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I'm a guy, cross gendering as a girl.


Hey. I'm Alexi, marathon runner, judo practitioner, and now amateur wrestler.

No matter what I set my mind to, I have always either been the best or become the best. Wrestling will be no exception.

If you choose to face off against me, be ready for a tough fight. I'll throw you around the ring, stretch out your back and arms until you're sore and tired, and finally pin you down to the mat, where I can start to have my fun with you ~

I generally seem cold and distant, but I get excited at the idea of completely dominating an opponent... or being dominated myself ~


So, are you going to keep staring then, or are we going to fight?

Alexi undressing


Alexi's cold demeanor appears to be her only personality trait, besides a confidence in her training. However, at the beginning of a match, her dismissive attitude seems to transform into a laser-sharp focus, with Alexi putting her mind to getting any advantage she can in the opening few rounds of the fight. As the fight proceeds, Alexi will appear to enjoy herself more and more, taking as much delight in testing her wrestling abilities against another, as well as a slight excitement in what comes after the match is over.

Alexi is a blue-eyed tall woman with long black hair. Her muscles are well toned after years of athletics, and she makes no significant effort to hide her body, often wearing a sports bra and shorts to her matches. She appears to be college-aged, though won't answer any direct questions about how old she is. Alexi is 5'7 (1,71m) and 154 lbs (69.8 kg), with D-cup boobs.

Alexi in sportswear

Important Information

Alexi relaxing after a match

Match History

After a vicious back and forth match, Hinata Hyuga, the Shy Deviant, was able to score her victory over Alexi

A close match with many orgasms, Tigresa was able to mark her victory over Alexi, leaving her exhausted form humiliated and drained against the mat

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