Kara Sterling (Transgender) (Level 7) mail warning

Hiya! This is Kara! Looking for short games and dirty talk!

Full disclaimer: I am a guy IRL. This is just a character. I can do Futa too.

Hello everyone I am Kara Sterling! Nice of you to come around here to know more about me, I'll keep this quick:

I am a massive switch who loves to fight rough! I am sure your enthusiasm and energy will sweep me off my feet ;)

I really appreciate it when people are real with me and are not afraid to admit how they are feeling or what they are doing while fighting me- I love genuine honesty, interest and enthusiasm <3.. those are my 3 biggest kinks I guess haha. I am not online a lot but if you know me and see me online, drop a message!

One of the first people I met here, and also the girl I fell in love with on our first fight and meetup: Andromeda Sterling. I am so happy and proud to be your wife. You bring the best out of me and I am so glad to share my life with you! It was love at first sight for us and I always wear 2 wedding rings, because we both bought a pair for each other! She's the kindest, sweetest and the most caring person I know. She is irreplaceable to me. I hope we stay together forever and keep fighting all the time~

My stats: 175cm (5ft 9'), 65kgs (144lbs). Former LWR champion.

(My Real Profile is here)

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