Akane (Transgender) (Level 4) block star_border mail warning

The Merchant let me cum after edging me for 10 days <3

Heya there~
I'm just your regular super subby futa (expect me to stick to hentai games!)
I have a lot more fun following orders than I do giving them, but I'm all about service in the end. If you have a good time, I have a good time!

I enjoy RPing my games, but am still kinda new to it, so I might not be that good. I like being treated as a woman (or futa), so please treat me this way in and out of RP!

Being bad in front of other people makes me squirm, so I like public games, but private games are just as fun!

Feel free to ask me about bets/IRL stuff ;)
(May be willing to temporarily become your perfectly obedient toy)

BDSM test!
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Rope bunny
98% Voyeur
97% Submissive
82% Experimentalist
82% Exhibitionist
79% Degradee
72% Masochist
68% Non-monogamist
56% Slave
45% Rigger
44% Primal (Prey)
40% Brat
36% Vanilla
34% Switch
31% Sadist


Really into sub (duh), bondage if I have rope nearby, light cbt, and liking hypnosis more and more 😖😵🥴
If you're really into a kink and I dont have it on my profile, ask me and I can maybe add it!


Vibrators, dildo, Lovense ;)
Clothespins, small rope/string and gag available on request~

Current Bodywriting:

The word "whore" is written across my crotch in pink, with the O around my dick for Alexi ><

Pic drawn by doujin artist Binto <3

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Vibrator, Anal plug, Dildo, Nipple clamps, Prostate Massager, Shoelace


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