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Ready to become my jobber? *Competitive matches, open to IRL play*

Hetero / Switch

Welcome to my profile!

I was here before under a different PfP, but I wanted to select a model resembling my features this time. Now with a name change to more accurately resemble my roots.

I'm here looking for competitive fights, ones that feel real. I'm an actual switch. I can dish out a lot of punishment, but if there's no resistance, it doesn't feel natural to me, so please, no total subs. I still love you, though. The same goes for the opposite end, somebody can break me, but I'm not going to make it easy by any means.

I love bets, rules, wagers, and anything to make the fight enjoyable. I'm always a good sport, so I'm game if the punishment is within my limits. I always ensure you're okay with your sentence before the game starts. Regarding RP, I'm pretty flexible; I'll follow my partner. I can write paragraphs or quick-hitting dirty talk. I live for trash-talking during the games. Once I'm in character, get ready for it.

Iraninan and Spanish, 5'10, 182lbs, 7% BodyFat, with a 7.5-inch cock.

My Wrestling Outfit:

My Wrestling Outfit

I'm trying to spice up the wrestling ring with new dice rules. For 50/50 actions, we roll ten dice and whoever has the higher roll wins the round, and the loser has to skip. Whenever anyone is in a pin, they roll six dice, and if they roll 4+, they get to counter.

Memorable Wins:

I saw Khali's profile and thought she would make a great reintroduction to the wrestling ring. She was a beast, but she was too quick to show off her power, and I slowly wore her down. The second half of the match was a wash. I forced three orgasms out of her to secure my victory and fucked her into a mess as I promised. I know she'll come looking for revenge soon enough.

Mistress Alisha caught my eye, and maybe it was World Cup fever. I had to challenge her. She had a way with words and constantly teased me through our DMs. She had me all worked up before our match even started! The same couldn't be said for our game, however. I had so many cuffs, ropes, and toys available, and I used them on her. I kept tying her up and holding her frustrated until she was forced to give up two quick orgasms. She is not done, though, and is still teasing me through DMs, but I will remind her of her place soon enough.

Dani was a fun matchup for me. It was so fun that I forgot it was supposed to be a competitive matchup. I just kept her under my control the entire game, I told her I would make her my fuck doll and I delivered. After two orgasms and an extra one during the post-match I decided to mark her with the only orgasm, she deserved post-match. I came all over her face, marking her as my own. Looking forward to her second attempt.

I was foolishly challenged by Mia. She was transfixed on beating me and proving to herself and the crowd that she was dominant. I let her eagerness get the best of her. She ended up using so much energy before I flipped the script and thoroughly dominated her. A relentless fucking onslaught until she admitted to being my fuck toy. And I treasure my toy so much.

I battled against my longtime partner in crime, Isabelle. To say we missed each other would be an understatement. We had a glorious struggle, constantly testing our bodies with stressful holds and such. Getting each other to cum once was a good warm-up, but then we got even hotter, just fucking each other to exhaustion until I finally got the cum test I needed to fold her up and pound her into submission.

New to the game Lexy Belle and I had a passionate match. Great holds getting constantly reversed. She took an early lead when I underestimated her, but soon enough I wore her down and fucked her like the prize she is. She is so spunky and fun, I had a great time breaking her in on the wrestling mats. I can't wait for her to challenge me again.

Had the pleasure of an edging match with Kairian. Where we would play each other with 4 edging rules going on at once. The newbie was aggressive but eventually, her mind went blank with pleasure. Once I found out her weak spot was anal play, I abused it for as long as I could, flipping her in every position to take her ass. I finally broke her in an anal piledriver looking down at her as she failed her edges and came hard for me on the spot.

Fought against Cumslut Tiffany who took me to the edge literally. We continually edged each other in a classic matchup, driving each other wild before she finally came for me. Even in my victory, she got what she wanted by making me explode inside of her. Can't wait to do it again.

After a long build-up, we finally got to engage in a match to represent our nations. The Lebnani Lionness Tara was a fierce competitor, but once I found her weakness, she succumbed to the Persian will. She loved every minute of it and every thrust I had to give her. She submitted and Lebanon is under Persian control once again~

Unfortunate Losses:

Frikka and I had an epic battle, I resisted all of her charms in German, and she was able to withstand any knot I placed on her. We went back and forth, I threw everything I had at her, even a gangbang, but in the end, she proved victorious. I took my punishment like a champ and was thrown to the crowd who had their way with me. Frikka and Ei ended up taming me in the post-match fun.

Loudmouth Laura got the better of me in our matchup, heavily back and forth, and just when I felt I had control, fucking her to every position and hole I desired, she managed to turn it on me by locking me up in chastity at the end. Now I have to hear her rub it in my face for a while.

I was Lysa's first loss on the site. Gave her a proper welcome to EF and then got closer to her in public chats. Even had a few steamy encounters in public games. So when she asked for an official rematch, I was more than eager to accept. So much passion was filled in us before we even began. Constantly going back and forth, the steamy action so hott for us that I can barely remember what happened. I just remember how sexy it was feeling her with me. I was obsessed with her ass for most of the game and she finally smothered me out while riding me. She was nice to me (I think?) in the post-match however, tying me up and fucking my ass until I had a true prostate orgasm. Our record is 1-1 now, I'm aching for more.

I fought against Celine and it was rough for me. I was tied up for what felt like half of the game. I just could not get free. I had to beg for Celine to release me halfway through the game, she agreed but only if I ate her ass. I agreed and rimmed her for my freedom. I almost was able to make my comeback but she finished me off in the end. Now I have to follow her rules.

I had a best of three against Alex We had a very fun back and forth but in the end she outlasted and tied me up. She had me calling her Mommy by the end. She is the best.


After losing a hard-fought match with Mikaela Every time I'm in a cum test, I roll a die. If I roll a 1, I must choose to cum. (5/5 wins)

Khristina introduced me to sounding and now I must skip after any sounding action, and I will cum on any sounding cum test unless I roll a 1. (5/5 wins)

After losing to NaturalRach for the next 10 games I have to skip when DeepThroated. (10/10)

After losing to Bente I have to set myself as a sub until I win 5 games. (5/5)

Savannah beat me in our rematch and I have to skip my turn whenever someone uses their feet on me. (5/5)

I lost to Khristina in a close bout and now have the hair-trigger rule. If I do a CT and roll a 1, I have to cum. (5/5)

Kitty Lover: given to me by Kalani whenever a pussy is presented right in my face, I roll a d6, and on an odd number I skip my turn. This rule gets removed either after 10 consecutive wins or if you beat me twice to make the record between us 1:2 (10/10)

After losing to Meg in chess, and after an intense game she left me with my handicap for three games. Anytime my cock is sucked I have to skip a turn. 3/3

My Jobbers:

My stable of jobbers who made foolish challenges towards me and lost. Now they are my practice dummies. They can also be booked by you for your training needs. Test out a few power moves, or use them to work up your sexual endurance, they are now here to please you. You can challenge me to win back their freedom, just be careful not to join them instead!

Detective Quinn
Detective Quinn
This underground detective tried to shut down my business before it even began! I was holding my auditions for my underground wrestling ring and she tried to go undercover and expose it by auditioning for a wrestler. Needless to say, I couldn't allow this and dealt with her personally. After showing off to her in the wrestling ring, I beat her, collared her, and decided that I couldn't just let her go. Thanks to her I have created a subdivision of wrestlers for my gym; the jobbers. The Jobbers will serve the other wrestlers by submitting to them in matches or be used as practice dummies for their physical and sexual training. The jobbers are my property until they can beat me in a match or have a friend beat me for their freedom.

She has been trash-talking me for weeks. Even though I beat her without a sweat each time, she insisted that I was either cheating or lucky. For our third match, I decided enough was enough. I brought her into the ring, had my way with her, and collared her to induct her as the newest jobber in my collection. She will learn respect soon enough.

Sergeant Stefanie
The Sarge
She came in looking to beat me so she could become a part of the EF Police force. The poor girl should have picked an easier target. We fought and she was incredibly strong, but also inexperienced with sexfighting. After our clothes came off, it was over for her, I slowly worked the Sergeant down until she was cumming over my face and cock. I slapped on a collar and marked her as my newest jobber. We'll see if she can earn her freedom back.

Is my newest conquest. She beat me in our first go-around and felt cocky enough to challenge me to a rematch with stakes. I accepted and beat her down during our match spending more time fucking her than fighting. Now she is not only my newest jobber but she is now my Queen Jobber. She will be recruiting other women for the jobber position and is happy to do so. She is my best girl and you'll have to convince me if you want a go at her.

Morgan Doe
I sought her out when I saw her profile. I knew I had to claim her as my newest jobber. I almost failed halfway through, I thought she had me. Once I finally made her cum though, it switched in my favor. She was fantastic at dishing but couldn't take what I had to give her, but she is fierce, and don't know how long I'll be able to keep her as my jobber.
Update: In my second matchup with Morgan she destroyed me. Took me by surprise but she had me cumming for fun until I fully submitted to her. Our score is 1-1 but she is no longer the jobber. Sad to know that I may have predicted the outcome from our last bout, but I'm not giving in at all! Hoping to see how this ends up for the two of us.
Update II:
After my loss to Morgan, I felt a need for redemption. I waited a while before we could have our tiebreaker. This time we wagered that she would resume her duties as my jobber if she lost. We added a few edging rules I would later come to regret. She came out hot in the first part of our match trapping me in plenty of holds, I was worried I was going to repeat my previous fate with her. She once again challenged me to a 69 battle but this time I was ready and took control making her cum in the beginning. We then went back and forth, but our dice-edging rule was not favoring me. I was in control of the match but she was taunting me by edging me over and over again. I almost edged 20 times but held on. I made her cum hard on my fingers, forced her to admit defeat and now she is my jobber again.

I thought she was so cute when I saw her profile. I knew she would make a perfect addition to the jobbers and I was right! We had a good back and forth in the beginning but just like the rest, when the clothes came off, she fell to my cock. I fucked her until she orgasmed twice and eventually just tapped out when I choked her out. She was a lot of fun!

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