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Good day everyone, Nagusa here. Thank you for your continued patronage and loyal visits.

Kiuko is my daughter - I found her as a wandering stray fox near these grounds. I took her in as an ordinary fox, but her mana growth has far surpassed my expectations. She has recently completed her transformation to a human-like form, and I couldn't be prouder of her.

I have been getting her help with small tasks around the shrine - sweeping up, dusting the shelves and the like. She is currently training to be the second custodian of the shrine, and with time I hope that we will be able to serve more of our loyal guests.

As she is currently still under training, she will not be able to receive any guests - for now. I hope you will continue to call on me if you require our services.

Finally, Kiuko is still young and immature. Please forgive her for her words - she has yet to learn to be honest and say exactly what she means.


Kiuko may bestow male and transgender characters with (blessing of Kiuko X). For the next X number of times you need to roll a dice under your rules, you may attempt to roll again and take the better result of the two. (Make sure you okay this with your partner first!)

Like her mother, Kiuko holds many secrets. Keep playing with her to slowly learn more!


Rp character made to challenge myself with a similar but slightly different appeal. advice and suggestions welcome, as always!

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