Anaïs the Ghost! (Level 2) mail warning

Boo! Hahaha 🤣 Don’t worry it’s just me, Anaïs! Dressed up as The world’s spookiest ghost! 😱👻

~Anaïs’ Super Spooky Halloween Costume!~

The world’s best figher is now the world’s scariest specter! Hahaha super evil laugh be careful or you might wet yourself in terror at a glimpse of my amazing ghost costume that I made all by myself! 😁👻 I’ll give you an extra special butt whoopin if you try to challenge my ghostly awesomeness and I’ll haunt your nightmares afterwards too! 😈😜

~ Anaïs’ non-spooky form!

Halloweaknesses! 👻😱

*Last Halloween Anaïs was triple dog dared to enter an abandoned mansion that was fabled to be haunted by hundreds of ghosts of those who once lived there… Some being rumored to have been monsters!!!😱

It turned out not to be true, but poor Anaïs was so scared she wet herself after the first 3 steps inside and fainted after another 3.
She’ll totally brag and act like she scared the ghosts away though ;p

Afterwards Anaïs is now convinced that during the spooky month of October she will be randomly possessed by the spirits she angered! *

Fears & Fumbles

Nothing under that sheet

Underneath Anaïs super scary Halloween costume is… nothing.😅 She believes being naked underneath her costume makes her seem weightless and floaty like a real ghost! 👻 Each time Anaïs is stripped she’ll take a moment to readjust her costume or cover up in embarrassment when she’s finally stripped!
(Loses 1 turn every time she is stripped by the opponent)


Silver the Succubus

When Anaïs is collared or spends 3+ turns bound she convinces herself she is possessed by a succubus named Silver.
Silver is a wild aggressive cock hungry slut. She actually becomes more assertive, twisting and goading her opponent to give in to their desires. (Silver can only use Foreplay moves) (Silver lasts for 5 turns)

Mira the Werewolf

Getting taken from behind is the favorite position of Mira the Werewolf, another ghost Anaïs convinced herself that she gets possessed by frequently. If you fuck Anaïs from behind 3 times Mira’s hunger will soon overwhelm her…
Mira is another fiesty and slutty ghost. She can barely speak at all only forming simple words of broken english such as “Fuck me” or “More”. It’s more likely that she’ll pant and whimper, howl, like a desperate horny little puppy. She’ll dig her nails into her opponent when she’s getting pounded well. Fucking her again in doggystyle will make her soft and docile. (Mira will only use moves that mount, ride, or pin her opponent.)
(Mira lasts for 5 turns)

Elizabeth the Vampire

You may not want to refrain from teasing Anaïs…. Or maybe you do. 💕 After a few kisses, teasing her with a fat cock, a wet quivering quim, or eating her out will end in Elizabeth being summoned if you’re not careful.❤️(3 oral attacks by the opponent summon Elizabeth)
Elizabeth is elegant, reserved, and unique… she’s not interested in your blood. She’d much rather suck some of your other fluids. 😏
(Elizabeth will only use oral attacks and cum tests)
(Elizabeth lasts 5 turns)

~~Willow the Mayor’s Daughter

If Anaïs humiliates or dominates her opponent for 3 turns Willow will take control to keep the party going

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