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"I may not be metal, b-but I have a heart of gold even if as fragile as glass.."

Draco's first wife!

Kiki Aishira-Adelmund


A meek you girl who love art and is still a bit inexperienced. She want to find the one, but is still exploring her own self worth and dreams to be the best artist she could be while learning to love her more chubby yet lovably squishy self. More on a quiet side, earning her backbone in normal conversation in a slow pace, but progress nonetheless. She knows of herself as a submissive woman looking for men to take control and make her a pleading mess of a pet.

Currently in her relationships in the city, she got her first master in Bri, who gave her a cute collar. She also found one in Draco the Breeder, marked with his sigil. Little did she expect to also open her sexuality more with her mistress Krul now too! She also was given a great Mommy Dommy too~ Marigold. What more can the small yet sweet girl find in this city...only time will find out ^-^

Latest update:

Her collar was given two adorable charms by Master Draco and Mistress Krul. An adorable bunny and a cute carrot. Truly a wonderful way to claim the pet. And has begun to grow closer with Draco after their very first date together, neither having been on one before, to his home in Dragonia. With pure and loving moments, their bond grew closer than just master and pet. She also has possibly a new master in Royalty with the King Aurion, but most is still uncertain but filled with great friends and even more~


Now a married woman to the most amazing man Draco with the love and support from friends and family. Her mother Arika now living in Dragonia with a new partner Dan. She met many more to breed and more to love...and is excited for the world.

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Sweet and adorable

A meek sub looking for a dom to continue her journey with

Her cute body in it's true form

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