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In game...

Bi / Switch


This character was created for RP purposes. So please do not have empty profiles, no pfps or just a few sentences on your profile, try to be creative as well.
Playing with me means you are alright with me changing kinks in the middle of the game (changing both giving and receiving, so no any cheating with hypno/bondage rules will happen).
Usually I do play with bondage(Reasonable bondage. Gag doesn't make you roll a dice of course.)/hypno rules. Trashtalking, humiliation, bets (don't like rule bets though) are welcomed!
Also like to change profile, personality and job due to RP reasons (for example lost to someone who then enslaved me and I change some thing the person wants)
Preferable duration of match 40 minutes - 3 hours. In case you want a public game just discuss it. Be competitive! And of course we could discuss everything via dms!
No IRL sorry here :3
Talking about criminal card - feel free to offer the pfp you would like to see on yours one!


- Officer at EF's Police Department -

More and more boys and girls on EF just disappear after they meet some strange characters. Some of these missing people might be accidentally found exhausted and cum covered in some weird basements. Scared and unable to speak they definitely wait for punishment for those who did it with them. Alicia is here to investigate all these strange occurrences and arrest the culprits. Let me know if one of your friends suddenly disappeared after facing someone suspicious! All guilty will be punished!

Physical appearance:

Height: 5 ft 8 in / 172 cm
Weight: 141 lb / 64 kg

Even despite my perfect breasts and beautiful butt my body is athletic enough to catch and punish every criminal no matter guy, girl or someone else you are!

Tattoos, piercings, bijou and etc. :

(doesn't represent the real shape, size, view, color of the body)

1. "Claimed by Connor" tattoo from Connor.

Type: small, permanent.
Location: top of the right ass cheek.

2. A huge buttplug with a "Connor's" label on it from Connor.

Insertion length: 11cm
Width: 6cm
Material: silicone
Have to wear it all the time between matches.

3. Jodie's flower" tattoo from Jodie.

Type: medium, permanent.
Location: top of the left inner thigh.

Personal trainer

My heart stealers and other special people:

Wrestling fights

- Against Jenny [Win]

- Against Roxanne for Cage of Lust [Win]

- Against Nelly for Cage of Lust [Loss]

Other non criminal events

Criminals she met (as a police officer):

- Ethan

Incident #1 (Success)

This mister spent some time chatting with Alicia trying to convince her that he is an extremely dominant boy that goes and claims every girl he wants. Of course officer didn't believe him so this naughty pervert dared to send a dick pic to her telling that soon her puffy pussy will ride his cock. And that was the turning point. Alicia agreed to meet with this boy but instead of a sex Ethan received a punishment session. She easily melted his weak mind and changed his every single thought about her. He came with the idea of fucking officer's pussy but she left him after having fun with his tongue. Ethan begged her to stay and let him worship her butthole a bit more but head officer only laughed and left this boy hungry.

- Harrison

Incident #1 (Success)

One day rumors about this mister ass fucker reached the EFPD. He publicly fucked and humiliated so many girls that the head officer simply couldn't let him keep his butts fucked streak flow. She found him and offered to obey the law but of course this boy refused telling that all girls willingly sit on his cock using their anal holes. Alicia just laughed and grabbed his pathetic cock telling him how wrong he is. Harrison tried to resist, struggle and fight back but every action he took was futile. Officer's grip and control is just something else. She kept playing with the tip of his cock until he finally came. Overwhelmed by pleasure he missed the moment when Alicia sat down on his face and started giving a lecture on why it's a wrong decision to be a bad boy.

- Cute boy

Incident #1 (Failed)

Cute boy breedingstud haha. What a funny name, right? He really annoyed Alicia a lot messaging to her that she is some porn actress and that she saw her somewhere before. He even added that officer did something bad to him... Like milked him many and many times. Of course officer had no any idea what this boy has been talking about and this fact made mister breeding stud even angrier! He disgracefully undressed the officer tearing her uniform and then spent some time having fun with her tight, poor butthole. And when boy decided that he had enough and it's time to go for him he simply put his fingers on officer's pussy still pushing her on the cock and laughed as she has been squirting like this for a while.

- Linlin Mira

Incident #1 (Success)

It was a normal day at the EFPD when Alicia suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the showers and of course she had to investigate what was going on there. The first thing she noticed in the showers was her lying on the floor unconscious officer. And what is more, this officer was completely naked, with a pink soaking pussy and some drops of cum on the floor.
Second thing Alicia noticed was this strange of course naked too girl, naked, smiling, sucking her own tits for some reason and with a twitching girlcock between her legs, twitching like she just found another prey. Head officer quickly realized what happened there and immediately started to put pressure on Linlin wanting to see her confess everything and surrender. It's quite interesting that even though Linlin knew Alicia was the head of the EFPD, she still decided to play dirty by wanting to do to Alicia the same thing she just did to the previous officer. Fortunately the head officer received her position not only for her beautiful eyes and she managed to outwrestle and outfuck Linlin cuffing criminal's wrists. Having seen enough, Alicia threw this Linlin Mira into a special cell, where she will be entertained by a dildo while watching "special" education why it's bad to fuck a cop movies

- Akira

Incident #1 (Failed)

Seeing Akira's trophy collection and how rapidly it was growing Alicia thought it was a perfect time to finally stop this domme bitch. After a small conversation Akira refused her arrest and decided to beat an officer! Haha! Full of confidence Alicia gladly accepted her challenge. Too overconfident asian domme was so busy with undressing an officer that forgot to protect herself! She got cuffed and collared very quickly! But what happened then surprised Alicia. While other criminals tried to outfuck her, Akira attempted to... outlick Alicia! Investigator thought she has the most skillful tongue on the EF but this time she got outplayed in her own game. Akira licked officer's pussy till she orgasmed and came, seizing this opportunity while Alicia was suffering from orgasm bliss this tricky asian tied, collared and leashed her new victim. Brought to Akira's trophy room Alicia is now displayed there completely helpless and locked inside of her own cell in a humiliating pose waiting for her new mistress' orders.

Incident #2 (Success)

After their previous encounter Akira thought that challenging officer again is a very smart idea. Or maybe it is the LWR champ belt attracted this asian thief too much... Anyway faced Alicia this time Akira felt completely different and that is why officer was training hard all this time! Got naked fast asian criminal still attempted to fight back but the audience already knew it is her end as the officer was too far ahead. Probably it all happened because miss Akira has too sensitive spot between her legs. After some struggles she even managed to make Alicia orgasm twice but it changed nothing as in the end Akira was defeated and broken in an orgasm bliss. Such a remarkable loss definitely must be remembered so this crimianl girl got collared and received a new little bit modificated picture to represent her.

- Gia

Incident #1 (Success)

Little overconfident girl Gia thought it will be a great idea to call a head officer with all bad words she only know. Well Alicia decided to prove who is a real whore between them too so she challenged Gia willing to put her on her place in front of everyone. Of course naughty criminal couldn't resist her feeling and she accepted the invitation. Gia started strong but soon got overwhelmed by pleasure when Alicia put her feet on criminal's sensitive pussy. Next thing happened is Gia orgasmed under head officer's feet assault! She came twice in a row! After weakened her opponent so much Alicia easily arrested her. And then the "special" treatment was applied! Gia was turned into Alicia's pet! Or a buttslut... Or pet buttslut! Doesn't matter! Just take a look at her new modificated "aftercare" pfp. Since then she became Alicia's all time happy loyal pet.

- Serena

Incident #1 (Success)

Early morning Alicia got approached by this cutie. After a small abosultely unremarkable conversation Serena started to act strange. Seems she tried to seduce an officer but of course successfully failed with this task. Then another idea came to Serena's bright mind. She approached Alicia, lifted her skirt up with one hand and holding a phone with the other hand snapped a few pics of officer's panties. Very rude! As a police investigator Alicia decided to find out what else Serena has on her phone and wow! She found lots and lots of interesting pics... erotic pics! Pics of other's panties and even pussies! Looked like they were made without any permission and it meant Serena must be arrested. This girl even dared to resist arrest but after all officer is strong. She was taught one very important lesson - not to mess with the police. Oh and yeah... she walked around with no panties covering her own pussy. From now I believe she will wear something to cover her sweet spot.

Incident #2 (Failed)

Long time no see Serena was noticed walking naked around the city again. Moreover she was graffiting an almost naked girl on the side of the building! When Alicia approached Serena she even tried to resist the arrest attempting to paint police uniform as well. Alicia was full of confidence to bring her old "friend" to justice again. Everything was going very good as Serena couldn't escape the handcuffs Alicia put on her but at some point police officer lost focus and little brat got the upper hand. Teasing criminal girl tied Alicia up and immobilized her by this, then she called her even more filthy friends to fuck a police officer... And who will refuse such an unique offer? No one! Serena with her gang of horny girls made Alicia squirt a few times and after she was completely lost in pleasure they dared to put some humiliating text on the officer's skin marking her as their property.

Incident #3 (Success)

Unwilling to accept her defeat Alicia challenged Serena with the idea to really put this little bitch on her place. Officer was completely sure that this time she will not cum even once and they made a bet that if Alicia will cum then during the next applied on her cum test she will auto cum on other hand Serena suffers from unlimited turns on bondage during this match. And everything went exactly how it was planned by the head officer! With her cuffed hands Serena barely could resist the pleasure while Alicia was teasing her slowly turning a helpless girl into her personal obedient kitty by working on her ass with a fat tail buttplug. And to completely break Serena's resistance officer brought a shiny pendant that influenced criminal's mind inflicting an idea that she must serve as a real submissive kitten from now! Serena's kitty state remains until she impresses Alicia somehow.

- Alexander

Incident #1 (Failed)

She met this rought guy on a street and he really surprised the head officer. This perverted guy has 0 respect to police officers and Alicia has a bad experience of feeling it on herself now.
Alexander dared to speak to the policeman as if he was talking to another worthless dirty whore. Moreover, this thug resisted the arrest and even stole police handcuffs! Like nothing happened he kept talking filthy and dirty touching and groping Alicia's perfect butt and beautiful body. Of course she had enough at this point! Officer attempted to beat and submit this criminal but mister pervert had some more tricks up his sleeve. Skillfully and quickly undressing Alicia somehow and for some unknown reason he decided to completely focus on penetrating and stretching officer's tight asshole. And damn this was a right choice... Alicia still skips her anal training lessons so her butthole is always tight, inexperienced and sensitive. After a long painal session from Alexander he was about enslaving her but luckily she managed to regain her mind and escape this time.

Incident #2 (Negotiations and successful agreement)

With more officers captured and enslaved by this guy Alicia was offered to release them in exchange for something else. After long and hard negotiations both sides came to a fair but at the same time risky agreement.
Accepted agreement includes these clauses:

  1. The officers captured by Alexander will be released and they will receive all the necessary medical care.
  2. Alicia goes with Alexander into his mansion and for the next three days she will be busy pleasing him and obeying his orders.
  3. Alicia is rewarded with a temporary tattoo above her crotch for the time she stays with Alexander. (And a new pfp below)

Days spent as Alexander's slave

Alicia surely knew what an agreement she signed and entering Alexander's mansion she immediately became his slave. Taking advantage of his diplomatic victory Alexander decided that these three days officer will be trained according to his "special obedience training program". One heavy and suffering training per day. A new training every single day. The terrible two days of a true hell for an officer are displayed below.

Ending of the first slavery route

Sleeping late night after the recent training Alicia heard how the door inside her barn was opened. Alexander came again. She was scared that he came for more but in reality Alicia was freed and released. Asking Alexander why and how she received only one answer, "Marikah saved you". Alicia was very curious and confused as she thought that Marikah was her enemy but now she appeared out of nowhere saving this cop's life...

- Angelo

Incident #1 (Failed)

Sometimes, returning home from the department, Alicia noticed that someone was spying on her but she refused to believe it and that was an awful decision for her future. One late night going back to home she got assaulted by this Angelo. A huge strong black bull was standing in front of her when she was really tired after a long working day. Just after a few swipes of his hand officer got completely naked and nothing could save her holes from an Angelo's bbc. And even despite Alicia was tired very much Angelo acted rough and dirty. He really stretched her tight ass making her scream in pain and accept her defeat cumming on a thick black thing. He even used some branding iron on her right ass cheek leaving a permanent tattoo on her. (new tattoo received)

- The Collector

Incident #1 (Failed)

Met this guy while visiting a public wrestling match of local tournament Alicia got invited to visit his living art gallery. She thought living art gallery means flowers gallery so officer gladly accepted this invitation from such a handsome and kind guy. And during the tour around his mansion everything was going fine, even cool! But! Until they arrived in a huge almost empty room. In this room officer saw dozens of tied up naked girl with all sorts of different perverted devices attached to their sweet spots. What happened next? Alicia attempted to arrest this mister Collector but for some reason he resisted the arrest and completely surprised an officer by turning her into the naked officer just in a moment! This story has a very bad ending. Alicia as a good officer doesn't have too much sex so her holes are tight and sensitive. Collector used this fact against the cop as his cock was too thick for her to handle it. Orgasmed twice officer completely lost control over her body. Soon she found herself tied up just like other girls in the room with machines fucking and pleasing her both ass and pussy.

- Belle

Incident #1 (Success)

A well known wrestling champion in the past now spends her time cheating and matchfixing during career matches? Humiliating and fooling her opponents? Yup! It's all about this Belle! Should someone stop her or at least teach a small lesson? Of course! That's exactly what Alicia did! Unfortunately for Belle all her tricks were known to the police so she could do nothing against Alicia's power. This wrestling girl quickly submitted to officer's "special devices" cumming and squirting for some reason... For the first detention Belle wasn't punished too much, yeah... She just got tied to the ring's ropes with an attached to her pussy turned on extra speed vibrating wand. Maybe she even loved it... these vibrating heaven... Ehehm anyway! As always! Justice!

- Katha

Incident #1 (Success)

Interesting fact №1: Katha was broken even before she had time to commit any crime. Interesting fact №2: Katha is addicted to women's feet and loves absolutely everything about anal stuff.
So! This miss German Queen challenged Alicia for a fight and what happened next? Of course Katha got defeated and arrested! Everything happened so fast. Alicia teased Katha using her gorgeous feet just for a few times and miss Queen immediately became a submissive pet for an officer! With an idea to reward Katha the officer had some fun with Queen's butthole and damn! German Queen is a real buttslut! Tied up to some pillar with her legs raised up to the sky Katha was left in a very humiliating pose.

- Poki

Incident #1 (Success)

Extremely funny cutie! She spoiled some water on Alicia's uniform and offered her to visit Poki's mansion and wash her uniform there. Unexpected for Alicia Poki's mansion turned out to be a trap. There little girl tried to tame a police officer. She really had an idea to turn her into a Poki's barking puppy. Of course Alicia didn't like this idea at all! That's why she easily beat Poki and put her on a leash making her crawl to a police station completely naked! Yup! Imprisoned Poki. And since she is such a pet lover why not to become a police puppy by herself? Alicia has this wonderful idea to train Poki and make her behave like a cute obedient subby puppy! So probably she will visit her in the cell very often.

Incident #2 (Failed)

After Francis's incident this little puppy dared to escape from her special cell and she even managed to find her clothes somewhere! Full of confidence Alicia easily proved her real power. She managed to tie up Poki again and again leaving her puppy no any chance to stay free. But everything changed after Poki's first orgasm. Someone probably heard her loud moans and came to support this puppy so she broke free and even tied up Alicia! Officer fought desperately but this time Poki was a little bit stronger. After Alicia orgasmed for a few times this little puppy bitch dared to put a chastity belt on a police officer!! It is so awful! Chastity belt protects only pussy when anal hole stays free to accept dicks and other toys. Such a pervert Poki! Grrr take this belt off me! The puppy will suffer as soon as the officer breaks free.

Scenes shot and other events faced as an adult movies actress (When Alicia worked in the porn industry (currently not active))

- "Pet play session under Mistress' control". Shot with Connor under Mariska's control

- "Sudden cum shower from a fan". Shot with Ritzy

- "Sharing is caring". Shot with Mariska and Tanvir

- "Sweet foot slave". Shot with Mariska

- "Brutal promotion for a full nelson lover". Shot with Matt

- "Overconfident wrestling amateur discovers model's feet". Shot with Ritzy

- "Secret feet loving fan revealed". Shot with Poki

- "Fool got milked and dried". Shot with Cute boy

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