Forest Dweller Nix (Level 5) mail warning

Bi / Switch

Specifically meant for playing Bad End Battle, but I might be up for more challenges if you dm me with suggestions!

Important Note

I am a trans man, playing this character as a trans man. If you don't like the idea of that, move on please, no need to be rude or mad.

The Story of Nix

After losing one too many battles and gaining a bounty on his head, Nix fled into a magic ruled forest, said to be filled with all kinds of deviant monsters. No one had walked in before without being forced back out, but Nix's... charms, convinced the monsters that in exchange for him letting them play with him, he could hide there, safe from those who wished to turn him in or keep him as a trophy.

Any looking to catch Nix or claim the right to challenge him, must first face these hordes of foes: a large group of orcs ready to keep their favorite plaything in the forest, a den of bandits who like the orcs sloppy seconds, a set of mindflayer who love to tease and confuse, and an incubus who's put too much work into training Nix to be it's eager slave.

Should you wish to brave this forest, and should you succeed in beating these monsters, you'll find Nix in the center, waiting with his magic to fight tooth and nail to stay in his favorite forest, with his monsters and his relative freedom.


Nix has short brunette hair and ice blue eyes. 5'9", he has pierced nipples, and is slim but wiry, don't assume there's no strength there. His magic is blue, and when he summons his magic cock, it is also blue.

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