Naotsume (Level 10) mail warning


This account is a cross gendering player, if you are not comfortable with that, don't DM me!

I'm not giving any femdom or interactive session with this account

Nao is mostly a sweet dom or a wild switch, she will play for your cum, and your submission under her hands.
But she's not into being called Mistress, or Miss, Princess, or whatever, her name is enough !
She can share with you a passionate moment too, if you know which button to press...

But never dare to treat her as a sub... that could be the last time you do it.

Real Warning

Please, never call Nao a slut, or try to humiliate her.
It's really not something she appreciate.
She can be really soft, but she's a free and wild Kitsune, not your pet or your cum slut!
I'm really serious, it's a real turn off.
If you decide to not consider this, I'll may finish our match without doing any roleplay, or just leaving it.

Nao is Evilthorn's sister!

In the past, Nao and her brother fusionned their souls.
When one of them is awake, the other is sleeping, deep inside their mind...
But they're not sharing the same body! It's only about spirit!
Don't try to understand it, it's Kitsune's magic~

Naotsume is a... curious Kitsune girl, a bit naive... but also really playful.

Once her prey is in her hands... he has no chance to escape... until she finish to play with him~

Her hands... or something else~

Her legs wearing long tights... her cute feet... her skilled hand... her wet mouth... or even her little chest... or her soft fluffy tail~
She know perfectly how to use all the weapons she has to make a man squirm in pleasure

But if you manage to push her buttons, she will be overwhelmed by her instincts... and just wanting to mate with you relentlessly...
But it could be dangerous for you to do this... unless you are sure to be able to handle a Kitsune in heat~

She entered in the empire of Imperator Maxime Andre, and started making a mess...
Until the imperator himself came to stop her... but she was too kinky for him, and he didn't succeed, ends up by being drained by the cute kitsune he tried to tame...
But she liked him ! And she decided to follow him and to stay in his empire !

She met Romantic in a will to take to him the title. But despites all her charms, she wasn't able to conquer his heart and make him fall into her passion.
After her defeat, she started her training as a maid in his mansion.

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Knowing they won't be able to resist, you show your opponent your beautiful feet. Foot Show You got him, and watch him cum all over your hands, before sucking and cleaning his cock, tasting his tasty semen! Milked in her hands You launch a kick into his balls, feeling them crush under your foot. Kick Balls She could not endure your feet, causing her to explode and shoot cum all over herself! Denki Anma You punch her balls hard while holding them with the other hand! Punch her balls You feel his cock twitch between your soft socks as you give him a footjob. Sockjob He couldn't handle it anymore! As you rub your foot on his cock, you watch as he melts in pleasure before making a mess in his boxers. Cum in your underwear You launch a kick into her balls, feeling them crush under your foot. Is she really going to cum from that? Kick Balls Unable to escape your hold or endure your feet, he cums all over the ring. Orgasm on the mat! Cum from her feet! He tried to attack you with a friend? Alright, let's make them pay for their foolish try~ Team Tag Counter (Special)

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