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Slowly dipping my toes back in. Still no IRL unless I know you very well.


About Me

This profile is combining RP and IRL aspects, and split into according sections, although there is overlap, like kinks and interests. I am usually doing somewhat of a partial RP in competitive and public chats, and while many things might be accurate for the person behind this profile, so some facts, statements and interactions might be role play, nothing more. It really depends on the type of interaction, and I can enjoy

Hi everyone! I am a very kinky individual, and in my late twenties. After having become filthy rich with my tech company VISION, I took up residence in EF City together with my assistant Lucy to live out my kinks and fantasies, and hopefully meet like-minded people. This is not limited to people interested to play, as I am keen on exchanging experiences or even on other common interests.

What I'm Interested In

Open to playing with cis and trans girls and generally more flexible with my sexuality than the few check-boxes on this site allow. While I am usually and by default dominant, I am a switch and can get submissive if a person pushes the right buttons. The settings above, both for sexual orientation and role, are mainly game settings, and thus are subject to changes and might not fully reflect my preferences. Please keep in mind that this goes both ways, so even if you can join me with my current settings I might not be interested. For example chastity and sissification (especially when used as a tool for humiliation) are major turn-offs for me, so if your profile is centered around either we are simply not a good match.

I primarily like to play Classic, Love and the IRL modes, as well as RP in DMs. The other modes are fun as well though, and I'd be open to play them or even make more fitting alts. TWR is fun for competitive, but not something I like to do super detailed RP in. Regarding public games, I love my competitive games with an audience, for RP it depends on the context, and IRL games are best held in private in my opinion.

While I definitely do enjoy more vanilla or even affectionate things from time to time, my main interest is on the kinkier side, especially BDSM. That doesn't mean at all that stuff is limited to this, because generally, I am a very open minded person and surely an experimentalist as well, so hit me up no matter if you are looking to play some interactive/IRL games, have a competitive match with lots of smack talk, someone to try your new RP idea, or just chat about kinks. This also goes for stuff not mentioned on here. So far, I played the part of dom in most games I took part in, and even though I prefer it, some variety is important to me, so by any means hit me up in case you would be open to take this role in a shared session.

My kinklist, as well as the results of the BDSM-Test, can be found below. I am also trying to create a more visually appealing kink list, which I have created an extra profile for, so this one will not be overloaded with images. Oh, and one last thing: Please no silent matches. Might as well play bots then.

RP / Competitive Section

Competitive Sexfights

I love a good competitive sexfight. A struggle for domination, a back and forth of who's in control is something I really enjoy, and also a thing that goes well with my nature as a switch. Still happy to play full doms and subs in competitive matches, as long as they are, well, competitive, and don't lose on purpose (or expect me to lose on purpose).

I love the bondage dice rules in classic (roll a d6, get free on a 5 or 6, otherwise skip your turn or use an action that is defensible in bondage like "Squirm in your ties", and retry the roll next turn), especially without a turn limit. Same goes for hypno (with the possible addition that the hypnotizer chooses the action of the hypnotized person), although I don't always have the kink enabled since I have a bit of a hard time with the absurdity of it.

Other rules can be fun, but if they get excessive, they can take away too much fun of the game, so while I like bets, I might not always be up for one with that kind of stake. This also goes for profile changes and similar stuff.

I don't like playing games with opponents who have a very one-sided configuration of kinks, or combinations that are just "meta". While I like my games competitive, fun will always be my highest priority. As such, I will pick non-optimal actions if I think they suit the current mood, RP or flow of the game better.

Speaking of RP, I think a good game should always at least contain some dirty talk or smack talk, and light to medium RP is even better. Also, I think competitive games are most fun when they are public, with an active audience chat!


As stated above, I really like competition and RP in my games, but I am happy to have non-competitive games for the sake of a good roleplay, or some schedule-friendly extended RP in DMs, where we both give long, detailed answers whenever we find the time. With a suitable and consenting partner, I am happy to venture into some much kinkier areas in private ones compared to public RPs. Communication is still key though, and I will insist on both of us making sure the RP goes into a direction we are both ok with.

Oh, and especially for games: Moaning alone does absolutely not qualify as RP.

Some RP ideas

Own ideas always welcome.

IRL Section

Me as a partner for interactive games

In interactive games, I usually take the role of the dom, but am very open to try out the other side as well. While I sometimes like to include the ingame actions, in my experience, it is most fun to mainly use the chat to give and receive instructions, so the mode doesn't matter to much to me. I like to include beats, timers and other features available via chat commands in the sessions.

My style as a dom is flexible. I can be very gentle and caring, but also quite mean and even sadistic, and switch between the two styles quite fluently. In any case though, I will do my best to make sure you are cared for and safe, actually I have received the compliment that I make my subs feel that way quite a few times, and it's one of the highest I could have received in my opinion. Hence, to see my really mean side, I will need to know you and your limits at least a bit, or at least have trust in your ability and willingness to recognize your own limits and communicate accordingly. I love to tame bratty subs, and think brattiness is a great means of communication, to show whether you want me to be meaner or nicer, and that without even breaking character or the flow of the session.

Again, good communication is key, and this is even more important for IRL play. There are lots of nice blogposts on this site detailing why, so please check them out if you have any doubts. People who's usage of the chat in IRL games is limited to "Yes Sir" are the equivalent to the RP/competitive people who think moaning qualifies as RP.

Some etiquette for IRL games


  1. Communicate openly: This includes many things, your likes, limits and today's preferences, but also how you're feeling. Checking in is super important, and depends on communication for online play.
  2. Common interests: Our kinks should at least have some overlap to both get something out of the session.
  3. Mutual care: Take care of each other and be mindful of each other's needs. A good example to show you care would be to write me "super random code word" to show me you read this.
  4. Feedback on tasks: Tell your partner if tasks are done, announce edges. No one likes asking for every bit of info.
  5. Aftercare: It doesn't have to be long or super extensive, but it really helps both of us to get out of our respective headspaces and also feel valued by each other.

Nice to haves

  1. An informative profile: Not a must in any way, but being able to read about your kinks, limits and toys make things way nicer and saves a lot of questions.
  2. Taking our time: I love longer sessions, and like you to cum multiple times. So while not mandatory it is certainly appreciated.
  3. Repetition: Games only get better the more we know each other, so it will definitely be more fun if we have more than one session together if the first one goes well.
  4. Be bratty: It's cool if that's just not your style, but if it is, it's a nice way to communicate if you want things to get more intense or slow down, and fully inside your role.
  5. Let me know how you are: Messages afterwards how you liked it, things your would like to try or just how you are feeling after things had time to cool down are greatly appreciated.


  1. Be dishonest: Be it about your interests (which really helps none of us), your intentions or even who you are, this can be harmful in quite a few ways.
  2. Just cum and leave: There's nothing making the other person feel worse than "Thx for getting me off, bye". Same goes for other things that make the other person feel used.
  3. Just leave in the middle: Just rude. Even if something urgent comes up or you think I killed the mood with something or am just an awful partner altogether, please let me know, at the very least afterwards when you have time again.
  4. Top from the bottom: I always plan abd aim to make things as enjoyable as possible, include your kinks, and in addition I am always open for requests. There's no need to try to micromanage me dominating you exactly like you want, in that case, kindly go dom yourself.
  5. Use me as a dom on demand: Tired of subs being demanding when horny and ignoring me when not. I'm not a fucking instruction/task/JOI robot.

Some ideas for IRL fun:

Kinky Section


This list assumes all listed kinks are done responsibly and with full consent. Things involving persons or living beings unable to consent are not included and should be considered a limit.

- Causing others to enjoy themselves
- Bondage
- Bratty Subs
- Pain
- Nipple and Breast Play
- Spanking (giving)
- Edging, Forced Orgasms, Post Orgasm Stimulation
- Teasing, Dirty Talk, Mocking

- Tickling
- most BDSM stuff not listed elsewhere

- Feet on body/genitals
- Chastity
- Verbal Degradation
- Cuckolding (giving)
- Denial

- Sissification
- Cuckolding (receiving) - this is a trigger if done without consent
- Extreme Degradation/Hate Speech
- Permanent Harm/Consequences
- Sending IRL Pictures
- Scat

Everything not listed in limits would be something I'm at least open about being asked (keep in mind there might be limits I do not know about yet, I'll be nice about it, but please be as well), also, since I really care about the enjoyment of others, I am usually happy to include stuff you like, even if it doesn't do much for me.

In addition to the list above, I have created a visual kinklist in which I collected some gifs I enjoy and think display some of my kinks well, so be sure to check it out! If you like what you see, we definitely have some common interests.

In general I think the Code of Conduct does a great job with filtering out common limits, but I should add that while for example some ears or a tail can be quite cute, features beyond step one on this scale are really not my thing.


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Brat tamer
100% Switch
100% Rigger
93% Rope bunny
91% Dominant
90% Brat
83% Sadist
74% Experimentalist
66% Submissive
56% Master/Mistress
52% Masochist
45% Primal (Hunter)
36% Degrader
31% Owner
30% Degradee
29% Vanilla
24% Non-monogamist
23% Primal (Prey)
14% Voyeur
11% Daddy/Mommy
6% Slave
3% Exhibitionist
2% Pet
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer

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