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One being brings life, the other runs from death

Bi / Switch

There is currently red text on my right cheek that reads "Cutiepie" written in permanent marker by my fiancee

Semi-relevant music: Eagle Flies Alone by Arch Enemy


Hey sup. Why don't you grab a chair, take a seat, make yourself comfortable maybe get a cup of tea- there's no rush.

Well my back story wasn't really super tragic or anything like that. But I like to think of it as a beacon of hope to anyone in the same situation.

See, we grew up extremely poor under a radical dictatorship. We had to survive in a rough economy that didn't care about us so I had to steal to live. I used to be very sloppy, sometimes I got caught but... No one ever managed to keep me there. I was reckless until my first big plan. I volunteered to help a small group topple the dictatorship. It took years of planning, stealing, hits on officials. Everything we needed to weaken his power and cause public uproar. Finally the day came, the feeling of liberation rushed through me as my knife was plunged into his back. No one saw it coming. I got away Scot free. Slowly the community strengthened up and we got a new ruler.

The rush was enough that now stealing incriminating documents or liberation is my day job. No one should be forced to steal like I was.

So that's my story. Maybe you find my methods immoral or concerning.... Frankly.... There's nothing you can say I haven't already heard.


You might think telling you these things would be a terrible strategic decision. Welp, you may as well know what you're dealing with.

  1. Knife - There's 4 kinds of knife I use but 3 can be summed up with: duh. Knife go stabby..... You know what a knife is. The other knife Lucie can equip is known as the Anchor of Shadows and was a gift from Tivena. Knife still go stabby but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise of what else it can do

  2. Smoke bombs - also pretty obvious. Useful for if a situation goes to shit and I need an escape.

  3. Wrist thingy - stolen from an arms dealer. I can use it to blink a short distance. About 5m or less. I'm still very much getting used to it. It's quite new.

  4. DiRK. Used for recon... Less said about DiRK... the better.

  5. An amulet given by Iona and able to bind an attacker. Great for a getaway or... something else.

Mean Girls

Oh, we aren't that mean. It's just Kay, Kara and me. Just a little group of 3 goths who love music and... Well... Fucking with Aleda.

Me on Drums1

Me on Drums2

Me on Drums3

Extra Images (a lot of photos have been generated by Aleda. Cheers!)


My Legs Look Long, Yay

Vogue Posing


Pretty Dress




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