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Crossgender character. Only for roleplay

On a note in the diary there is the phrase "Belle completely dominated me and made me her plaything in the ring. I’m her little submissive loser now". It looks like it has been written by an angry hand

Dear Diary
I don't know if writing this is a good idea, but I need someone to talk and, since I trust no one but me, this is the only solution I was able to find. This, or start to talking to myself like a crazy. Better not.
So, Diary, where should I start? Maybe from my childhood? People thinks that being born in a noble and rich family as I am is a gift. They don't know the truth. My brother Romantic, may the Hell burn soon his damned soul, was the firstborn, the heir of the family: he had right upon everything and my parents raised him with the idea that he was special and he will have had a great destiny to fulfill. No surprise he become such an arrogant fool. And me? What did my parents and the others member of the family give me? Nothing. They wanted to raise me like a "lady", a mindless doll who will have been keep company at the parties to their beloved heir. A cute virgin to show to other families, waiting for the best chance to sell me like a cow. And they even thought that I liked all of this. That I was happy about it.
I was eleven when I decided that I will have never played their game. They wanted a doll? They will have had a porcelain doll full of snakes. They teached me singing, I learned how to lie. They teached me dance, I learned how to move my body to express sensuality and elegance at the same time. They teached me how to be a "good girl", I learned how to behave as one, in order to hide my truly self. _
When I understood that my education wass less deep than Romantic ones, I started to stole books. I read them any nights, in order to know things that a doll should never know. I bet I am twice smarter than Romantic now. At least.
And I learned other... skills. How to please a man or a woman in order to make them my slaves. Or to make them become crazy. Keeping in my hand a broken heart is one of the best sensation that I can think about and I have become great to break them.
I made marriages fail, corrupted young boy and older lady and taken chaos and pain to everyone. I did it because it gave me power and because It made me feel good. I had the skills to di it and I had the hate and when I saw the bettothed of my brother, I found even a goal to fulfill. I seduced her, made love to her and I do so that Romantic found us naked in bed. The desperation that I saw in his eyes that time is still today one of my best memories... as good as the fear that I felt in him when I told him that I will have taken everything from him and that the goal of my life was to make him die alone.
Many yearsa have passed sinc e that day and our war is still ongoing. I win some battles, he wins others, but I am sure that I will be the one who will triumph in the end.
You will die alone, Romantic. and I will laught on your cold, broken grave.

Christine is the little sister of Romantic. A young, pale woman, with a delicate body and a shy behaviour. But... what she hide behind her appearance?
She shares with Romantic an incredible sexual appetite and the loving for sexual competition. But, while Romantic is correct and polite, his sister use her timid and apparently submissive appearence to lure into trap her opponents, who understand this only when is too late...

A dom desguise as a sub.
A devil desguise as an angel.
A kinky bratty desguise as a shy virgin.

Christine and Romantic barely tolerate eachothers. Romantic thinks his sister as a coward, while she thinks him as a weak fool. This is why Christine hunts anyone she feels near her brother. Breaking his friends and making the women he likes submit fills her of twisted joy.

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Now that you are both naked, it's clear who has the better equipment for this fight. You use this advantage to scare and impress your opponent. Impress your opponent with bigger cock You gently move her head and kiss her neck. You start to suck and bite it, making her shiver under your attack. She will be soon full of your marks... Give her hickeys After the orgasm, you both hug each other and rest. The time for sexfighting is over, now it's the moment of love. A night to remember... You need to stay dominant, or this battle is over! You push her onto the bed and give her a wild pounding, fucking her with all the strength you have left. You spread her legs and thrust your cock inside her, back and forth, at max speed. It's all or nothing! Wild missionary attack! (Risky) Your last attack proves too much for him. He moans helplessly and spurts all his cum. You look at him with a mocking gaze. Were you too much to handle, or is he weaker than he looks? Premature bursting You mount him and rub your cock on his. You smirk as you feel it throbbing and see the precum leaking out of the tip. Your opponent blushes and lets out a moan... he is cute, after all! Frottage You slam your boobs against her, crushing her little chest under your might. There is no way her pathetic rack can resist your attack! Impress her with bigger boobs She is using a lot of magic to face you, but you know how to strike back. With the power of technology, you call an advanced sex-bot, that starts to pound her with the strength of ten men! Call for robotic help You smile at them, blushing a little. Why fight when you can just make them surrender to your cuteness? Cute femboy teasing You feel her cumming, so you hug her and take care of her pleasure, whispering sweet things into her ears. Post orgasm caretaking

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