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Currently Not Looking For Games. <3

I'm bi that leans to girls, and a sub leaning switch. I enjoy roleplay in my games, but I'm okay with just some chatter while choosing options for faster games. I tend to have longer games because I will get really into the roleplay. I'm not as interested in Interactive modes unless its used a postgame for someone who I've felt good chemistry with.

My "character" is a bit of a jobber. She's not strong like others, and can be easily over powered, but she tries her best and won't give up until the bitter end. She's still really competitive but has trouble being anything more than a cutie that seems easy to push around. You're still in for a hard match unless you find one of her weaknesses that makes her purr.

Memorable matches:

Miss Riley and I had a good back and forth match where she won me over with her expert use of tools. I couldn't handle them any more. Afterwards, I begged her to make me cum one more time, which she allowed-- only after edging me a couple of times. Now I am always going to address her at least as Miss Riley for being a wonderful domme.

Tyler J and I ended up in a long match. It was over in about 50 turns, but lasted a whole four hours. We went back and forth, but as much as we were both on edge and barely hanging on, my thighs and mouth finished him off to get me the win. He regretted making a foolhardy bet with me to let the winner us my dildo on the loser, but it lead to another wonderful orgasm for each of us in our post-game. <3

After flirting as spectators to each other, Ben Bravo and I finally had a match. Try as I might, I didn't get far and he overpowered me both physically and sexually, until I was left tied up, screaming his name as he either pleasured me more or used me for his own desires.

I tried to win the GOTH title match against Dakota and it was close match. However Dakota was barely able to hang on after my relentless assaults and soon, even though she was barely hanging onto the edge, it wasn't her cumming on the mat, it was me! I narrowly lost my chance to win a title, and instead it was her defending her title against me in an admittedly humiliating turn-around.

After spectating a lot of her matches, I found myself opposite to the great show-woman, Isabelle in the lesbian wrestling ring. She had me beat the entire time, overpowering me with her experience and athleticism, but when it came down to the wire at the end, I manage to win, getting her to squirt multiple times in front of our adoring crowd. <3 A really fun match with a sweetheart, and I can't wait to make her squirt again soon~

I got to play a match against the queen of the LWR, the great Alya! She was so strong and powerful and sexy. I don't know how I was able to gain any upper hands. I was sure I was going to be putty in her hand, and I didn't have any hope to win. I would have been a squirting mess if I hadn't found Alya's weaknesses, which is the only reason I eked out a win. She's amazing, and I am not going to spoil her secrets to anyone. She's still my queen. <3

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