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Looking for fun RP games! ~

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Hello ~ I'm Azariel, a fallen angel that now lives here on earth ~

I'm a futanari, that means I have both female and male genitals but I usually stay in my pure female form until I need to use my cock! ~

I'm usually a calm, collected angel but if you arouse me, I can easily lose control and end up fucking you senseless ~ or end up as a subby mess ~

But I'm not aroused that easily ~ if I'm on the receiving end, I like it rough, put me in humiliating positions and fuck me silly!
On the other hand, if I have the control, I love to play and tease you and if you are female, I will cum inside you and fill you up with my burning hot seed, unless you can stop me, but do you even want to? ~

I like polite people and I don't like verbal insults or harsh degradation ~ I have a bit of pride left and I will defend it! ~

And don't try using affectionate moves on me t-that will never work!

So will you fuck me into submission or will you worship me as your goddess? :3

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I'm a switch that tends more to sub and if I dom, then I'm more of a gentle one.
Usually I'm more of a dom vs girls and mostly sub vs guys ~ also I prefer girls over boys.

Here is my kink list ~ please take a look.

I prefer to play with my cock against females in hentai mode! But not necessarily ~
If you are a male or transgender char, I prefer to stay in my female form and use my cock only to fuck your ass if you're a bad toy!

I do not play interactive or femdom and I'm not interested in giving or receiving irl instructions.

If you want to play a game, don't just ask for a game ~ how about you tell me why you wanna play or what you wanna do with me or what you would like me to do with you! ~ I like lewd descriptions ;)

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My abilities as a futa in hentai mode:

My cum is enchanted and addictive ~ it taste extremely delicious and can be used to make a lot of different potions.
So in short a very valuable substance!

After some time I tried to convert this weakness into a weapon! Some opponents will submit, if I feed them my cum ~ even though I take a great risk in putting my cock in their mouth, where they can drain more of my cum than I want ...

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My tentacle friends

I can summon them, I can control them, I can even turn my hair into tentacles! ~
They are perfect to restrain and fuck you from a save distance ~ the perfect defense mechanism against everyone!

Unless you somehow can take control over them but I don't think you can do that ~

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When I lose control!

When you arouse and tease me too much, I will lose control! ~ I will restrain you with my tentacles and then I will fuck you hard!
I lose any reason and will make you cum over and over again, filling you up with my seed and show you a glimpse of the pleasure hell I was in for years ...

But don't worry, it is impossible for angels to impregnate humans ~

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Optional Backstory:

Azariel was a high ranked angel ~ she worked hard and specialized in creation. But the creatures she created were too abnormal and she was ordered to stop her experiments ... but she didn't.
She continued in secret, created tentacle monsters and monster girls until someone found out! She let all her creations escape to earth, so they can live there!

She was immediately chained and brought before the heavenly trial. The verdict was clear: sin against the creation itself. So she was punished ...
Azariel got banished to earth, eternally chained, robbed of nearly all her powers and forced to be a plaything for the humans and her own creations ...

Every angel is a Futanari, that means she has both male and female genitals. To make her an even better target, she got cursed with a very sensitive body, so she will be forced to cum for eternity!

But after many years of humiliation, she finally broke free from her prison and is hiding now between the humans to plan her revenge!

Memorable Matches and Experiences:

I got bought by Day in a fun little betting card game, organized by Jessica.
So now I have to wear a choker for 1 week, marking me as the toy of Day :3
She made me fight in her own little tournament and I got second place ~ as a reward, she dyed my hair into a silver white and gave me the name Silvie.

-> I liked both changes very much, so I still wear her choker and my hair stays silver white for as long as I want ~

Don't be scared to message me! I hope to see you soon!

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You grab her hands and fuck her hard from behind! Grab hands and fuck from behind! Let's see what they like more ~ your sexy feet or your wet pussy? Show feet while you masturbate! You push her down and stare into her eyes, as you penetrate her with your "tail" ~ making her moan in sweet delight! Fuck her with your Tail! You make her present her rear end, before giving it a good lick! Lick her butt You start tribbing with her, but you summon something slippery between you to spice things up! Trib-tentacle! You play with his cute dick! Play with dick! You take his member and slap it against your tongue! Slap his cock on your tongue! You look into his eyes, making him unable to resist your touch, as you slowly stroke his dick and take it in your mouth! Hypnotic Eyes! You grab her leg and fuck her from above. Standing double-dildo! You flash your boobs and show off your long tongue, while winking at them. Tease with tits and tongue!

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