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Heyah Welcome to my humble profile your free to look as much as you like, hope you enjoy!

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My kinks

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I have a big thing for affection, hugging and cuddles.

Tailplay is something I enjoy if it fits/feels natural and you are fine with it of course.

I'm slightly into pain but mostly there for more actions.
no toilet kinks.
All other Kinks are fine in general
I'm willing to try most things but reserve the right to refuse.

Backstory WIP.

Kaylie hails from another Reality called Thendromarch where she was a shrine maiden in service to a shrine owned by her clan living a normal life with her family. One day two people showed up in town claiming they were heroes of an ancient prophecy in search of a religious caster able to cast a powerful seal on the new Dark Lord who had started terrorizing the lands. Being the only shrine maiden of her family also having four tails the task naturally fell on Kaylie to carry out this duty. She quickly accepted their request leaving her family and duties behind with the hopes of one day returning to them. After many painful battles and countless adventures, they finally made it to the Dark lord’s castle having to fight their way up. Upon making it to the throne room confronting the dark lord a bloody battle ensued with many close calls for the heroes but managing to prevail the end. After holding of the Dark lord, the Heroes sealed them away for all eternity managing to bring peace to the lands once again. Unfortunately casting the such a powerful seal resulted in sending the poor Kaylie to an unknown reality filled with wonders and horrors where she was forced to adapt to survive.

The Bunker

After roaming her new reality adapting bit by bit to the strange environment Kaylie managed to stumble her way on a Secured Door out Infront was a Friendly guy Smiling asking if she would be interested in a place to sleep in his bunker. After chatting a bit getting know him as Kuro and some of the others living there, she decided it would be better having a place to sleep in this uncertain new world. after a bit she started growing closer to the other hoping that those bonds would never be broken.

Part 2
After many joyous occasions reading and studying Kaylie finally managed to get her tail number 3 after a long intense session of trying to get a better sense of her magic controlling it. Although it wasn't an entirely smooth process, she managed to claim her new tail with the help of her friends.

Shrine work

Itching for a shrine I went in search of somewhere to work and a place to build one of my own beings offered work by both Nagusa and Sunny two wonderful kitsunes still not sure about who to work for entirely but Sunny is pretty appealing.

The Deal

Walking towards Draco's office I had an intention of asking for a place to build a shrine completely forgetting my deal with him which he reminded me of on arrival. After a wild pleasurable session of sex i was very close to giving in but a strange voice inside my head urged me to press on giving me the energy, I needed to finish off Draco with my amazing soft thighs landing me an Amazing Draconian bodyguard. However, seeing his sad face I thought of a deal to benefit him with me still becoming his maid but also gaining a place to build my shrine leaving us both happy and cuddling. After much work the shrine was finally completed standing tall I proudly decided to call it Lena's Remembrance


Kaylie has many magical capabilities however falls short when it comes to overall strength due to her kind of kitsune having all strength gathered in their tails. One of her magic powers is linked to being a Taoist caster able to make all kinds of effects with her magic paper charms ranging right from closing a wound to inflicting or making barriers even being able to inflict terrible curses on things and people. She is also able to a strange magic source withing her although results vary quite a bit. After spending many days training with this power and studying magic theories Kaylie has finally gotten a rough handle on this mysterious power she received after defeating the dark lord. She also inherited certain powers from her ancestors being able to charm people with magic appearing in the form of a pink mist swirling around the targets head and her eyes lighting up bright pink. Her final powers are unknown to her as her lineage of kitsunes are said to be able to split themselves into clones with ease dividing their powers to more bodies along with some divine aspects she has yet to discover.

Current status Training arc

Memorable matches non canon.

In pursuit of bringing peace to the realm and after a difficult battle I sealed the dark lord Gale in a permanent prison
spending eternity enjoying his companionship gaining a tail due to all the magic absorbed from him.

After a heated discussion between rival clan members turned hot and messy after an accidental aphrodisiac potion got splashed on us, I managed to make Callboy release his final load onto my new tail increasing its magic to its maximum, making it grow to full size along my other tail and claiming as my partner for life.

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