Elf Warrior Leswiln (Level 5) mail warning

(Read Bio Please) The Love Defenders will defend the concept of Love!

Bi / Switch

(Please no Pure Subs or Pure Doms. Please don't have every action set to giving or receiving only, it's ok to a few actions set to those but not every one

Kinks to have active for a pleasurable match: Female Domination, Male Domination, Humiliation, Bondage)

The Love Defenders are worshippers of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite who have taken upon themselves to defend the concept of love. (Aphrodite, herself, thinks they are rather silly but entertaining)

I will be switch between the three characters. If you want to play against one just message me.

I will switch characters once one of the loses a bad end run or a person who defeats them decided to imprison or enslave them for a time. I will automatically say they escaped when their turn to be the main comes around again. (You can still request anyone of them even if one is currently imprisoned or enslaved)

Abigail Venus Abigail Venus is the High Priestess of the Cult of Love and Leader of the Love Defenders. She is very passionate about their mission and would do anything to punish those she deem are corrupting love, which is pretty much everyone.

Play style: Abigail is very conservative with the way she plays. She will gather energy if she runs low early. She prefers pleasurable sexual moves.

Punished Individuals:
Vivel: Abigail was sent to punish this naughty little "Goddess". Left her restrained infront of her own shrine so that all her servants can see her humiliation. Maybe that will teach her lesson!

Bad End class: Healer
Bad End run: 0W - 1L

Current Status: Free

Past Events: Was enslaved by orcs after losing to them in a Bad End run. She escaped the orcs after a few weeks of imprisonment.

Was worshipping Silvena. But has gone through reconditioning and worships Aphrodite once again.

Leswiln Leswiln is an elven warrior who is determined to please her Goddess. She seems cool headed and pleasant but once she gets goes on the attach she's very aggressive.

Play style: Leswiln plays aggressively, only gathering energy when she has to. And she goes for cum tests whenever she can. She prefers pain, wrestling, and CBT moves.

Punished Individuals:

Bad End class: Warrior
Bad End run: 0W - 0L

Current Status: Free

Past events: Was in a 13 game win streak

Emilie Fairwind Emilie Fairwind is a sorceress. She's intelligent and calm. She cares the least about their actual mission and is just around for the fun.

Play style: Emilie plays with balance, trying to pick smart moves. She will only go for cum tests when your meters are high. She prefers BDSM, and magic and monster type moves.

Punished Individuals:

Bad End class: Mage
Bad End run: 0W - 1L

Current Status: Free

Past Events: Temporarily enslaved by Asa after succumbing to the pleasure of her girlcock.

The People of Bratland (My character roster):
Princess Jacky Jane (cis/bi) - Princess of Bratland, my main. The most bratty. A silly woman who is always trying goofy gimmicks. She acts confident and entitled but she secretly loves getting punished. Prefers Classic, Hentai, Wrestling, LWR, and Bad End Battle (Heroine)

Queen Adriana (trans/lesbian) - The Queen of Bratland (Jackey Jane is married to her). Confident and cool, but honorable. Loves competition. Is looking to make rivals and add woman to her harem. Prefers Hentai, and LWR.

Prince Eliza (male/bi) - Jackey Jane's twin brother. Femboy prince. He's nice but can get rough. Made in case I need a male account for tournaments or something, but will break out on occasion. Prefers Classic, Hentai, Wrestling, and Bad End Battles.

Lady Elizabeth Marron (trans/bi) - A dutchess of Bratland. Shy and self-conscious, but determined to work on her more dominate side. Prefers Classic, Hentai, and LWR.

Lady Veronica Dominaque (cis/bi) - A baroness in Bratland. Believes herself to the most dominant. Is cocky and aggressive. Hates losing. Prefers Classic, Hentai, Wrestling, and LWR.

Orihime (cis/bi) - Based on Orihime from Majo Taisen/War of the Greedy Witches. Bratland's most famous idol singer. Cheery and passionate about showing her love. Be careful, there is a rumor going around that she kidnaps people. Prefers Classic, Hentai, Wrestling, and LWR.

Aphrodite (usually cis but can be trans if asked/bi) - The Goddess of Love and patron goddess of Bratland. Cocky but gentle and loving. Loves to see what mortals and other gods are capable of. Prefers Hentai, and Bad End Battles (Boss).

Legacy Characters (Characters I keep around for archiving, but will pull out every once in a while):
Rosanna Xavier - My first character
Sexy Swift - Taylor Swift, lol
The Love Defenders - Aphrodite's heroes. Will rework. Maybe make them separate characters.

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