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LWR matches with RP~

Lesbian / Switch

A cross-gendered alt for playing the LWR mode. Whose? That's a secret...for now, at least. 🤭

If you're looking to have some fun in the LWR mode - no matter if that's descriptive RP or straightforward dirty talk, I love the chatter - feel free to send a message and hopefully I can provide what you're looking for~ If we've gotten to know each other well, I may be interested in a classic match too!

RP DM - Seize The Horny (yes, this is just because it sounds like Carpe Diem 🤭): Speaking of messages, I just thought I'd let folks that I'm more than happy to do some RP in DMs, so long as the "character" (it felt weird to say character without some sort of quotes considering some are playing as themselves!) is a woman. Bonus points if it's lesbian wrestling/sexfight related, close to the likes of Ultimate Surrender/Evolved Fights (though not necessarily with scoring :P). Just keep in mind, I will have my limits in DMs too. Also, it will be smoother if we've built up a rapport beforehand. Not impossible, but a person I don't know just writing "Hey" isn't especially enticing, ya know?

Limits: Pain for pain's sake. Spanking with hand, biting/nibbling and pinching are all fine. The line can be a difficult thing to define, but if you're bringing in tools to cause pain - paddles, clamps etc - then it is probably too much. It - and some other stuff tagged as kinks are to give the widest range possible for LWR, which I've found doesn't tend to go beyond my limits. Then stuff like bodily fluids that aren't cum (blood, shit, piss).

Rules (if we have a match and you want to have a 'rule' on the line, then I'm game! I'm just not the best with coming up with them sometimes 😅 Anyway, any rules given to me shall be here):


An LWR Champion! 👑

Melted 'the unmeltable'. 🔥🧊🔥

After a certain little slut got a totally lucky win first time out, I've made sure she knows who her Goddess is by making her cum in all manner of ways in our next two matches. I'm sure, one that talented tongue of hers has finished licked her wounds - and other places 😏 - she'll be back to try again, but I'll just make sure her bell gets rung over and over again... 🔔🔔🔔

A cute "Feline Tamer" by the name of Cassie caught my eye, so I was unable to resist the opportunity to get my hands on her. When she got her hands on me, I thought that I might not be able to resist her, but after forcing her to tap into her submissive side on more than one occasion, she was done for, making her part of special club who are taken for a wonderful ride... before turning her into my sexy Asian anal pet, thoroughly taming the tamer. Rawr~

Accusing the Queen of breaking the rules against Cassie, Jada had to be shown her place for such a ridiculous accusation! And that she was, made to from the sexy ass of hers being pounded, followed by causing her to make a real big mess with the assistance of a vibrator. After the match, the Queen's crowd got to teach her more lessons after the match too...Hopefully that was all even for everyone to forget Jada and Cassie getting some very messy revenge from their fingers...

In addition to Jada, after taming the pussy tamer, one of next matches was appropriately against 'The Jaguar' Karina! She's somebody I had rolled about the ring with before, and she came out on top then, so it was especially enjoyable to get some revenge and then some, wiping her out of the match with one explosive and messy orgasm where she squirted all over herself! Not to mention the after-match fun where I made her eat me out, before I got to pound that pretty pussy of hers with my trusty strap!

Alice Rose practically turned the Queen into her plaything while the pair of them were in the audience. So of course, it didn't take long for us to find ourselves in the ring. The action was back-and-forth, but I took charge when I made the Doll my throne, making her cum on my tongue not line after, and nearly causing her to submit when I didn't relent, fingering that sweet pussy and making her taste it. This provoked quite the reaction as she fingered me to two wonderful climaxes, split between another orgasm from her brought about by my own fingers. At two orgasms apiece and the pair of us running on lust and desire, it would come down to who came first. Of course, It would be the Queen who reigned supreme in the end, as a third orgasm was drawn from Alice's body by my tongue and fingers. A final flourish after the match, I tied her in her own pantyhose, before using her for my final explosive climax, the intoxicating scent of both our arousal covering her as I took my pretty doll away.

I was not looking for revenge - honest! - when I ventured to camp in the forest with some gal pals, but it was an opportunity I found as Tiffany (whose history with Ori definitely can't be read in the "Losses" portion...) found her way to the same spot with some friends of her own, quickly goading me into a match. And throughout plenty of it, it looked like Tiffany might have it her way again, between double-teams, mind games and simply being incredibly talented in sexual pleasure. But, after one double-team too many, one humiliation too much, I was driven to have my revenge, my own friends holding Tiffany in places while I made her cum her pretty heart out. Such a victory even hard Tiffany's pals turn on her, joining in with mine for some after-match fucking, everyone getting their time with the loser as she was tied and bound. The final flourish, everyone pleasing the rightful winner until I squirted over little loser Tiffany~


Miss Weiss Schnee turned me into her own personal water fountain, making me squirt over and over...and over again, whether it was with her fantastic fingers rubbing my pussy, her ice blue strappy pounding my slutty ass, or using a vibe while I tried to clean up my mess, she knows exactly what to do to make me squirt for her. 😳😳😳

Twinkle earned a spot here by tricking me into saying yes...but it means nothing...I still reign supreme on the mat...right? 😳...Or maybe not... rubs at needy butt 😳😳😳

Tiffany easily drew me into a match with an utterly sensual and seductive show. With how easily she played me at the start, it's no surprise that she had me begging for it by the end of our blissful 'battle', completely dominated as she filled both my holes, fisting my ass while I squirted all over her, the vibrator in my pussy and the mat while I screamed into both sets of panties shoved into my mouth. The final show of my submission to her is her special collar, marking me as her buttslut. 😳😳😳

After some time away to train and recover from that humiliating loss, I met with Tiffany again, this time with home 'advantage' and her with the shiny LWR title around her waist. Naturally, I wanted it, so it didn't take much time for us to hop into the ring and do battle again. Who was in control changed in different moments of the match, but I was in control heading into the late stages! That was until she grabbed the strap I teased her with and plunged it into my pussy. From there, she dominated, filling my pussy with the strap and my ass with her fingers until I squirted all over the mat to massive cheers from the 'hometown' crowd. With the match over, I once again wore a collar, this one with a title I will not soon forget... "Slut of the Ring" 😳😳😳

Lit up the Lady of Light, completely dominating her with my fingers and tongue, taking those priceless undergarments of hers as a trophy. 💡 She may have gotten them back. No need to say any more. She definitely didn't make me cum over and over again, turning me into a "Squirting Queen", leaving me to the audience while she reclaimed her prize. No, ma'am.

After a long time apart, Tanya wanted to show what she'd learned since we last met in the ring...and she certainly did! While I had some new moves too, she had the skills to strip me extremely quickly - taking off all my clothes at once! Not only that but she made me cum with her fantastic and super strappy, to the cheers of much of the watching crowd. 😳😳

Meeting for the first time in the ring, Jamie Valentine was not one to be intimidated by a Queen. For good reason too, as she made me cum over and over...and over again. First, during the match by drawing not one, not two but three orgasms and she fingered and licked my needy holes. Then, as a final humiliation, she caused me to pass out in a pool of cum by pounding my ass to a fourth and final overwhelming climax, showing herself as the Queen of a Queen. 😳😳😳😳

With it being her debut, I thought I'd have it easy against Katarina, teasing and pleasing her to multiple orgasms as I showed her why I was the Queen. It ended up almost the complete opposite, as she had most of the control from the moment clothes started coming off, making sure I was unable to really mount any sort of comeback with the right amount of pleasure, at the right times, in all the right places, though never enough to let me cum. No, the only one of us to cum in this match was Miss Kat, draining all my energy in explosive fashion, smothering and grinding on my until she covered me in honey, showing everyone that's I'm her sexy kitten. 🐈

A chance meeting had my former doll Alice and I reuniting in the ring. But with my triumph over her first time around, I was confident I could do the same again. And it started off well, controlling much of the opening stages. Even when she forced me to cum first with the help of a strap, I still felt that I could triumph when I returned the favour, wrestling her into a position where I could fingerfuck her until she burst. From there, it went immediately downhill, forced to tap when I couldn't move her climaxing body off of me! An aggressive attempt to smother her out following that humiliation backfired as she made me cum again before she finished me off with a third and final orgasm by fingering my ass. Making me her doll.


LWR Champion! 👑

Taking the title from Jeanne in a hard fought match, I'm eager to see how my first reign will go~!

Answer: Not well! Well, the match itself was great, but the result was not what I hoped for. It even started out so well too, as I managed to make her cum first, and hard with some fingering. But then she managed to get me back without response by licking my pussy and then by pounding my booty hard. 😳

But many congrats to the new champ, Amanda. Maybe I'll hold the gold again some other time~


Making my way through four different opponents, I have triumphed in 2023's Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament, making me a Queen of the Ring! By all means, feel free to bow down. 😌 Though if any gal thinks they can take on a Queen, they can feel free to try too~! 😜😘

The Queen got off to a hell of a start in my defence of the Queen of the Ring title, with a triumph over one of the hot favourites in the wonderful Day. But the efforts of such a match clearly took their toll as the Queen was swiftly dethroned in the next round by Jodie, who could walk the walk as much as she could talk the talk~

...hey, at least I lost to the next Queen~

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