Melanie (Level 2) mail warning

mainly interested in RP (both long-form and short-form)

Bi / Switch

- Former resident of the Fifth Ring
- Witty, but not very intelligent
- Always looking for a meal
- Usually caring and sweet
- Never hesitates to tease

Hentai games are preferred, but classic is okay, too.
Random dom/irl/joi requests will likely be ignored and deleted. (unless I reach out to you first)


Melinys came to this world with a pack of succubi as a rite-of-passage. Refusing to kill led her to being disowned and banished by the Royal Court of the Fifth Ring of Hell. That said, she now lives here as 'Melanie' in a modest house on the bank of a river west of a quaint town. She's taken up gardening as a hobby (just carrots and cabbages for now) and sees a number of 'clients' at the local hotel.

Her 'true' form has of a pair of curled horns which protrude from the sides of her head, bat-like wings sprouting from her shoulder blades consisting of a dark bony structure with pale skin connecting them, and a dark barbed tail which leads to a smooth tip. Her hair floats around her unnaturally when in this form. Having practiced the art of shapeshifting while living in the Royal Court of the Fifth Ring, she finds it easy to blend in with the mortals of this land.

Being a succubus, Melanie feeds off of sexual energy. Refusing to bring harm to the mortals of this world, she takes only what energy is necessary to survive. She often reads auras to make sure she isn't taking too much from her partner, making her one of the few 'safe' succubi to lay with.

She has a mild "allergy" of sorts to macadamia nuts and avocado. They prevent her powers from manifesting for a short time after consumption.

Recent Events

A 'divine' encounter with Raphael escalated quite quickly and the two are now dating.
She's been having a strange recurring dream and is convinced it must mean something. It's quite abstract, just colors and shapes, but there's order to it. It's not just chaos. More details of this dream can be found here.

  • Less likely to be restrained by bondage (escapes on a 4-6, lasts up to 3 turns)
  • Can choose to manifest her tail to get around some bondage restrictions
  • Once manifest, opponent's actions involving her tail may cause her to skip a turn (skips on a 1-2)
  • Susceptible to hypnosis (choose her next 2 actions, one may be a skip)


Young Melinys, Princess of the Fifth Ring of Hell
Young Melinys, Former Princess of the Fifth Ring of Hell

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