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Just like the rain, you cast the dust into nothing

Bi / Switch


Hi and welcome to my profile!

I've come around to really love the bondage/hypnosis rules, (rolling a die With a 5 or 6 to break). Im sure there will be more added with all the creative people that frequent EF.

A bit about myself to paint you all a picture, I'm 5'4 I have shoulder length brown hair, a smaller upper body, 32B is my cup size leading down towards my wide hips and very spankable booty.

I'll for sure continue to add to my profile as I continue to enjoy my time here on EF.

Safeword is Ebony

The most treasured woman on EF, my emerald dove, she gifted me a necklace to honour and cherish the moments of time we have spent, to remind us both of the time still to come. No matter what may happen, together forever in each others hearts. I will always and forever be her Sapphire Dove. All my love Vanessa 💙

Hailey It's hard to put into words how much I adore her. An absolute angel. A woman who warms my heart every time I see her and an absolute pleasure to know. 💙

Belle Belle. Belle. Belle... A name that bring out so many emotions and feelings. She's a needy bitch, but can and will turn the tables on you when you least expect it. You think you'll be in charge, edging her, controlling her, forcing her to go further. But before you know it, it's you in her place. She's domming the shit out of you. I've fallen for this too many times to count now. She's a very special switch. One i'd love to put in a cage and have all to myself. Only to let her out to fuck all the other cute subbies out there. She is one in a billion 💙

Vanessa Vanessa. Vanessa... I've been here before, havent I? The name is the same but the outcome slightly different. Only slightly. Love them both immensly. Name twinsies i guess. 🤭 Vanessa makes me feel loved, safe and amazing. A few other things as well, but i cant remember them behind the images she shows me, the words she whispers in my ears. I want to please her more and more everytime we speak. The longer we talk, the warmer i feel. One thing i remember for sure. I'm totally her buttslut. Everything to do with hers and mine. Im a slut for it 💙

Stella It's been a while since i've played a proper game. But this cutie managed to convince me for more than just the game 🤭. It started out well enough, good back and forth, some fingers, tongues, then she brought out the ropes... It was all downhill from there. She fucked my ass to start and didnt even think of using my pussy, she was intent on making me her buttslut, and it was not to long before she had me moaning her name as i came on her cock. Shortly after she had me pinned her tongue lapping at my clit, two fingers inside me as i squirmed in my bindings. Now i'm wearing a collar she gave me, the word buttslut proudly around my neck 💙

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