle of the game I notice that I am going to lose. So after I cum the first time I Upgrade our bet to Winner fucks loser, I desprately tryed to make him cum but only can force him to one Orgasm right befor he fucks me in submission. With a clear defeat I failed the bet and he forced me to gave everbody who read this, the Chance to use the bet against me. The first one who write me can fuck me without resistance like a loser slut.


-No rules

(English is not my main language, I apologize for all mistakes in Gramma)

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