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Looking for TON matches/Mostly TWR and LWR

Bi / Switch

Hey there! Vanessa Velvet here ready to make you submit to me! Get ready to be owned by a Singaporean-Indian Mistress! Mostly into LWR/TWR

Looking for TON Matches
My Theme Song:

Representing India 🇮🇳 in TON! My official TON attire for until TON ends.

My Wrestling Attire for when I am competing in non-TON matches:

Standard Wrestling Outfit

My Measurements:

  1. 5 feet 7 inches (1.72m)
  2. Long Black hair
  3. 63kg
  4. 15% body fat percentage
  5. 34D Bra size
  6. Athletic ass
  7. Washboard abs

Sluts I have Collected:

Permanent Sluts:

Deepika [19/6]: Deepika came forward and challenged me to a sexfight. Being the inexperienced fighter I was she easily beat me and made me her personal slut. However, sooner or later, defeat dawned upon her. As I have learnt my way through EF and SexFighting, I eventually overcame her and turned her into my personal submissive slut. Deepika is now my permanent slut after making her endure a humiliating loss! She has no ways of redemption now!
Update: After squaring off against the weakest slut in my collection, I set up a fight against My mistress Geeta and Deepika to see who would cum, with Geeta winning, proving Deepika to be my weakest slut ever!

Deepika is now my permanent slut and will always submit to me. She is now locked up and marked by me in a private cell in my house where she will always serve me and no one else!

Geo[1/0]: Geo approached me and immediately fell prey to my thighs and my sexy, alluring body that he was not able to resist! From the first 69 cum test to the second cum test, and finally the last 69 cum test. He has failed every test and has cum for my irresistible body! He now joins my list of permanent sluts with no escape or chance to redeem themselves!

Special Mention

Marc[10/7]: Marc has to be the Greatest male competitor I have ever faced. Initially challenged Marc to a wrestling round and initially dominated him with ease. However, overconfidence has led to my downfall as Mac kept his chin up high and fought till the very end, dominating my pussy with his rock solid cock, making me cum innumerable number of times in the other two rounds and humiliated me in front of the audience. However, I did not stop and we formed a deal. The first person to get to 10 victories will own the loser for the rest of their time in EF. Throughout the weeks we fought, Marc has shown incredible feat and dominance, winning over me in certain matches and dominating my tight little brown pussy. However as the matches went on and on I decided to turn the tables and started to dominate Marc. The dominance started with the 8-7 lead I had and the quickly followed by two rounds which I won which sealed the rivarly. However the last battle proved to be the hardest. Marc was at his best. He was able to resist cum tests that he was not able to resist, and his 69 game had initially made me squirt. However with some help from my gorgeous friend Alyss, we were able to break him once, but he pounced back and almost made me lose to him, bringing me close to 9LP after making me tap out to him. However I kept my chin up and was eventually able to break him. What a rivalry. Probably the best one I will ever have in EF. He is now my permanent slut~ Thanks to him for making me push myself to become a better wrestler! Cheers Marc!

Other sluts:

Jude[1/0]: Jude thought he was strong enough to make me cum for him, however, he under-estimated what Vanessa Velvet is like on the rug. It was an easy victory battle as I have fished out his weakness, which is me! The humiliating match for Jude finished with a my victory squirt and him getting collared. Can't wait to make him cum for me again.

Golden Boy: I met Golden Boy in online matchmaking. He brought my self-esteem down in the initial moments of the match, dominating me with his huge cock. However, Vanessa Velvet never falls for her opponents. I bounced back strong and overpowered him in the other two rounds in the best of three match, making him my personal slut.

Mr. Massive[2/0]: Mr.Massive claimed he was able to make me cum repeatedly until I begged him to stop, however little did he know the opposite turned out! By masterfully finding out his weaknesses, exploiting them and cleverly submitting to him during the matches, I was able to get him to cum back to back for 2 consecutive matches. Truly an embarrassing defeat for someone who claims to be "Massive" enough to defeat me. Another slut added to my collection!

Sebastian[2/1]: I met Sebastian through matchmaking and he immediately dominated me in the first round, getting me to cum due to his massive cock and clever wrestling moves. However, as I played more, I figured out his weakness and immediately exploited them! In the second round I cleverly used his weakness against him, clinching a much needed win, propelling us into the decider round where, I again used my expertise to get him to submit me in little time after his first orgasm. Welcome to the collection Sebastian!

Will[1/0]: Met Will in Matchmaking and safe to say was disappointed on how he was not able to make me cum! My pussy was just too strong for Will's limp and weak dick! Making him cum consequently without me cumming! Easiest win ever clinched! A fine addition!

(Special Mention)
Liam[2/1]: Liam approached me and we quickly arranged for a match. Dominating him easily from the start, however, Liam learnt my moves and challenged me in the second round. With some mis-steps from me, Liam took advantage of that and made me submit to his huge cock. Similarly in the third and final round, he challenged me till the end despite exploiting his weakness of double team. With 2hp left in the final few moments, I desperately clinched on and made him cum to my pussy. I usually am very sadistic when I defeat someone, however in this case, I commend Liam as he has pushed me to become a better sexfighter. Can't wait to make him cum to my pussy again!

Liv[1/0]: Liv wanted me to release one of my sluts so she can make him into hers, I proposed a sexfight with her so that I could release him. Despite not having enough time, Liv managed to challenge me and pushed my boundaries. Moreover, despite being an absolute beginner to Wrestling, she has the never-give up spirit which made the match memorable. Looking forward to have a proper match!

Kyleigh The Inferno[1/0]: Kyleigh approached me in DMs and we quickly arranged for a tussle, with me resisting her early cum test, I performed my masterful move and almost knocked her out by rubbing her pussy fast, but she has bounced back and made me cum two times in a row, hanging onto my LP for dear life. She even further decreased my confidence by resisting a cum test with low LP, however, Vanessa Velvet never backs down so easily, and made her cum one final time, defeating her by just 6LP.

John[1/0]: After multiple trash talk in DMs, John and I faced and the formidable Vanessa Velvet has dominated him from the start, making him explode in my mouth during a 69 battle. Subsequently, he lost his momentum after cumming to my thighs and my irresistible sex moves. He has put some decent retaliation at the end, however, when one has cum one too many times for Vanessa Velvet, he or she is bound to lose! John, in the end, suffered a humiliating K.O when I took my lucky strap on and pegged him, begging me to stop and then announced defeat! My first TON victory against Turkey!

My Owners:

Mia[1/2]: Mia messaged me asking for a fight, eventually we fought on the ring, being the overconfident brat I am, I assumed I could easily overpower Mia and add her to my collection. However, I was proven wrong. She had dominated me from the very beginning, exploiting my weaknesses. While I had found some success in the second round, she won the other two rounds and milked me dry. She has proved to me how weak I can become and I now submit to her.

Samirah[0/2]: A humiliating defeat. Samirah overpowered me and made me cum an uncountable number of times in the two matches I squared off against her. I was at my weakest in this match. I will prove that I still can defeat her soon enough!

Brooke Badass[1/0]: Upon meeting Brooke in matchmaking I assumed it would be another easy victory, but little did I know I fell prey to her huge thighs and irresistible body. She masterfully exploited my weaknesses and used them to her advantage without any mercy! I aim to avenge myself by fighting her again!

Thong Lover[2/0]: Thong Lover approached me and claimed he could steal my thongs. Little did I know he stole my thongs twice after I tried to redeem myself by offering a best of three match after losing the first round. Despite having him in multiple situations where he could have cum, he resisted my pussy well and instead fucked all of the holes in my body and used me as his cum dumpster. He now has stole two of my prized thongs and I aim to get it back from him!

Don[0/1]: Met Don in Classic mode, and immediately gained some confidence when I made him cum first, however he subsequently made me cum 3 times without me making him cum even once! He masterfully exploited my weaknesses and got me to cum for him and his hard cock. Don's Victory has made me onto a 3 lose streak now!

Geeta[0/2]: Met Geeta in a public match and fixed a fight with her. Was confident I could end my lose streak with her, however she proved me wrong. She masterfully resisted my cum tests and instead made me cum multiple times on the mat, humiliating me in front of a huge crowd. She learnt my tricks and used my tits, pussy and every "irresistible" part of Vanessa Velvet to her own wish. I am now her mistress and she has the full freedom to manhandle me as much as she wishes to!

Alex[1/0]: Alex challenged me and being the overconfident brat I am, I thought I could put him in his place, however he wore me down and made me gush on his face in a fierce 69 battle. Despite pulling some fast and submissive moves on Alex and getting him to cum twice, he valiantly found out my weakness and made me cum one final time, humiliating me in front of everyone and making his leashed slut.

Ehio[1/0]: Ehio challenged me to a TON match, and immediately took control of me in 69, forcing me to squirt on his mouth. Despite making him cum once, he made me cum twice due to his extra strong Polish cock which was able to break me. Ehio has breeded me with his Polish cum and now I am his baby momma!

Future Fixtures:

  1. Roya
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