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Please edge me, ruin me, deny me or force multiple orgasms.


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My profile
Distinguished visitors. I am pleased to introduce myself. I drank champagne with kings and queens,  politicians praised my name but those were someone else's dreams. As I have glimpsed the future seen miracles that shape mankind and I can show them to you.

In each of us, there are two natures. A duality of man - It is the curse of mankind that these polar twins should be constantly struggling. I myself submissive but find myself being thrust into a dominant role. Why did I let this stripper burn me on the arm with her cigarette in the same spot ten times in a row? I ask to be granted the courage to face my angels and demons!

So let the fun begin! A little touch of sin why wait another minute? Step this way, it's time for us to play you say you may not pass this way again so let's waste no more time. Roleplay, Fight, Bet, Smack Talk, Quick or Long and love Interactive. I also welcome just a chatI am known for my kindness but please don't mistake that for weakness.

I have a thirst that I cannot deprive never have I felt so alive! There is no battle I couldn't survive feeling like this, feeling alive! Like the moon, an enigma lost and alone in the night damned by some heavenly stigma but blazing with lights

Femdom and interactive lists
- CBT - Edging--Holding - CEI - Thumbing/Blockage - Post Torture - Ruining - Worshipping - Humiliation - SPH - Degrading - Confessional - Pain - Truth or Dare - Saline Enema - Teeth - Panties - Gag - Stories - nocturnal emission - friction to reach orgasm - kegels and muscle clenching - power play - Abandonment - Squeezing/Spanking the Genitals - sending photos.

Nipple Torture - Clamps - Anal I am a beginners
- I don't like to beg unless you ask me to.

- Things that can leave permanent marks - Female circumcision - Scat and piss - Hate speech -nazi play, SS play, F word french for cigarette butt , N word
- Being ignored

--Friends, Matches, Doms and Bets--

Some people see Alexa as a scratch you just got to itch. This bratty breathtaking red head has always been so much more than that to me. I met her when she was a cute new girl trying to learn the ropes but still talking smack. I gave her little ass a whooping that left more then an imprint on her.

Now it breaks my heart to admit this but she somehow Alexa excape my mind from sometime. Until one day she came knocking at my door. She came in talking smack and carrying a big stick. But I need to be honest her smack talking and ass fucking turned me on so much. I won't say I threw that match but dam I wanted to lose.

Now after that match I was not going to let this goddess get through my fingers. When ever I saw her online I made sure to play my best foot forward. Flirting, smiling, worshipping what ever it took to put a smile on her face. Including her becoming an active members as a audience of a sissy slut ruining her orgasm for Alexa amusement.

We just had our third match and I was nervous. Not just because a bet is on the line. But because I have so much more on my mind. A wrestling match that ended with four life points between us. But she beat me. Not just in the match but she tried to make my testicles into meatloaf by beating them bloody. I can't lie I loved every moment of it. So when I lost I was order to eat her out. But I had another plan. With the help of Damn Silly  tossing me a wedding ring I proposed. Now she took the ring and wears it between her beautiful breasts and will refuse my proposal until I beat her again.

Gina earned a place on my profile and a place in my heart. I should have known better to make a bet against her. I clearly have a weakness for Swedish ladies. Gina is one of the most breathtaking souls I have ever had the honor to me in the ring and under her heel 👠. She thinks I am a talented author but she is the meaning of the word inspiration. I dream of seeing her in battle or making me her pathetic little man that I am.

From the first time we laid eyes on each other, we both knew how it would end up. Now, I'm the proud owner of Cute Charlie, thee collar she begged me to put on her, it clearly shows our bond. She is always eager to fulfill my desires and follows my tasks. I hope with my guidance she will raise like a Phoenix.

Slut Princess Michelle is a sweetheart and a great friend. What a cute ass.

Gather your wits and hold them tight. Your mind will go were most can't even dream . If you play with Your Little Daughter.When she is done with you, you will never been more alive. Your head will shake, fingers clutch and body writhe. But becareful if you get caught in this spider woman's grasp she ain't never letting go or do you want her to.

Found my Miss Alice on discord during the great EroFights outage of 2021. Looking forward to see how we grow as friends and sexy time players. Though often we tiptoe around who is sub and dom. I can't lie Miss Alice inspired me to snort my own cum and beat the cum out of my balls.

So I met this fella in the great EroFights outage of 2021. Now I am have never craved a man's touch before but our short chat lead to friendship. The friendship lead to flirting and teasing. And now I just want to feel his legs wrapped around my waist and his lips against mine. He makes me melt into a puddle by calling me daddy or boy. What the hell has he done to me? And now I want him todo more. Things I never thought I would ever want todo. Milov VIII

Latex Slut that little Vixen strutted around EF like it was her little toy. When one morning she popped in my classic match I had to teach her a lesson. This match was full of lust and pleasure. It wasn't until she begged her dom for chastity to protect herself from cumming. The match took an interesting turn. I mean the look of fear on a sissy's face when you steal their chasity key from around their neck and pretend to swallow it is priceless. Let's just say that match changed both of us.

Though we didn't speak much directly after that. I think she had a crush on me and didn't want me to know.

But one slow night on discord provided us with the perfect background. We found are selves in a magical night of teasing, edging and some heavy petting. Followed by a next day spanking/slut branding and more importantly something between us that was not before and I am looking forward to see what will happen next.

Two fantasies for the price of one. That is what happened to me the day JJO responded to my message. A. she talked to me. Melting my nervous little heart. B. She milked me in a quick session and blackmail me. I wasn't allowed to cum unless I granted her space on my profile. I was like "yes please". Now I hope something grows from our quick little session only time will tell. (Mar/29/2021)

I met one of the most interesting and intoxicating Doms of the EroFights comunity on a early morning. Lady N is confident weather she is demanding edges or finding a way to use her sub to entertain the crowd. Though she is twisted and sadistic she is so very kind. I have had the privilege to be a solo sub having her all to myself, once she had me competing against another sub and once as a team trying to earn our release. A match with Lady N is a one-way roller-coaster of pleasure and some pain. She knows more ways to stimulate and measure arousal in her 'subject'. With Lady N I ended up doing things I never have believed I would do, experiencing extraordinary fetish activities and being denied and ruined for her pleasure. I look forward to subbing for her again

"Drained and humiliated by the Bewitching Kitsune Kaga"

Shirley's eyes As we said our goodbyes Can't get them out of my mind And I find I can't hide From your eyes The ones that took me by surprise The night you came into my life
Where there's moonlight I see your eyes How'd I let you slip away When I'm longing so to hold you

- I think that we connect and the chemistry's correct. So  Stella  and I are joined. She is my EF wife and her devoted husband. I will support and watch her in every match. As long as she saves the last dance for me. 💃🕺As I am proudly hers. All her kisses still taste sweet, I hate that sadness in her eyes.

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They are your property, and that includes every part of them. You love those locks, and with a snip-snap, you claim their hair for yourself. My property, my hair Staring down at their naked body, you drop your ass down hard and fast on their exposed package. Banzai Drop/Jumping Seated ball smashed You’re fully clothed, and he is already spurting for you! Some sex wrestler he is, locked between your legs and cumming from your attack! Leg lock and he cums