Forest Dweller Nix VS Amelia, Isa's Sweet Moonlight~ : History listed publicly (71 turns)

Amelia's Double Dip to the Forest

The great wolf-girl warrior Amelia recently had a go with the forbidden forest and its inhabitants....about a week or so ago..... After a bit of recuperation and the discovery of an ever increasing bounty, Amelia and her somewhat prideful self decides to take on the challenge once more and find Nix once and for all! Will she overcome this time....or will she find herself another unwitting victim (or not?) of the mysteries of this surreal location

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Same scenario, or different?
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Do you want to do the same scenario?
I don't mind
I'm happy to do that, yeah, say you just escaped the last time
Hello. Mind if I watch you?
Okay, sounds great! Anything else we need to mention or go over? ^^
I don't mind. I love it when people watch ^^
Thank you
You're welcome
Just need to remember, play it with you still having a dick, me still having pussy?
I don't mind at all
Alright, perfect. I'll get us set up.
After your last attempt to make your way into the dangerous woods, you know what you're up against, and know just how dangerous it actually is. Yet the bounty continous to grow for the notorious Nix, and his whereabouts remain the same. Such a large amount is so tempting, and you soon find yourself back in the woods. You can smell smoke nearby, maybe a camp or a small fire?
(By the way....forgot to ask, but did you want it to be published? Should we name it?)
(Oh! Sure, I'd like that!)
(One sec, I can put a name in)
(Okay, I can wait 😊)
(Thought that might be fun?)
(Yep! That looks fun! Hee hee ^^)
(And I'll make the other game public on my end, if you want to do the same?)
(Sure, I'll do the same!)
(I always love it making public as long as my partner is fine with it ^^)
(absolutely same here)
All set if you're ready to play?
Yep, I'm ready to play!
Even though it's been a while since I last made it out of those woods......about a week or so.....the memories of those woods was very distinct in my mind, especially when I was rubbing the part of me that was given a "souvenir" from that last encounter. It sent shivers down my spine as it seemed quite different from other marks I may have received in the past. It felt surreal in some way I couldn't explain directly...... However, I always glared at the place......thinking I could handle it this time, especially with a great reward like that.
I made the trek towards this possible camp as I dashed on all fours....eventually coming to a stop once I reached it. My wolf-girl ears raised up as I tried to get a better sense of my new surroundings to pick up on any sounds.
As you near it, you can hear many different men wandering around, talking loudly, laughing uproariously. Many drinking, most bored. But the leader, the leader sits on a large chair at the edge of a table, boasting to his nearby companions. "Nix is only getting better the longer he stays here, I swear, he took so much more than usual last time we saw him! And I bet the flayers are just making it better." There comes a cheer from the group, and one suggests they go pay Nix a visit later today, telling you these men know where he is.
My right ear twitched even more wildly as I easily picked up on these words despite my degree of distance from these bandits.....a part of me was quite curious about what they were saying. But I shook my head as I charged in and leaped on top of one of the bandits, pinning him down with surprising strength. I glared at him....and demanded, "Where is Nix? Tell me know and I'll spare you the humiliation of losing to a great warrior like me!~^^"
(Awwwww...I hate when I do that sometimes....or the chat doesn't register it in some occasions)
Unfortunately for you, many of the bandits arequick to move, and three pull you off the one you pinned. "Well lookie here boys!" The leader calls, delighted. "A new gift of the forest? Lets see what we're working with!" With a wave of his hand, many of the bandits rush forward, tearing and ripping at your clothes and armor. The wolf-whistles start soon, and a man behind your grabs your chest, roughly squeezing. "Nice! We don't get to play with tits much!"
(let me know btw if anything goes too far)
(So I can relate to it ^^) What I did was CLEARLY a mistake as I should have taken into consideration how these bandits would have used sheer numbers to overwhelm me like I found my armor and clothing being stripped like that. I was blushing heavily as it seemed way more embarrassing than how I lost this to the incubus last time...Somehow I felt that guy seemed more proper with how he handled things. My face was bright red as I felt the way my tits were being gripped and groped like that. My newfound nudity....a second time....caused me to go all Amazonian on the men...... "Don't think you'll get away with this!" (Sure...I'll tell you if it does....Hehe....Sorry for the poor description of this action as this is the first time I actually saw Go Amazonian! as either a spectator or player 😅)
(No worries!)
(*after clicking the action* I get it)
(I can work with what you said)
(Thanks~ And that character looks cute on the image ^^)
As you struggle, two more come forward, holding a pair of leather cuffs in hand. "No need to be so feisty, pretty thing, trust me, we'll fuck that fight right out of you soon enough~" And they press forward, trying to get you subdued quickly.
My attentive red eyes caught a glimpse of those cuffs......a glare immediately appears on my face as I shock and confound them by outmaneuvering out of their grasp....and gripped onto my sword and attempted to fend off those two men and their cuffs. I retorted with a smirk, "Ahhhhh.....You bandits want to make it easier for me so I can subdue you....and turn you back in, heheh...~"
The looks on my face and my current stance, showed I wasn't willing to go along with least not without a fight or struggle of some sort....
You manage to fight off one bandit, sword clashing against his back and forth, and for a moment, it looks like you're safe. But the other... the other is fast, slipping past your guard and getting the cuffs around one wrist. When you try to fend him off, the other rushes forward, and suddenly, your wrists are bound in front of you, making things... a lot harder for you. "Sorry, you thought we wanted this to be easy for you? I think you might be a little silly, wolf girl~"
The one who gets the cuffs on you shoves you to the ground, and you can see the men around you leering down at you, stroking their hard cocks eagerly. "New toys are always so fun~" The leader says, waving at the others to begin.
At seemed like I was having a bit of an advantage here as I was able to fend off this attempt....but as I grew more confident, my cheeks turned bright red once again as soon as I heard the distinct but familiar clicking sounds of some cuffs as I found one wrist cuffed.....As I became somewhat stunned by this while attempting to defend was then that the other bandit took advantage of my shock...before I suddenly found both of my wrists bound like that. I stopped for a bit as I glared at them, trying to formulate a move here. "Grrrrrrrrrrmmmmm...don't underestimate me....." I muttered under my breath before grunting from feeling myself shoved onto the ground.... "Irfffffff.....grrrmmmmm....." I had to stop a bit and formulate a plan here at the moment.
Hiya Kiri *waves eagerly*
*smiles and waves back* mew!
With you shocked and a bit surprised, stuck on your plan forming, one bandit sits behind you as three others lift you up, positioning you so you're held above his now oil slicked cock. With a hard shove down, they press you onto his cock, hilting it deep inside you. Then, when you don't move on your own, they start to bounce you on his cock like a sex toy.
Hi hi Kiri
*loves hearing that cute sound from Kiri, causing me to smile even more widely *
*giggles a bit* so hows da game goinn? Also hoi!
"H-H-H-H-Huh......?" I grunted in sheer shock at how these guys were quick on taking advantage of my situation as I found myself lifted in the air as they sheathed me upon his cock like that. I grunted even more as I wriggled and struggle some legs kicking outward in an attempt to resist. As they managed to bounce me on his cock, some soft but stifled moans were coming from me.......but little did they realize, they didn't completely take the fight out of me as I took advantage of my current position and go all the way as I push his whole cock into me and started putting his cock through quite the work with my ass and I thrusted my body up and down despite their attempts to hold me down. A smirk appearing on my face...
Mew! Henlo cassyyy
Hiya meow(๑ゝω╹๑)
Hmmmmm..... I think the game is going well so far ^^ Hee hee! And hiya, Cassy!
*waves to Cassy as well*
The man beneath you is defintely into this, and a little bit too quick on the draw, making him cum inside you in very little time. But they simply pull you off of him, and another pushes you forward on all fors, sliding into and starting up a rhythmn, fucking you harder than the three men could lift you. "Seems like she's into it, boys!"
Hi cassy
* wave paws back *
Another presses forward, pushing his cock down into your mouth and starting to fuck your face, grinning as they spitroast you.
Henlo ionaaa
Hi Iona!
A slight snicker came from me as my blushing starts to dissipate once I felt this guy cumming way too quickly in me. I snorted, " guys must be so weak.....for one of you to be cumming prematurely like that... Don't get enough girls here you're fucking each other on your free time~" I taunted with that still confident grin of mine. Before I could utter anymore words, I found myself gagged with cock as they attempted to fuck both mouth and rear of mine like that..... "Hmmmmmm........srrrrrrrpppppp........ngggghhhhh...." Despite the initial surprise, I went in eagerly and started sucking him off and doing so at a rapid pace and pressure while my tail swishes about mischievously.
How are you doing, Iona?~
Good, still in bed, decided to check what's going on EF
Seein BEB being played is always a welcomed sight.
The one fucking your ass lifts up one of your legs for a better angle as he seems to be holding offf a bit better than the first guy. The leader rolls his eyes at you. "That's what Nix is for, you'll just make it easier to have more fun around here." More of the bandits surround you, stroking their cocks as they watch you get fucked between the two men using you.
Nice, glad to hear you're doing good
Happy to hear it
If it wasn't for the cock in my mouth, I would have made more jeers and jabs at how this more recent guy on my ass had a bit more self-control in comparison but was still nothing compared to my strong willpower and determination...but such words would not be happening anytime soon~ My ears twitched a bit at hearing that. It was still quite curious to hear what they're talking about when it came to Nix. I grunted a bit as I let them take a bit of control for the moment so I can gather my thoughts here for the next move.
As they continue their rhythmn, another few moments and the one in your mouth pumps a load of cum down your throat, followed by one from the man in your ass. As they pull free, some drips from inside you, and then you're forced on your back for the next man, two of them cumming across your chest and stomach as they stroke and watch you. "You're such a pretty new toy~" One says, reaching down to play with your tits as another one starts to stroke your cock, all while you're fucked by the new on in your ass. "We'll make sure you get so full of cum you can't walk straight!"
(Interrupting to say what a nice pic that is....something about the eyes 😋)
Which one?
(Glad I picked it then 😘)
(And also the pic for this action is nice too!)
*tilts head* What do you mean by which one?
Sorry, meant which pic, but you answered in other chat. (And thanks. ❤️ My action. First one I believe.)
I grunted a bit as I felt some of that guy's fluid entering my throat like that.....and eventually my ass as well...... Given how I wasn't completely horny yet, I was able to conceal how I felt about this from the rest of the bandits. I still couldn't believe how quick and maneuverable they were in being able to switch once the other was finished.....but I was quite confident that I'll be able to have them exhausted soon enough...... I did test my maneuverability as well but found it quite difficult with these horrid cuffs on...and I couldn't say much with cock in my mouth~
The bandits continue on for... a while, covering you in their cum, putting many loads down your throat and ass, and eventually, they all have their turn, leaing you covered in it. With a pat from the leader, he pushes you back towards the forest, not bothering to take off the cuffs or hand you back your ripped clothes.
Ahhh, okay! (You're welcome! Wow, I didn't l know it was your action. That's a nice choice in pic for the action....almost making me feel a bit subby after seeing it 😋)
Hey Steev
"I'm sure you'lll realize soon just how much you like it here. Enjoy the forest, I know it will enjoy you!" He teases, the others laughing tiredly as they go back to eating and drinking.
(nice hearing that Ame. 😏)
Oh hey, its you again, Iona~
Well you know me, if BEB is up, I'm most likely there.
What's BEB?
Bad End battles
This mode.
And you're here, it all makes sense
It was quite an ordeal for me as this continued for quite some time..... Even after being left in this forest like that for quite some time....I still found myself shaky and disoriented as I staggered on my way towards my next destination....on the quest to find the target of my bounty..... My cheeks were puffed as I stamped my barefoot..... while muttering..... ".....jerks.....leaving me without my clothes like this.....I'll make them pay if I see them again....." After making quite a bit of distance down a dirt pathway, I collapsed against a tree to rest and recover a bit~
(sooooo... orcs, or mindflayers... what to chooose)
** Forest Dweller Nix flipped a coin! Tails! **
(What did that mean? ^^)
(I flipped a coing to decide is all)
The slithering sound is what you notice first. Then the way the path before you darkens, and then... suddenly, there they are. The three mindflayers from before. "She has returned. Just as we knew she would." One says, and they all start looming closer. "It seems she has been busy already," One points at the cuffs on your wrists as they begin to surround you.
I was huffing and puffing, panting in the aftermath while I rested. My ears twitched even more wildly as my head immediately turns around to spot the same creatures....causing a slight blush to appear as I recalled my last encounter with the mindflayers. "Hmppphhhh...." I grunted as I reminded of my slightly foolish encounter with the bandits a while back. "Nice to see you guys again!~" I grunted out, "Just let me rest a moment...okay?"
"Why would we let you rest? It is much more fun to break you down~" One says, as the other two swiftly wrap you up in tentacles, lifting you in the air. At first, simply teasing you by tugging on your nipples and flicking lightly against your cock. But soon, one slides a tentacle down to your ass, still dripping with cum, to push inside, starting at a brutal pace. "We like to break in our pets here, we don't let them rest. You will be our newest pet. It will be quite fun to play with you."
(Sooooo.... what do you think of this description? The great wolf-girl warrior Amelia recently had a go with the forbidden forest and its inhabitants....about a week or so ago..... After a bit of recuperation and the discovery of an ever increasing bounty, Amelia and her somewhat prideful self decides to take on the challenge once more and find Nix once and for all! Will she overcome this time....or will she find herself another unwitting victim (or not?) of the mysteries of this surreal location. )
(I love it, feel free!
(Okay. Just give me a moment to copy and paste this)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
You good?)
My cheeks puffed out once again as soon as I heard that.....It was a bit of an eye roll moment from me as I had a good feeling that none of these inhabitants would ever grace me with a period of I prepared myself both mentally and physically...sort of.....In an instant, I found myself wrapped in these tentacles....the ones that sent shivers down my spine....I couldn't believe how much of an effect they still had on me after about a week.... "grrrrrmmmm....n-n-n-not yet....." I grunted out as a wave of flames surrounded me in an attempt to fend this next wave off
(Yep! I'm good...just took longer to type than I thought I would take)
(no worries!)
The tenacle fucking you jumps, pulling out of you as the others rearrange themselves, replacing the worst burned ones with new ones, holding you more roughly, shoving one to encircle your neck, not squeezing, but warning, as the fucking becomes more rough, ounding deeper inside you.
"Insolent girl! We will show you what you will become!" A tentacle wraps around your cock, stroking, while another wraps around the base, holding off the pleasure, teasing.
"Heh...." I grunted as I sort of witnessed the damage I gave to some of those pleasurable tentacles that were attempting to have their way with me....but my victorious moment was short-lived as new ones sprouted to life and held me down even more roughly than before despite no squeezing action being involved. The rough fucking did make me moan, "......Ohhhh.....heheh....what will I nggggggg....become?" I declared as I wiggled my barefeet like before
"We can how you~" One says, the tentacle aroun your neck squeezing breifly as one points his gaze at you, flashing deep pink. Images begin to fill your mind. Of unending pleasure. Of how good it feels to serve. Of how many different ways you can be fulfilled by letting the forest keep you. You see yourself being filled with cum, being praised for performing so well. You see how many orgasms you could have... you see it all.
"..........." I tilted my head slightly at hearing and seeing the mindflayer do this, ".......what are you doing?........." It was then that a trance started to set in....A vision of sorts.....of what could be if I gave in.......but my determined mind didn't want to give in.....not yet...."N-N-N-N-No......not yet....." I groaned as I attempted to distract the creatures by barely wriggling my backside and showing off my enticing holes even more, " this more"
(Such a wonderful action pic~ She's so cute ^^)
"Not yet, she says. So she knows it is inevitable~" They tease, and another tentacle slides down to press inside along with the first in your ass. "You are a good pet already. You shall be so good to make ours."
(So many tempting choices there 😅)
My wolf tail and ears were wriggling wildly than ever as I attempted more of my struggling, especially after hearing those words of theirs....Despite my best attempts, that next tentacle on my ass started really .....altering my perception as I started sitting on those tentacles......but it felt like they weren't tentacles?....somehow? perplexed mind then saw someone familiar in my vision as I found myself instantly melting in the gaze of someone I loved as I leaned in close into her grasped and kissed her on her lips~ ......In reality, my red eyes were glazed over as I fell for the trance I tried to resist....
"Kl....Kl....Kl...Klau.....wh-wh-wh-what are you doing here.....?" I grunted as a familiar witch-girl was spotted by my gaze
does the female lost instantly if she cums?
As they sense you beginning to fall, one moves a tentacle up to press against your lips, simulating the kiss, sort of. The tentacles in your ass don't stop, fucking you forward and hard and DEEP. The vision before you merely grins, kissing you deeply as your lovemaking continued.
(*tilts head* So does the female lose instantly after cumming?)
(Mika was asking in Public chat)
(oh! Yes, unless you're in the boss stage)
Sorry Mika, didn't see that!
no problem, was just curious
Yeah, this game is very heavily stacked against the hero lol
so it's a yes?
Yes indeed, unless your at the stage with the boss, in which case, whoever cums loses life points till the winner is announced.
interesting, noted~
tysm :3
Not a problem
My usually determined red eyes were so glazed over with love that I was practically letting my guard down without realizing it. My wolfie tail and ears were wagging wildly as I kept seeing the one I admired here instead of the ones I was trying to overcome. ".......mmm....I love you so much....." I mumbled as I went in for another kiss.....
(That pic ^^)
(😋 You didn't mind me making the "lover"/"one I admire " a female even if the actions were more or less saying "him", did you?)
As you did, the tentacles came, deep, full, hard, inside you, immediately some bursting from between them to leak out of you. The one around your neck squeezes gently, and as on tentacle pulls out, the mindflayers begin a strange magic. A plug, feeling much like a tentacle, is left inside of you, two glowing runes at the base. You're not sure what they are for, nor do you even know they are there. "We will see you soon, pet." And they dissappear around you.
Not at all!
(I loved it~)
"......nggghhh.....Ohhhhhhhhhh.....yessss.......m-m-m-mistresss.....Klaudiaaaaaa....~" I squealed as I moaned from the building pleasure as the mindflayers came into me without me realizing it....Even as they finished their proceedings and left me with this plug and spell....I still had a bit of a dazed expression on my face.....Once they disappeared.....I came a heavy
Wish the two of you lots of fun :3
blush spreads on my face at the sudden realization....I was wobbly when I stood up but stamped my feet..... "Youuuuuu....jerrrrks.....using my mind and memories....against me like that....come so I can....make you pay!~"
"Damn it....." I huffed as my tail and ears hung limply from what just sort of recalling what happened
I made the trek further in before stopping at a cave to rest, wriggling my toes a bit from the tingly sensations I still felt
** Forest Dweller Nix flipped a coin! Tails! **
(Tails? *tilts head*)
Hiya, Jamie ^^
(Sorry, needed to make a decision so I flipped the coin again)
(What was tails for this one?😋)
The cave, dark and quiet, seems like a good place to rest, and for a few minutes, you're left alone to rest and recupurate. Until the cave entrance is blocked by many hulking figures. "What this? Smell something... Strange." And when you look up, you see the barely clothed Orcs making their way inside the cave, eyes on you.
"New! And look! Being dressed! She try to take Nix?" One asked, as he pointed at you and your cuffs. Really, everyone knew why you were here, no one came here for the same reason you might be regretting being here.
"Uggghhhh....seriously? More of you guys?......" I grunted and groaned at seeing another wave of newcomers here surrounding the cave like this. I got up while staggering a bit as I got into a combat stance and got ready for action here~ Despite all that I been through, my red wolf eyes were still determined as ever than before ^^ I lifted a hand up and cast a distraction spell as I summoned up a clone for them to focus on
😅ohhhhh....that's what they mean by distraction...whoops...)
(I can do the clone lol, no worries, plus theres... more than one)
About half of the orcs charge towards the clone, but the others... the others head for you. "Pretty magics! She does magic like Nix!" One of the group tackles you to the ground, eager. "You be new toy too! Different toy!" Grabbing your waist like it's nothing, he lifts you into the air, poking the glowing rune at the end of the plug, which causes it to pump another load of some kind of liquid into you. Then, eager, he presses you onto his cock, the plug dissappearing so he can stretch you on his large cock.
"........everyone that....why....nobody's been claim the bounty.....on him?" I muttered to myself before grunting at the tackle, "Urggggg.......such brutes......." As I felt myself lifted in the air, I felt a bit of pressure on my plug as something enters me, leaving me perplexed....."Ohhhhhhh....s-s-s-so big......"
"Urrggghhh....not yet!" I grunted as electricity surrounded me and shocked my surroundings
(Hope I can make it as far as the Incubus or top preferred for endings would be them or the mindflayers, hee hee😋)
"Magic lady need collar! Gotta make prettier!" The orc calls, grunting at the electricity, which only slows his movements, though his grip tightens because of the pulses. Another runs forward with a jewel embeded golden collar, twinkling with light and magic. "Nix gave us this for intruders, matches his!"
(I can hold off on making you cum till the boss, you only face three minions each game, my bad for not choosing incubus... 😅
It's not a your bad type of we're sort of technically playing while doing the roleplay, hee hee)
So kinda in the moment for both of us)
(lol fair enough, I'll still avoid the orc cum test lol)
" way....collars.....are for....nggghhhh.....nrrgggghhh....pets......Amelia' pet..... not for.....anyone....." I grumbled as a slight blush appears on my cheeks, "......well.....I mean only one....person in the world.....I wouldn't mind being.....a pet for....." I muttered that last part out in my own mind as I recalled that "vision" back with the mindflayers who reminded me of the one who I admired....."So back off!" I announced trying to fend this off
How are you doing?
Hiya Kaius
(Just to clarify, you ok with the collar or want me to avoid it?
I'm okay with it)
(figured, just didn't want to do something you hated)
Just playing as someone resisting cause that's probably how most would react unless....they really have a thing for orcs, I guess)
The Orc fucking you holds you tighter, the other coming up to snap the collar around your neck, causing it to glow for a moment, connecting its magic to the plugs. Then they grin at you. "But you are pet for forest! You be like Nix, you be fun!" And he goes back to fucking you harder.
(valid, I just like to clarify sometimes)
"......urrggghhhh....n-n-n-n-n-no way......" I stammered as I felt the familiar clicking sounds as that collar....was locked into place....the glowing really left me perplexed as I tried to let this not faze me at all...., "....s-s-s-seriously.......who is Nix to you?......You don't consider him a pet, do you.....?" The whole thing was perplexing while I was able to muster enough strength to wriggle my feet in an attempt to charm or distract the orcs
(That's fair and understandable...thanks for asking)
"He is the best pet! He let us play with him, and we let him stay here, safe!" Another orc grabs you, pulling you off him to press you to the ground on your knees again before pushing into you, going hard, going fast. "We like him, he good, you no take him. Too much work put into him."
"................." After hearing that, that totally threw me off for a moment, "Ummmmmm........." In my mind, I thought, "Does he really want to evade capture so much.....that he would go willingly as a pet....or are they lying?.....and he's not really a pet here~" It didn't matter what the reality of the situation was as my tail raised up and glowed...."Ereyertus...Wolf Gods shine your light down and summon the ultimate powers of fire!~"
A wave of fire emitted from around my body as I attempt to strike down the orcs and weaken them
Many of the orcs are scattered by the fire, including the one fucking you, and the ones around your clones have to come forward to take a fews places. "You not good pet yet. You need be good." The growls begin to fill the room as more of them begin to focus on you. "You be good now? Or we make you be good?"
I was huffing a bit as I managed to push some of the orcs away with the fire. I still had a glare in my eyes as I stared some of them down "Hah.....putting a collar on someone.....doesn't automatically....make them....a pet.....geeze.....are orcs this?~"I sighed with exasperation and shook my head without saying anything further before lifting my foot up in a tease, "Awwwwww....are the big strong orcs afraid of fire? Hehehemm.
Bet your small minds are taken in by my feet?~"
(Love the pic...and love the character ^^)
This... may have been counter productive for you, as an orc iis taken in, and he immediately pounces on you, pushing you back down so he can begin fuxking you doggy style. "If not pet, then why act like one?" He asks, slapping your ass as he fucks you, laughing.
*Bonks Kaius* Hey Kaius.
(Serious question...should I play the womb tattoo to see how it plays out 😋)
(totally into it, as long as you enjoy it 😉
" guys really do......think with your.....cocks......and small....minds...." I muttered out in a grunt as I was pounced with surprising speed I didn't expect from an I then found myself impaled on his huge.....thick....orc it tried to for itself....inside of me...." doing.......ohhhhh....that makes you... nggghhhhb...think I one?~ Huh? Uggggghhh...what's happening?" I groaned from the fucking but also from a searing heat burning near my womb....
Hey Alex~
Heya Alex~ *waves*
Hiya Alex
Hello ^^
"That! That is good pet!" He pats your head, and his thrusting grows more erratic, then he's cumming inside you, helping to power the tattoo as another one lines up, ready to, as soon as he moves, fill you right back up. The magic pulses through you, the need to be filled, fucked, used.... all of it building with the marks magic.
Hows it going?
My mind and body were so heavily impacted by this whole situation that it left me unable to really comprehend or even to simply react to this whole occurrence....As far as I was concerned I was groaning....moaning....fucked...and leaking with orc fluids here....All I knew was that my hands were now wandering on my chest or whatever I can touch as I started rubbing myself like crazy....~
I just woke up... it's almost noon >>
You people are having fun though ^^
(Not a big fan of orcs but that's a nice action pic 😋)
I blame you *Points at Iona*
The ors spend the next hour fueling the tattoo, filling you with their own cum and cpveromg the layer the bandits and mind flayers left on you. But soon they grow bored. "You tired now. You can try to fight Nix. He make you pet for us." And they dump you outside of the cave, heading back inside after.
Amelia is not a big fan of orcs *Shocked expression* 😧
I'm headed to bed after this, it's almost 4 am here
She prefers the mind flayers and incubus
Uhehe...Sorry about that...Also the boss too ^^
It's no worries
I'm having fun
Mind flayer is... *chefs kiss*
*boss is a preference too
The endings are why I like those three the most, if you're wondering
What would make the boss more appealing to you Amelia? 😊
Oooooh... it's about the endings?
It was almost like an endless occurrence as I found myself filled to the brim with orc cum....It left me a groaning....and moaning....mess....especially with the layers from the bandits and mind flayers....both on and in me.... "urrgggghhh....i guys......"
I grumbled as I staggered onto my feet and stumbled on my to the next location to find Nix....
(Question for the boss fight, I usually play Nix as having a magic cock he summons thats like a double ended dildo, but if you want to play it so hes the one doing the riding, kinda topping from the bottom, I can?)
It didn't seem like much would take me down at this point...a breeze could knock me over by this point... (Sure, you can)
You make your way down the path, tired, ready to sleep, but still determined to try for the bounty you came for. So you make your way along until you find, surprisingly, a house. Small, simple, but a house. And in front of it stands a man, eyeing you with something like admiration. "Well well. You made it here.
Yep, the endings of the final boss, incubus, and mindflayers are why I love them a lot....if that makes any sense as an explanation
He makes his way forward, waving a hand to clean you off with a spell, though the bindings, spells, and plug stay there. "You've been trying to find me, I hear. Looking to collect the bounty?"
It does! I totally get you ^^
I will say that the collar does make the orcs enticing to me too because it's so humiliating....but also kinda..attractive at the same time ^^
Also, if you think there is an ending you wanna see ingame, please feel free to suggest an action with a pic and description of the ending. And we will add everything else thats necessary 😌
Okay...I'll do that, if I come up with something
Shame people dont do that more.
It was a bit of a stagger with my movements....far from the determined pace I made during the first two times I made the trek across this forest in the very beginning of this mission I set out on doing. I had a bit of a tired look in my eyes as I leaned against the wall.....still feeling full from the overflow of cum...."N-N-N-nix.....' I simply stated as I felt a bit cleaner from the spell, ".....y-y-y,yes...."
It's still patreon only so not many ppl have access to it
" heard right...."
Still, it pops up here and there.
"Well, you've come to the right place. But... I get the feeling it wouldn't take much more to get you to stay here instead. You've already seen how fun the forest can be. And you know by now, I'm sure, just why I stay here as well. Protection, and fun with the inhabitants? It's a lovely set up. Do you... need more incentive to let go of this bounty? I can give it." He slowly begins to take off the light clothing he's wearing, revealing a collar and a tattoo mark above his already wet pussy. "If I can exhuast you completely, you stay. Sound like a deal to you?"
My face was blushing a bright red at hearing Nix say that as it sort of made me recall what happened during my last time in the forest as well the encounters during this current mission...... I sighed as I pushed my tails' tip onto your hand to shake with it, "Deal....can't shake with my hand though ~"
(Need a moment to get a drink)
"Cuffs make it hard, I get it. Don't worry, I can be the one to do the work =, if anything. I'm sure we both want to make these feel better." As I say this, my womb tattoo glows, and a pink haze flashes over my eyes as I move to push you against the wall of the cabin, eager to see if I can make you stay. I've done it before, of course, I'll do it again, I'm so certain.
"Huh?...."I tilted my head from hearing that before I saw that tattoo on you glowing before finding myself pinned against the wall of the cabin.....Slight moans came from me as a result of this powerful initiative taken....I couldn't really react as my own tattoo started to glow in response too
With you pressed against the wall, I turn, then, eager, I begin to fuck myself on your cock, causing happy noises of pleasure and delight to escape me. "You're so hard, I can feel you, how close youare... let me fuck you, milk you for all your worth, please, just surrender and cum...
(That picture though is so weakening ^^)
(Hehehehe Veryyyy)
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
I was still stunned at how it sort of the reverse here as instead of me being was you fucking yourself on my own wolf-girl cock here.....The building pleasure eventually spilled over as wild moans of ecstasy started flooding out of my beautiful lips~ "Ngggghhh....OHHHHHHHHHHH.....~" It didn't take much as I came wildly in the process~
"Ah fuuuuuck yes... thats it, fill me up, want to make sure you're satisfied when I send you back to the incubus... he's talked about you alot..." I smirked, moaning happily as you fill me with your cum.
"............." I was blushing heavily at the mere mention of the incubus from the first adventure here.......I tried to maintain my composure here, "....D-D-D-Don't think I'm going to not try here....." I declared as my tired self tried to assert myself here as I tried to take control of the pace here and try to fuck your ass on my own~
is resisting cumming (52% chance of cum) => Came!
A low gasp escapes me as I feel you start to fuck me harder than I was fucking myself. The tattoo glows again, and the collar forces my magic to tug at my nippes as you fuck my soaked pussy harder. Soon, I'm cumming, clenching hard around your cock and letting out a long, filthy moan. "Oh fuuuck you'll be such a good addition to the forest...." I whine softly.
Trying for a moment to regain my composure, I pull away a bit, then shove you to the ground so I can straddle you, pressing you back into me and beginning to bounce in your lap. "Just... just lay back, let me do the work.." I pant, eyes bright and eager.
is resisting cumming (65% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Hearing that low gasp brought a great sense of pleasure to me as I enjoyed being the one take a bit of more control here....What made me more eager and determined than ever was how you started cumming in response to my faster pace I was using to achieve it...." feels great to be the one doing the fucking instead hee~" I teased.....before eventually this escalated to a moment where I found myself on the ground and you trying to ride my cock. I grunted in an attempt to resist cumming to soon..... "Hee hee~ Not yet, Nix~"
In the moment, I pull away and immediately place my lips over your soaked pussy and started eating you out in a passionate and energetic manner~
I let out a long moan at that, one of my biggest needs being fulfilled as I grind against your face, moaning low. "Fuck... fuck thats... You're good at this Amelia... Fuck..." I continue to grind into the feeling, eager for more, not thinking as hard as I should be about the consequences of doing so.
chose to cum!
It then takes me by surprise when your skilled mouth, your tongue, your lips, bring me over the edge again, and I moan loudly as I cum again, too conditioned by the forest.
I had a pleased smirk on my face as I felt a cascade of your sweet fluids splashing onto my face like that..... "Mmmmmm....guess they were right.....after all...~^^"
"Fuck, I'm not done yet... either..." I pant, even as I'm a little more shaky than before. I slide back down your body, trying to ride you again, clenching around you as I glare up at you, flushing brightly. "Right about what?" I ask, even as I start riding more determined to win than ever.
Even if I was a little shaky myself....I couldn't help grinning to see you shaky like that as well but also at that glare you were giving made me excited to know that win or lose, I came pretty far in this mission....." Mmmmm....ohhhhh....they mentioned you were their pet.....I thought you were like some mastermind....manipulating them....but I really are their's~"I say sticking my tongue out in a mischievous manner
is resisting cumming (55% chance of cum) => Resisted!
"Uheheheehee~ Trying really hard there, aren't you?~" I teased after your hard riding didn't make me cum yet
"You say that like its a bad thing to enjoy it. I still get protected don't I?"I call right back, still a bit frustrated that you haven't cum, but unwilling to stop. "Besides... soon you will be too~"
"Hee hee~ Never said it was a bad thing....Just surprised is what I'm feeling after these many encounters in the forest" I giggled out while my tail wags just as playfully along with my waggling ears.....the pleasure and whole situation bringing a newfound energy to me as I manage to lift Nix up in the air with my long wolf tail before I went in with an energetic fucking pace, " feel amazing on my girlcock~" I whispered into his ears as I fucked him nice and hard ~
(Sorry...just admiring the pic/gifs a bit too much )
(They're kinda messing with my mind there😅)
"Surpised? I guess that makes sense... But I think it won't stay one too long~" He teases, only to gasp as he's lifted into the air, then used like a toy on your gir;cock. "Fuck.... Fuck, so hard, so fast..." He panted, eyes glazing slightly.
(understandable lol, sorry my replies are getting shorter, it's close to 5 but I wanna finish lol)
is resisting cumming (56% chance of cum) => Resisted!
But this time, I'm able to resist cumming, just clenching more and more around you as you lift and fuck me harder, faster.
(No prob....Me too~ Hoping I can make my parts faster or shorter so we can finish too ^^)
"I bet I feel so good, don't I, good enough you're... nnn, getting so hard over me..." I pant, and eventually manage to use my magic, pulling away from your tail so I'm now on my knees, and with a quick motion, I swallow your girlcock to the hilt, eager to taste since you got a chance to.
"................." At first, I wasn't sure how to answer what you had to say here...a slight blush did appear on my cheeks, ",.......m-m-m-maybe.......though I can't tell.....if that's from......the plug....the tattoo.....or this collar......or the fuckings I gotten to get here.....or what those mindflayers did to me by reminding me of someone I know and admire....Mmmmmmm...~" I moaned happily from the way he started to suck me off like this....While I was preoccupied at the moment, my tail raised up as it conjures another clone to take his ass while swallows my girlcock like this, Double the fun, right?~ Hee hee~"
My eyes go wide, and I moan loud against your cock as I'm taken in both my ass and mouth, eyes rolling back as my mark lights up.
is resisting cumming (64% chance of cum) => Came!
It's not hard this time, to get me to cum, my eagerness for this just oozing off me as I moan my way through another orgasm, your girlcock lodged deep in my throat.
I don't stop, fucking myself between both cocks with a sudden abandon that surprises you, needy as I try to milk you for another orgasm, thinking it might be easier this way.
My own tail started to caress and pat his head as I enjoyed seeing those wide eyes of his....what made me even more prouder than before was how this alone didn't take much action for you to cum again as I saw your fluids attempting to escape and ooze around my girlcock.....Your actions cause deep moans to flow past my lips as pleasure builds within me
is resisting cumming (82% chance of cum) => Came!
"OHHHHHHHHHHH......" Me and my clone moaned as we hit our orgasms~
(Phew....we made it)
I swallow every single drop, eyes glowing bright as I watch you collapse from exhaustion, the clone dissappearing. I stand, grinning, even as cum leaks out of my ass and pussy, before one of the mind flayers plugs appears in both holes to keep the cum inside. "Now. Since the Incubus liked you so much..."
I grin, magic dancing from my fingers as I add more cuffs to you, on your forearms, biceps, thighs, calves, wrists... Not connected at first, till suddenly they clink together with a click, leavinf you bound as the Incubus appears beside me. "I think you said you wanted to have her? Train her well, she'll like it." I grin, watching as the Incubus throws you over his shoulder. Then I lean up and kiss your cheek. "Have fun~"
(We made it!
Yep! Do we end it there?~)
Unless you wanna add any specifics to your ending?
Sure, I can)
After this, I'm headed to bed, I am so tired lol
this was an incredible game yall
I felt disappointed that I ran out of steam by the end as I unleashed that load like that. Massive blushing overcame my face as I felt my nude wolf-girl form tightly bound liks that....the blushing only increasing once I saw the absent Incubus appear suddenly.....The kiss on my cheek left me stunned as I wasn't even sure how to response because of this mixed emotions of defeat, pleasure, confusion all wrapped up into here as my tail and ears wagged eagerly".......~"
My toes were wiggling the same as I found myself leaning my bound form close to the newcomer
And with that, you and the incubus dissapppeared to his part of the forest for his... new training. And your new home.
(sounds good! I'll add you to the denizens off the forest later on)
(Serious long should I keep the mark and collar for?😋 hee hee)
(As long as you want, you can take it off whenever 😄
Okay, I'll give it a week then)
Hope we can do another one of these soon ^^😊
(same here, would love to play you again!
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Thanks to everyone who watched! *waves while my tail wags*

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