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(09/03/22: Okay... where do I even begin at this point.. So, probably noticed that I haven't been on nearly at all within the past week. Lots has been happening in my personal life. If you've messaged me during the time I've been away, I am so sorry I haven't been on to respond! I've got vacation time all of next week [starting on the 4th] so I'll be around more then. After that.. well, fingers crossed~)

Hi there!

I'm 28, super, super big into RP right now! I'm up for all kinds of games, and you don't need to worry about being gentle. Don't really care about being a Dom or a sub, just want to have fun! Also sorry if I don't respond to your dm's right away, I'm not always able to check/reply so please don't take it personally!

Big no no's are probably any bodily harm, and anything just like super gross. Some pain is fine just don't overdo it x)

Now I'm happily Maddie's personal pamperer, willing to cater to her needs of hugs and cuddles, but mostly I'm here to help relieve her of any pent up stress and anger that she has. In any way she wants~ A happy Maddie is a happy Destiny 😘

Ah Day.. I don't remember how exactly we met, but let's just say I'm very thankful when I did. Apart from her ridiculously bad puns, she's an absolute joy and pleasure to be around. We live together in the same apartment, though I don't really know who owns it at this point, constantly flirting with each other and bringing home other people to have fun with. Who knows, play your cards right and you might find yourself in the luckiest place on EF... tied to our bed while we do our thing~

I stepped into the ring with Tanya thinking despite her being a wrestling champion that I'd be able to beat her easily. But even after making her cum first she immediately proved me wrong. First she immediately made me cum with her tongue on the turnbuckle and fucked me into submission with her strap-on repeatedly until I was a quivering, squirting mess. To add insult to injury, she tied me up and proceeded to fuck me in front of the audience which was both humiliating and fucking hot. For the second time I was a squirting mess on her strap-on, utterly defeated. In our rematch, it was another close affair. She had me in the beginning, and at times I thought she was going to humiliate and defeat me once again, but thankfully I was the one who came out on top this time. To 'celebrate' I brought her back to my place and, well, if you want the details why don't you ask her all about it. 😘

Where do I even begin with Kira.. I've heard bits and pieces from people, about pink hair and the growing number of people that I knew she'd 'won' so to speak. Even Day with a new look came back and couldn't stop gushing over her. So, when she surprised me by coming over out of thin air I got to experience what it was like for myself. After putting up a bit of resistance, I eventually cracked, happily caving to what I truly wanted... to be another good girl for her. I just can't for all the fun the three of us will get up in the future.

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Time to show them who's in charge here. You wrap your thighs around her head and start to squeeze, making it harder for her to breathe. You bet a small part of them actually enjoys being crushed by your thighs. Choked by Thighs