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I don't need to use my Charm to make you fall for me~

Lesbian / Switch

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Full disclosure: this is a cross-gendered character.

Taking care of affairs in her realm.


Tivena is a playful succubus who goes around looking for fun. It has been millenia since the period in her life when she would mindlessly take on anyone just for the sake of feeding, and she had managed to accumulate enough essence to practically go without needing food for a very, very long time.

She has a soft yet competitive personality, but the fact that she was created to have sex does often impede her efforts on the battlefield and if the right buttons are pushed, she will find it extremely hard not to submit to you. Despite that she tries her past to contain her desires for after the fight is over.

One thing that this succubus has mastered is the use of her tail. Be wary of it as you fight her, it might surprise you when you least expect it, tilting the battle in her favour. Her tail however also happens to be one of her greatest weaknesses...

Tivena's Dimension

Sometimes gifts can also be curses. Dreams, nightmares. In her persuite for independence the succubus found herself eye to eye with a Demon Lord. She asked for a kingdom to rule, however small it may be. She was given an entire world, all of her own making. A cruel trick by said Lord, because the world she was given was of Ash and shadows.
What's more, she was now bound to it, merely exchanging one type of servitude with another. She was this world's caretaker, keeping the corruption that it leaked at bay. If you are lucky enough to gain her trust and be taken to her dimension, and even luckier to not get lost, you might just find the time of your life. Tivena has omnipotence whilst in her plane, bending the very fabric of her world to her will.

Tivena's Plane

As of lately she has been trying to warp her realm to replicate the life that resides in it. She has always been able to make elaborate fabrications that look like they're alive, but they're always been just coalesced ash under her complete control. Now she strives to create something that has its own will.
Her first and only success so far has been with a black cube-shaped ooze.

Favoured Kinks;

As a succubus her preferences don't limit her however, leading to her being able to please nearly anyone~


Until I win 5 games, I will be forced to pick actions that undress me whenever possible. When I've undressed enough for my chastity belt to be visible I'll proudly tell my opponent "I love my belt! It's a gift from Mommy Synth for being her nice subby succuslut~"
~~5/5 ~~

Memorable People;

Maxime - The succubus encountered the bunny long ago, but something immediately clicked and she was fond of her new friend right away. She finds her adorable and caring demeanor irresistible, and ends up going back to Maxime time and time again, always feeling comfort like with no other.

Krul Tepes - The first few meetings with the vampire were quite distant, but once Krul learned how easy it is to tease Tivena the demon has been gravitating around her more and more, finding it harder and harder to fight back, especially when faced with the mighty rawr.

Lucie the Rogue -

Kaylie -


A collar placed on the succubus by Lucie the Rogue after Tivena couldn't keep in her urges and gave in to Lucie.


Tivena's Butt

Tivena's Feets

Tivena Posing

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Knowing that the hero will inevitably get exhausted, you've set up traps for him. He fortunately stumbles into one of them. His arms get bound, and his ankles are trapped in stocks, leaving them vulnerable for tickles. Trap: Stocked Tickling Your mercenary pins the adventurer down. With her foot pressed against his cock, she forces him to worship her pussy. Dungeon Master: Encounter: Mercenary You send a ghastly tentacle towards the adventurer. Their soul gets dragged out of their body and is bound. Several other appendages appear as they begin stroking your victims ticklish spots, the suctions adding gentle smooching to the sensation. Since the tentacles and the soul isn't part of this dimension, all they can do is sit there and laugh as they watch the scene unfold. Trap: Tickling Spirit You enchant an area, causing the spell to trigger when your opponent passes through. Their arms and legs are pulled into portals, leaving them trapped. Their vulnerable state makes them a perfect tickle toy for the numerous hands that appear and start squeezing, digging and scratching at all of their weak spots . Trap: Portal Tickle Trap The adventurer falls for your trick, thinking the mimic is a mere chest. She looks shocked when she finds herself bound by the creature, its tongue and tentacles finding her weak spots and sending her into fits of ticklish laughter and needy moans. Trap: Tickling Mimic You initiate a tickle fight. After a little bit of tussling you get the upper hand and before she realises it she's underneath you, helplessly laughing under your touch. Tickle Fight You pounce on her and lock her ankles under your arm. With her feet at your mercy now, you tap your nails against her soles and start spidering them. Even curling her toes can't save her now. Foot Tickling You laid many traps in your dungeon, one of them is pool of goo. Known for its desire to tickle and fuck the foolish adventurer that falls into it. Trap: Pool of Goo