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Lesbian / Switch

FULL DISCLOSURE: I feel comfortable enough now to put this here. This account is owned by a Trans wishing to play as female. If there are any issues, feel free to message

Greetings! I am Andromeda Sterling. I have come looking for challenging new fighters to test my strength against. Many have fallen prey thinking I was just a cute face, but then they have become my toys in the end. I wish to show you my power whether in an honorable fight or in a sexfight as long as it is fun for both of us. Regardless, I respect my opponents, especially the strong who I encounter

As I said, I like to have fun and challenging matches especially with sexy girls. I'm fine with almost everything, so if you wanna try something, let me know. Apologies in advance if I'm slow to respond

4x LWR Champion
1x GOTH Champion
2x Hentai Champion

My Wife 💍

I'm so lucky to have the most amazing girl as my first love and wife Kara Sterling And I met while watching a match and we hit it off immediately. It was love at first sight. We immediately went to JOI and had some fun, ending with us dating. No more than a few days later was I on my knee for Kara, asking her to marry me, and she said yes! We had a wrestling match for our reception and the ceremony right after, conducted with the help of Lis. After getting each other a set of rings, we always wear them together as a reminder of our undying love. She is the most amazing and caring Wife out there, and I love her so much!

A Friend to Remember

Many months ago, I met a beautiful girl. Shy and cute at first, but so strong when in the ring. Her name was Brooke. After our first encounter, Brooke and I kept going at it, in LWR, Classic, Hentai, every mode, we went and had our fun together. She was the whole package and so much more. Helping me when I was down, making me laugh until I couldn't no more, and able to make me blush in so many ways. Sadly, she is no longer on this site. I miss her so much and never got to say goodbye to her. Brooke, if you ever see this, I miss you so much, and I would do anything to talk to you again. Please stay safe. I'll always think of you. Love you

My Amazing Friends!

Tanya Is an absolute goddess. Since meeting her back in 2021, she has completely stolen my heart after all our matches together. From teaming with each other in the Eropet's tournament, to some very long and fun rp matches, Tanya is just so so amazing. I've been so lucky to take and be able to talk to her as much as I have and have her support through some of my roughest times. She is the best Babe and I will cherish her until the end of time

Lily I took and ran into Lily one night in matchmaking and we took and decided to do some rp and some IRL together in LWR and boy did we click. paragraph after paragraph with eachother, not even making someone cum after 3 hours in game, eventually having to take and set up another match for when we had more time. Since then we keep having such amazing matches with eachother, pushing the other to their limits and putting on some of the best matches we can

Jenna Where to start with her. Meeting in a public room, we were soon in each others dms, wasting no time, showing just how much we cared about the other. Night after night we would cuddle and kiss and take care of each other. Then with one match in Love mode, it was clear how amazing we were together and how special our bond was. We always make sure to spend time with the other, with lots of cuddles and kisses~

Tori I found Tori one day in MM and having seen her around before, decided to have some fun with her, and boy did we get at it. Since we both love facesitting, we both shared her rule during our match, making every facesit and forced pussy eating even more fun for both of us. By the end, we both wanted more, and Tori wanted some revenge after I beat her. We had another game a few weeks later, and idk how but it was even more hectic. Hell, she almost got me to give in, but I brought it back and now 2-0 against this cutie. Hopefully we have another match soon~

Green Velcro Vanessa as one of, if not the kindest individuals I've ever met. Since talking with her, she's taken and helped me with many MANY problems, along with helping me with my mental and emotional health, which I've struggled with for many years. Vanessa holds a very special place in my heart. We've played one match together, but that match was so lovely and filled with so many emotions that I don;t think we could ever top that. She will always be one of my special lovers as I am to her, My beautiful Emerald Dove

Shirley Is by far one of the most amazing fighters and kindest souls out there. We first met while she was taking a break from matches and she wanted to get to know me. From there we spent countless nights together, chatting and teasing until we had our very first match in the 2021 Winter tournament, where she beat me in the tiebreaker to win for her team. And her beating didn't stop there, she then went on and conquered me in the LWR tournament. So strong, so beautiful, so amazing!

Jeanne Oh boy do I have a history with Jeanne. She was one of the first people I had a match with and she did not disappoint. She show me just who she was and what she was capable of. From that point on, me and her had our friendly rivalry that turned into just straight fun time every time we see each other. We even gave each other collars to wear when we are with each other to show just how close we are. Very sad that she is gone now, but I hope if she ever see's this, she knows just how much she is missed

Cerv is such a gentleman. Kind, caring, loving. He was the first person to talk to me on this wonderful site, even having the honor of having my first match here. Sure we didn't get to finish it, but the energy we had was just perfect. We eventually got together again and finished our match much later on. But that wasn't the end of our friendship. We would check on each other and tease until we finally just decided to take and keep having fun together even when not in matches. He's such a sweetheart

Noah was such a dear. We first met in random rooms when watching other matches, always chilling with each other and cuddling every now and then. One day, Noah brought me over into Love mode when it was still a beta and we had lots of fun together. That moment sparked a lasting friendship between us where we would take nights at a time to talk about our days and how we were feeling and comforting each other when they were feeling down. He is just one of the kindest people you will ever meet

Tiffany This cute blonde is absolutely perfect. The first time we fought, she was the LWR champ. She took and started the match strong and was able to make me cum once, but I turned the tide and made her a moaning mess, making her cum twice in a row and making her my slut. It wasn't long though before she wanted a rematch. We squared off once more and I dominated most of the match, keeping her pinned down, fucking her with my strap and even making her cum first. However, she took and made me think I was in control, only to take and escape and then forced me to cum for her via an anal orgasm, draining me completely and becoming her buttslut. me and her are 1-1 right now, so looking forward to out deciding match

(More profile updates coming soon!)

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