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Full name: Drake Dracula (Dragon son of dragon, the dragon half, or Dradra to the friends XD)

Essential RP info

He is a proud young beast boy that might act cocky at the start, but he is actually a honorable shy himbo, and one easy to get nervous, specially if you mock of him. This makes him easy to trick, as he will do almost anything to prove you wrong.
He is an enough inteligent creature, tho he could be consider a little dumb, but if over heat, his insticts may over do his will, in this state, he is pretty dangerous, as he only cares about breeding, which for normal people can be mortaly rough. If he snaps out, he will apologize for enything he might have done, and in case that he hurted his partner, he will lick the wounds, cuz dragon saliva has healing properties. He can be pretty docile after this, as he will feel really ashame if he hurts his partner.

I'm also part of Scarlet's brothel cast, just that my services a quite... unique. I work together with my girl Ann (She is incredible at RP), and together we offer threesomes, so feel free to ask if you want to prove our service ;)

Languages I can play with: (English & Spanish)
Profile Pic: The author name (Or nickname) is Decko


Here is a List of extra things I usually play with, we can ignore those that you don't like
-Tail: It is a pretty useful tool, being capable of work as a dildo, as well as a third, and stronger, hand. It is also pretty sensitive, so ask him first if you will do something with it, don't be mean, =(.

-Claws: Retractile claws that can rip the opponent's clothing.

-Strength: He is pretty strong thanks to his beast side, but usually he doesn't make much use of this as long as he control his body.

-Fire spit: When he moans, is probably that he spits some fire, as he can't control completely his body, he can also turn a flame in his insade, to warm his chest.

-Tounge: He has a pretty long tounge... just that.

-Wings: He usually don't make that much use of them, he can glide and fly while carring someone, they are also a pretty sensitive part.

-Horns: Two pair of horns over his head, is not a trait much used, but is fun to remember when he puts his head close to his partner's chest

-Fangs: A strong mouth, I might bite your hair and pull it with it, and not only that, I can shoot a special venom out of it, a strong aphrodisiac out of it, perfect if you like bites...

Eyes: Two charming eyes... that can... make you do what I want... Those hypnotic lamia eyes can control you if you stare at them too long.


A small resume of my favorite matches
After failing to fright Lady Clara, she showed me how the best mate could be, all tho she don't want to recognize it. She also teached me that human females need to be fertilized everyday, or they burn.
After a competition with Lil' Kitty, she showed that nekos are superior to dragons, being now my lil' queen, but she still wished be part of my treasure. After a time, I wanted to challenge my Lil' Queeny again, but this time, to be worthy of being her king.
I founded the cutiest thing I could spot, and as any dragon would, I get close. I had a lovely night with Miss Elena, and learned a lot about the human world, like that females wear clothes to trap their essence in juices between their legs, and attract mates with it.
One night I approached a girl who took me to her house, she called herself Trisha and made me think she was another dragon using a spell, once she change her form again, I thought she was a bounty hunter. I enter in panic and tried to escape, and to show me she meant no harm, she blocked her own magic with a magic rope and pot her self in bondage. When she was put herself in the bondage she transformed into a succubus and told her title "Trisha member of the 7 deadly sins and leader of the succubus army". She says that she will help me be able to enter in villages like a normal human using magic, and also teach me about hybrid offspring.

Ann's special spot.

Since Anna is the best roleplayer I know here, all games with her are memorable.

Story Lines (Those are RP where the story continues on more than one game)
-The Perfect Match
Soul bounded with Princess Anna, I have a heart tattoo in the chest made by her, and now we are waiting for twins. She says she isn't a dragon, but a succubus instead, I am still not sure, she has horns, wings and a tail, just like me. After and accident on one expedition, now I always travel with her.
-Sabers & Scales
After flying to the jungle, as all mating seasons, I had the same luck as the rest, and couldn't find another dragon, I stoped on a river to rest, but this just made me be the accidental prey of a hungry saber tooth neko, I thought they were extinct, but knowing that there was still one alive, I tried to hunt her so she couldn't manace my future offspring. After Making imposible for her to run, I force her to fight, to honor the end of her species, she was really tough and almost ended me, but I catch her with my tail, and before ending her, she talked me about the fact that were both the last of our kind, and also both are in mating seaso... I-I felt flattered... but she can't know that. I accepted her propocition, and we decided to save both kinds together. I did as possible as I could once I got her to her den to heal her wounds, but we also were over did by our heat and her cuteness... (Don't tell her), and now we wait for our first litter.

One-Shots (Those RP only have had one game)
-The bounty
Since I stealed tons of food from a town, they sended a 5'2 bounty hunter to take down a 6'1 dragon. After a long fight, she manage to paralize me with a poison dart, and instead of slaying me, she helped me, I accepted her help, with th condition of knowing her name. She told me she calls herself Anna, in gratitude, I became her most loyal servant, and lover.
-Dragon Vs Kobold
After inviding a cool cave, I started a sexfight with a small kobold gal for the ownership of the cave, while also being the master of the loser. I was sure of my victory at the start, but fastly I got nervous when discover how fierce the little kobold could be. I ended up winning by mesmerize her with my eyes, but instead of doming her, I wanted to love and know her, after discovering how strong... and cute, she could be.
-Tasty Gems
Sended as part of a ritual to gain my magic powers, I was ment to hunt a golem and eat its gems, but I was too afraid of what could the golem be capable of,until I discovered that she was as afraid as I, we easly became friends when we discover the true nature of each other, she told me that her born name was Ruby, but she likes to call herself Anna. After playing in a little lake on her cave, she decided to gift me with one of her fallen crystals, I told her that she basically had made my life, and that I would do anything she told me... then... she revealed... that she actually wanted me as her husband... thing that I also wanted. We made sure that she got pregnant, and now we are going to create our new kind of golems and dragons.


Yeah, I gived a sex roleplay character a backstory because, why not?

Once upon a time, a pirate ship commanded by a lamia, captured a huge dragon, it was hard to make him stop fighting, but at some point he just didn't had enough energy to keep resisting, knowing that he might be sold in pieces if he didn't escape, he changed his strategy, trying now to seduce the captain.
After some weeks of flirting and talking in the middle of the sea, he manage to take the snake lady's heart, but impressively, so did the lamia with the dragon. Once the captain granted the dragon's freedom, he decided to became the most useful member of the crew, making them an serious threat. (Cuz no one can fight a frigate that flies)

Time passed, and a surprise appeared, an egg, the captain and her dragon could see the egg hatch, and see a curious being get out, he had a tail like his mother, but also legs, and scales around his body like his father, but only complitely covered his legs and arms, this freak of nature was named Drake, chosen by his mother because he had the scales of his father.
He grew up to became another pirate of the frigate, but he was pretty protected by his parents, they maked sure he knew to protect himself, but didn't let him abandon the ship that often, and how to grow with his hybrid nature. His father was the most persistent on teaching him about how things were when you are a dragon.
Sadly, being great in their job, made this pirate frigate a enemy for a lot of powerful people, and in one of those conflicts, the brigade of a kingdom manage to ambush them, making impossible for them to escape... unless...
The dragon fought a lot of ships, all to give the pirates that onces tried to sell him, an opportunity to escape. Is unknown his destiny, but with all the uses that a dragon's body have, is not probably that he is still alive.
This devastating event afected strongly Drake, but not as much as his mother, making this frigates lose in months the power they once had. The discontent in the crew grow, and one night, a monity striked. Drake was tied up and throwed to the sea.

He awake in the coast of a unknown continent, and never again manage to get the track back of his mother's frigate.
Now alone, he wanders around this unknown land, go from town to town, but every time, the same happens, it appears in this land dragons are fear and hate, this express by sending bounty hunters after Drake, even if he left the town months ago.
This made him develop an shy and easy scary personality, as he never found interest on hurting others.
He learned things of this place by spying from the distance towns and their people, but never had a properly education.

He now in mating season, tries from time to time to hit on some women, only knowing what women found attractive by what his father teach him, which is complicated to him cuz is the exactly opposite of his nature. He always gets too nervous and run away, making him notice more his loneliness, being his only friend his tail, cleverly named "tail".

This is a RP centered account, if you don't like the character, here are other options.
(M)Xolo, The First Drake
(F) Sticky, The fearsome stalker
(F) Comet, The Math Dragon
(M)Piscis, The Fake Drake

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