Sassy Selena (Level 9) mail warning

Quit staring and message me 😘😘

Hola mis amores 😘

I love classic and wrestling matches! You can catch me in both modes especially if the role play is good 😊

Having fun and having a great orgasm are the things that I look for in a match! If that means being dominated sometimes, then so be it…

A sub at heart, but if you don’t keep the pressure on, you’ll be quivering underneath me 😉 man or woman, I don’t have a preference! A few people know my weaknesses, good luck finding them 😘

Now free from Compound 14! Fingers crossed I’m not locked up again later😅

Significant Matches


I like to gamble here at Erofights, whether it's bets, rules, profile descriptions, or post match domination 😉 So when I heard about Compound 14 and was challenged by the then Guardian of the Hill Ruck, how could I turn that down? Our match was steaming hot with all our kisses, licks, sucks and spanks 😍 plus a very spontaneous spit roast! I even got him to cum first by riding him hard, which made my confidence skyrocket as the match continued. wasn't long after until he made me cum with his fingers and tongue. It was a slow spiral downwards after that...ending with him forcing me to stare at my biggest supporter in the crowd, looking into her eyes as he roughly pounded me from behind and it was too much for me to handle 😩I came hard on his cock, blushing hard from the humiliation and he collared me for all to see, making me crawl to the compound...

Linlin Mira

Such a gorgeous girl 😍 Our wrestling match had a lottt of trash talk, as every match should 😉 and we went back and forth a lot! Sucking her gorgeous cock, her licking my clit and forcing me in different positions, it was incredibly hot 💕 It was competitive the whole match, but in the end, it was Linlin who came out on top (and on me...) after the match my punishment was licking her clean, but I couldn't help myself and sucked her winner cock to another orgasm, swallowing her load and pleasing her enough to scoop me up and carry me away for more....activities 😉


Nisa was a beginner in our first match and I was showing her the ropes! I must be a great coach because she ended up winning the match by fingering me with my face down and ass up👀 so for our rematch I was a little more cautious and more aggressive, but princess is a natural! At the end she had me tap out and pinned underneath her while she roughly scissored me to her victory and my humiliating loss 😩


Belle messaged me about needing a plaything for LWR, and I accepted her challenge with determination. Unfortunately, determination alone can’t win matches 😅 it was back and forth until halfway through the match I just couldn’t resist her domination…in the end she trapped me in the corner and licked my pussy until orgasm😩 our second match was revenge time for me! I knew all her weaknesses and used them to end up on top, scissoring her until she came for me this time! Our third match was wild…back and forth, domination on both sides until she reminded me how wonderful her tongue is 😍 after a mind shattering orgasm, she used the post match time to humiliate and collar me, making me her little pet...


Okay don’t get me wrong, I’m a competitive girl. I’ll go turn for turn with every match I’m in. But…sometimes a girl just needs a good old fashioned dom session 😅 which is where Steve comes in! I’d like to say it started as a competitive match but I doubt he would agree…so after an hour or two or total domination I was a dripping mess after our first game😬 Our second game, he had me so turned on i had to make a makeshift leash irl and use it for our ‘match’ 😩 and after 2 hours of using me and making me cum over and over, I know who to call whenever I’m feeling extra subby 😊 especially since he knows how best to turn me on and keep me in his control ✋🏾🍑😏

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