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TWR, Classic w/RP or IRL instructions, Interactive dom. Dm me.

Hetero / Dom

I've been around for awhile. Have a huge fetish for sexfighting and this might help me channel some of my energy. Open to friendly wagers.

Mostly dom, but like to fight for control. I try to really get in the moment so if I over step a boundary please say something, we're all here for fun. With that I also like to set a scenario,,are we fighting over a lover etc.. I like to set location and why we are there. Open to bets but no serious irl consequences again here to have fun.. Love the wrestling ring but most game modes I'm cool with. Kind of shy to reaching out, but in game is a different story. Also open to dice/special ingame rules.

Lately I have taken a liking to IRL or interactive post match bets (not pics unless you want to share). I don't usually do interactive without getting to know who I'm working with a bit first. Lately I have been facing more... victims... with increasingly intense interactive sessions.Jessica xoxo recently tested herself. She gagged on her dildo until she could see through her shirt before we took to making her orgasm 3 times, once vaginally, once anally, and once with all her holes used at once.
She was left on a new level of pleasure

Looking for a new pfp, suggestions are welcome.

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