Alexi Ng (Level 9) mail warning

I'm a guy, cross gendering as a girl.


Hey. I'm Alexi, marathon runner, judo practitioner, and now amateur wrestler.

No matter what I set my mind to, I have always either been the best or become the best. Wrestling will be no exception.

If you choose to face off against me, be ready for a tough fight. I'll throw you around the ring, stretch out your back and arms until you're sore and tired, and finally pin you down to the mat, where I can start to have my fun with you ~

I generally seem cold, but I get excited at the idea of completely dominating an opponent... or being dominated myself ~


So, are you going to keep staring then, or are we going to fight?

Alexi undressing


Alexi's cold demeanor appears to be her only personality trait, besides a confidence in her training. However, at the beginning of a match, her dismissive attitude seems to transform into a laser-sharp focus, with Alexi putting her mind to getting any advantage she can in the opening few rounds of the fight. As the fight proceeds, Alexi will appear to enjoy herself more and more, taking as much delight in testing her wrestling abilities against another, as well as a slight excitement in what comes after the match is over.

Alexi is a blue-eyed tall woman with long black hair. Her muscles are well toned after years of athletics, and she makes no significant effort to hide her body, often wearing a sports bra and shorts to her matches. She appears to be college-aged, though won't answer any direct questions about how old she is. Alexi is 5'7 (1,71m) and 154 lbs (69.8 kg), with C-cup boobs.

Currently Lizae's toy is written across Alexi's under arm.

Alexi in sportswear

Important Information

Alexi relaxing after a match

Match History

After a vicious back and forth match, Hinata Hyuga, the Shy Deviant, was able to score her victory over Alexi

A close match with many orgasms, Tigresa was able to mark her victory over Alexi, leaving her exhausted form humiliated and drained against the mat

Despite my confidence, Ariana was able to make me submit to her. Now I belong to her for the next week (23/06/2021).

Sweet Charlotte challenged me for my bra, hoping she'd be able to wrestle away a win. Unfortunately for her, I won instead, earning myself her lovely light blue bra with frills, as well as a bit more punishment for her. (profile deleted)

I made a bet with Lillith over a bot game. For the next hentai game I play then, I had to select the oral option whenever I got it. I finished this off in a later game, but would love to make another bet some time.

Poor Jane had her first lesbian wrestling match against me. Needless to say, I drained the rookie using mouth, and used her defeated defeated body for my pleasure. I left Jane a hickey along her neck, reminding her about the lost. Maybe she'll find the courage to challenge me again.

In the end Jane did get her revenge, making me cum twice and leaving some hickeys along my neck, so I'd remember that she was the dominant one now.

I thought that Toki would be an easy rookie fight to win. But this rookie was able to turn the tables on me, making me cum from my ass and pussy in a humiliating loss in front of a big audience. After she schooled me in the ring, Toki left my pathetic and exhausted body for the audience to use, driving me to cum again. (profile deleted)

Following a hiatus, my first challenge was against Lizae, who said she'd give me a better fight than the bots. This was true, as she beat my body, kept me pinned, and had her way with my pussy while I was too exhausted to resist. Eventually, she brought me to a squirting orgasm with her fingers, ending the match with a single orgasm. I had to write her name across my underarm for two weeks, but I'll have my revenge in the rematch!


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