Love Inquisitor (Romantic) (Level 7) mail warning

Nobody expect the Romantic inquisition!!

Hello. This is the character of Romantic for both the Halloween Tournament and the Costume Contest. If you like it or his bio or my roleplay, vote for me for the Costume Contest.

"Hey, you! S-stop righ there!! You have been found guilty of not spreading enough love. I have proofs and witnesses of this: How do you declare yourself? Innocent? How... how dare you? Do you think I could lie? Me, the great Inquisitor of Love, the herald of the Book of Cuteness? This is it: you will be punished for this!! I will take you in my dungeons. You will be cuddled and kissed and loved until you will repent for your sins... W-wait... are you t-trying to resist me?" Take out the whip. "D-don't underestimate me just because I am cute and lovely: I will put you down using the power of love!! En gard, rascal! You will submit to me!
_You will submit to Love!!"

Europe 1291

A catholic inquisitor, whose name has been removed from every book, found a mysterius book called "Eronomicon" in a dungeon unden an abandoned abbay in the North of italy. After he had read the book, the inquisitor went crazy and left the Church, starting to worship a forgotten entity only known as "The Love". In a couple of years, the mad Inquisitor spreaded the Cult of Love all around Europe, creating many cabals with thousands of cultists. Words about this heretical religion and its blasphemous rituals (some says that the worshippers cuddled for days and days, women and man together!!) reached the Catholic Church, which launched a crusade against it. The mad inquisitor was burned as heresiarch in Lyon in the 1297, and the cult seemed to disappear, but the Eronomicon (now called "Book of Cuteness") was never found....


"So... what about the Golden Armour?"
Both Lisberth and the Emperor of Mankind do thumb down.
"Boring..." say the girl. **
**"You already did it, Kitten" say the Emperor.

Romantic sigh.
"You two are not helping at all"
"What can I say: your taste in Halloween costume is terrible"
Lisbeth giggles.
"Yeah. Just... do not dress like a The Crow again, or the poor Brandon Lee will come back from the death just to slap you in the face..."
Romantic sighs again.
"Well... we have the last costume here: the one of... an inquisitor? And there is a book too..."
Romatic opens the book and start to read it.
"Oh... another holy book of some unexisting religion, Kitten?"
The Emperor yawns. "Please: close it before it burns your brain... more than it is already burned, at least..."
"The Love is calling me..."
"I have to spread its message!" Screams Romantic, raising the book. "ALL THE WORLD WILL BE FULL OF LOVE AGAIN!!"
Romantic runs out of the room. Lisbeth and the Emperor look eachother.
"Do you think he is all right?"
"Kitten? Sure: he is always been... strange"
"Well... now he seems to be more than usual..."
"Do not worry: what damages do you think he can do? Become some sort of fanatic of a religion of love and cuteness?"
Both start to laught.

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