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Looking for some fun RP in LWR~

A cross-gendered alt for playing the LWR mode. Whose? That's a secret...for now, at least. 五

If you're looking to have some fun in the LWR mode (or classic, maybe!) - no matter if that's descriptive RP or straightforward dirty talk, I love the chatter - feel free to send a message and hopefully I can provide what you're looking for~

Mmmmmaybe not Monday Matchmaking!: Partly because I enjoy alliteration, and partly because I both don't receive too many matchmaking messages and can be quite shy about sending them myself sometimes, I shall try to search for a LWR match in matchmaking, if I don't have one planned (or am busy IRL, of course :P). But now instead of on Mondays which it was before, it'll almost certainly not be on Mondays, because they became one of the more annoying days to fit a match into.

RP DM - Seize The Horny (yes, this is just because it sounds like Carpe Diem 五): Speaking of messages, I just thought I'd let folks that I'm more than happy to do some RP in DMs, so long as the "character" (it felt weird to say character without some sort of quotes considering some are playing as themselves! :P) is female. Just keep in mind, I will have my limits there too.

Limits: Pain for pain's sake. Spanking with hand, biting/nibbling and pinching are all fine. The line can be a difficult thing to define, but if you're bringing in tools to cause pain - paddles, clamps etc - then it is probably too much. It - and some other stuff tagged as kinks are to give the widest range possible for LWR, which I've found doesn't tend to go beyond my limits. Then stuff like bodily fluids that aren't cum (blood, shit, piss).

Rules (if we have a match and you want to have a 'rule' on the line, then I'm game! I'm just not the best with coming up with them sometimes Anyway, any rules given to me shall be here):

After struggling in shackles while bondage wrestling with Cammy, any time I get stuck in the ropes, I must roll to try and free myself with only a 6 earning my freedom. In addition, since she made me cum so hard, I must also roll a D100 whenever I am subject to a cum test. If I roll less than my current pleasure I must cum. These rules will last until I manage to resist three such cum tests. (0/3) Since Cammy is no longer on EF, I've put this rule to rest for now.


An LWR Champion!

Melted 'the unmeltable'. 休

Lit up the Lady of Light, completely dominating her with my fingers and tongue, taking those priceless undergarments of hers as a trophy.

After a certain little slut got a totally lucky win first time out, I've made sure she knows who her Goddess is by making her cum in all manner of ways in our next two matches. I'm sure, one that talented tongue of hers has finished licked her wounds - and other places - she'll be back to try again, but I'll just make sure her bell gets rung over and over again...

The 'Peg Legged Mistress' of Lojack, who I conquered with my pussy. She shall serve me until she gathers six pairs of panties from her triumphs in the LWR ring. Try not to make it too easy for her, ladies Update: she accomplished this goal in style, so the shoe is on the other foot - or panty in the other face - for the moment, at least...


Bot win/loss record (tracking after a lost bet with the Bot Bimbo, Lilith.: 4/3 (including 0-100 loss, in my first bot match following the bet )

Formerly the personal fucktoy pussy slave of Jeanne after she made me cum over...and over...AND over again in the ring. She has made me cum in all manner of ways from dominating me via scissoring, using her terrific tongue to send me into raptures while I laid on the top rope, and by fucking me silly with a dildo. Her most impressive way of making me cum however was where she didn't even need to use her body to defeat me, turning a situation where I was dominating her and flipping it with just mere words, luring me to rub myself so hard I squirted to my doom. I've finally managed to triumph over my M-former Mistress, but this shall remain here as a reminder of what can happen.

Miss Weiss Schnee turned me into her own personal water fountain, making me squirt over and over...and over again, whether it was with her fantastic fingers rubbing my pussy, her ice blue strappy pounding my slutty ass, or using a vibe while I tried to clean up my mess, she knows exactly what to do to make me squirt for her. 喫喫

Amanda is my superior...Even when I got her real close, but I couldn't help but give in to my sluttier side, such was the extent of her power over me. She dominated my entire body, making me squirt by fucking me silly in both my pussy and ass. She is a kind miss too, showering me with pets and cuddles if and when I need them and treated me how she knows I enjoy being treated...she will be my superior until I can triumph over her...if I can...

Twinkle earned a spot here by tricking me into saying yes...but it means nothing...I still reign supreme on the mat...right? ...Or maybe not... rubs at needy butt 喫喫

LWR Champion!

Taking the title from Jeanne in a hard fought match, I'm eager to see how my first reign will go~!

Answer: Not well! Well, the match itself was great, but the result was not what I hoped for. It even started out so well too, as I managed to make her cum first, and hard with some fingering. But then she managed to get me back without response by licking my pussy and then by pounding my booty hard.

But many congrats to the new champ, Amanda. Maybe I'll hold the gold again some other time~

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