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i like to talk shit and get hit 🤪

Bi / Sub

im a feisty sub who thinks she can fight (but really can't) - u wanna go????

------- wrestling outfit // sexfight outfit -------

outwardly i'm a badass bitch and i know the effect i have on men😘 i'll pick fights with guys stronger than me, trash talk you and fight you tooth and nail - but deep down theres nothin i love more than being dominated, broken, and used as your personal fucktoy 🤪

about me!!

------- cute mode // smack talk mode -------

i'm a 24-year old whitewashed chinese-indonesian born in the US
5'6" ~125lb - athletic build - i got the edgy ABG aesthetic but im a nerd inside.. i work out, rock climb, and do martial arts (taekwondo) i like to think i'm a lean mean fighting machine!

despite that i'm still a small 5'6" girl and no amount of training can really help me compete with the natural gender imbalance and you testosterone-fuelled 6'+ studs. so even though I try my best ... it isn't good enough

don't have as much experience with other women but i've been curious for a while and always down to get fight and get fucked by somebody my own size 😎 more competitive w/ women than i am with men so beware!!


as a sub
90% of the time im a sub! new to things so still figuring out myself!! but realizing im good with noncon+really rouugh stuff (no scat or gore) but up to and including violence/permanent injury?? never tried that but i'm.. down... 😌👉👈 particularly into RP as a sub!! (cuz that's the only place these kinks r acceptable....)

as a dom???
i like to act tough before i get put in my place, but turns out sometimes i can actually be a domme too?? guys with small dicks below my league - i may use to stroke my own ego. i'll never let em touch me (gross!!) but i'll generously let them jerk off to my hot body and praise me... even letting them watch as a hotter man with a bigger dick uses me as his cocksleeve

mostly enjoy classic and wrestling! also good with hentai if it's RP-appropriate!
i really really like RP! if ur not into RP then i'm not into you 🙄 jk sorta but im much more down if u can RP well and approach me with a scenario already thought out that matches with my kinks~ 🥰
some ideas im thinkin of trying: cyberpunk/assassin/spy/ninja scenarios...
or RP'ing as azula (avatar the last airbender) raya (raya and the last dragon) or sage/neon (valorant)
if you wanna try an RP like this, or have an extra creative idea of your own - message me about it!! i can also try to fit a character into your own scenario!

not really into IRL stuff on my end 😇 tho accidentally realized i can enjoy giving a lil domme-y casual JOI from time to time... 😘

notable encounters

as a detective, tracked down and hunted notorious trafficker ruck - tracing him all the way to his penthouse.. where he promptly disarmed me, overpowered me, tore off my uniform and tossed me around until i couldnt fight any more.. i even agreed to play by the rules of his sick sexual game to try and fuck for my freedom, but was again left hopelessly outmatched as he brought me to orgasm again and again.. leaving me tied up just like the other victims i was trying to save... i'm now a slave of compound 14 and wearing the c-collar around my neck.. which i'll wear until ruck sees fit to take it off...

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