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A weekly show at your local night/strip club #1.2

Just because Linlin lost on stage, didn't mean she had no chance once it all moved to lockers (Context: )

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(that was sooner than expected :D )
(lemme get details in)
/remove my top
/remove my bra
/remove my pants
/remove my panties
/remove my socks
/remove their top
/remove their bra
/remove their pants
/remove their panties
/remove their socks
(and RP mode is back off)
(wait, will toss in link for context)
(good idea)
(and who shall have the honours of setting the scene?)
Last line from last time from Jeanne:
mmhmmm *slaps your ass and shoves you into the changing rooms* you better be ready for round two! *I follow behind you...*
(So I think you do the honours)
(alrighty, ready?)
(btw I do have an idea for even further RP with this club scenario)
(Oooh~ Will be willing to hear it ;) )
(when the time is right :P
(quick version, biggest loser of the staff will be tthrow into some sort of weekly thing, could be gloryholes, stocks anything like that, I'm sure you get the idea)
("staff" will vote on it, so it'll probably be the one who lost the most or something like that)
(hummm... could be a thing. I'll have to think on it a bit on my own time.)
(Haven't fully decided on just how far I go with this club)
(good good, I'll start it now)
(of course, was just an idea)
*I follow closely behind you, slamming the door behind me as we're now alone in the locker room* I'm far from done with you, slut. We both know the last half of that show wasnt acting *I smirk and strike a confident pose* I'm gonna tame that cock for the second time tonight and then I'll have you deal with this properly! *I say as I give my soaked pussy a few quick rubs, strings of wetness going from my pussy to my hand as I bring my hand away and up for a quick taste*
*As Linlin is shoved right into the room, she stumbles forward by someone's half open bag. Spotting a bottle of lube in it, she decides to yoink it, hoping its actual owner won't mind, getting off ground and walking back to Jeanne, feeling bit more confident as she knew now she could her real self, pouring it from up high right on Jeanne's pussy* Well I agree we need to deal with this properly, but I think you're forgetting yourself we're no longer on the stage~ Think you still have the upper hand?
absolutely, you stand no chance in here *I look down at you lubing up my pussy* 1: that's not needed, sweet cheeks. 2: I've got a better idea for you to lube that up *I grab you by the back of your head and pull you right down to my pussy, pushing your face against my pussy* slurp it up slut, it'll be the only thing you'll be having for the next few hours
Yes yes, Jeanne~ *she decides to play along for a moment, giving Jeanne false sense of safety, eating up her pussy eagerly, making sure her clit gets attention it needs, and once Jeanne was just a touch distracted - hands immediately jumped for her nipples, twisting them hard* Think you're just as slutty as me, dear~
never said I wasnt *I wink and pull you up to my level* but I know a few places where I know I've got you beat *I wink and dive my head down between your tits, motorboating you while letting my hands move down to your butt, groping and squeezing it as I motorboat you*
Oh sure~ *she rolls her eyes, giggling quite loud at Jeanne's playfulness, squeezing tits tighter on her face* Your tits be bigger, your butt be bigger, and you be taller yourself, and yet... you'll moan all the same for that lovely girlcock, won't you?~
sure, once I own it *I giggle and softly push you away* I brought you a gift! so close those eyes and I'll bring it over *I give you a warm smile and a playful spank* good girl, now just stay there *I say once you've closed your eyes, waiting for your gift* heeere we go *you feel a collar get put around your neck and locked in place* oh crap, I forgot the key to it at home... damn, hope you dont mind being stuck like that the next few days. don't worry, it's not too slutty, it only says "public cum dump" so it's not too bad
(hello to the lurkers)
(Hello Hello)
I dunno I dunno, we'll have to see~ Not first time I had metalcutters to pinch off the lock... *she giggles, looking back to Jeanne, holding something in her own hands she grabbed while Jeanne was away for a moment* Or maybe you'll be so sorry you'll beg for me to take you home and find that key. But first, give me a hug for that gift~ *she grins, hugging around Jeanne, and sneaking her a gift of her own* I did bring a gift for you too, but I'm a bit more considerate, not putting locks with it~
Even made sure it has a jewel to match your personality~
(hi hi)
oh my
aww dont go ruinin' my gift. mmmhh what a wonderful gift you got me! *I walk over to one of the mirrors and bend over, looking at my gift* nice and big too, you know me so well *I get back to you, smiling* guess you need a little reward then *I push you down to sit on a chair right in front of the big mirror we'd do our makeup at before shows* just relax and enjoy, cumdump *I giggle a little as I wrap my tits around your cock and start slowly moving them up and down it*
*enter the club*
(Looks like a lot of fun in here, I'm rooting for you Linlin!)
(and hey to even more folk)
(hello to everyone who I have not greeted)
(hello everyone <3)
*she tries to roll her eyes at Jeanne's comment, but it's getting hard to be not teasing by look only to someone so nice, especially as she did trap her girlcock after all, so instead Linlin's hands go down to help Jeanne out, rubbing her nipples gently while she's doing a titjob, making the perkier on each pass* Mmmhm~ This relax and enjoy business do sound fun for a bit~
it does doesnt it? *I lean down and start gently sucking on the tip of your cock as I give you a titjob* why not just sit there until I've milked you dry? dont you just want me to drain it for you? *I keep kissing and sucking the tip of your cock, now staring up into your eyes as I do so* I bet it feels amazing *I smile and lower a hand down to my pussy, gently rubbing it as I keep my tits wrapped around your cock and tease the tip*
Mmmgh~ I bet it would, buuuuuuut~ *she leans down to grab Jeanne's butt, and lifting her high up to sit on Lin's knees, leaning her head down for a kiss* You have better ways of milking me, dear, I'm pretty sure of that~
I've got no idea what you mean.... *I give you an innocent look as I grind my soaked slit up against your rock hard girlcock* mind telling me what it might be? *I reach a hand down to your cock, massaging the tip of it as my slit grinds against the shaft*
*Linlin slides a touch back to spring her cock out of pussygrind, her hand lowers down to stroke herself together with Jeanne's hand too, making her squeeze it tighter to feel its firmness* Oh I dunno~ You do be quite alluring and distracting sometimes~
guesss we just have to sit here until we figure it out then *I rest my head on your shoulder, giving your neck kisses and hickeys every few moments while I keep stroking* such a shame we dont know, I think it's good knowledge to have
Mhhhhmmmm~ *she humms out, purring from her constant kisses, her other hand moving in to caress Jeanne's check as she keeps going across Lin's neck* I mean, can you blame me for being a bit out of my thoughts?~ Your body is so..... NNGH~ I can't think of fitting words to describe it. Sexy and gorgeous just don't cut it~
same goes for you though *I giggle and get off of you* god I'm hungry... that fight took a lot of energy outta me... hmmm whatever could I eat... *I sit on my knees between your legs* hmmm whatever could I grab to eat... *I keep pretending to think about food as I move my lips slowly towards your cock* ooh there's something *I grab your shaft with one hand and massage your balls with the other, now kissing and sucking on the tip of your cock, eagerly slurping up your precum*
Hi Everybody!
Going straight for the protein bar, eh?~ *she laughs loud at her own joke, lying down on bench, but not before grabbing Jeanne's hips and dragging her to be on top of Linlin's head face too, into 69* Well if you're snacking, think I'll get myself an energy drink~ *she giggles, starting to lick Jeanne up, her tongue sliding right between her pussy lips, ending with a teasing brush up her clit*
*I quickly stand up, knowing how sensitive and needy my pussy is* I've got something much more healthy for ya *I squeeze my tits together as I sit on the bench next to yours* come get 'em, slut
Hmm, tough crowd...
They must all be at the buffet
(hey Colle)
*she almost goes for it, but stops herself midway* Nope, sorry, lactose intolerant~ *she continues with the joke, not wanting to stop ministrations she started, now Linlin kneeling down on floor and pulling Jeanne onto herself, continuing her pussy eating, but soon going a bit below, and licking up her other hole too* Have to be prepared everywhere~
(Hey, Colle, indeed)
(sorry, RP be busy work sometimes :P
(Haha I was referring to the rest of the audience, not you two!)
(but an exciting one
we need a better place for this *I get up and pick you up, holding you firmly by your butt* come with me *I giggle and grope your ass as I carry you, your cock also grinding against your bellies as I hold you as close as possible, I'm gonna have you lick up at that precum once I'm done with you *I say as I look at the leakage between our bodies* someone's needy today huh? *I wink and eventually (gently) toss you onto a couch* this'll do just fine for what's to come
(very exiting)
What can I say.... It was so fricking hot on stage there... In all manners of heat~ *she pushed up her shoulders, shuddering a bit inside from remembering just how much she enjoyed it despite being mostly played around by Jeanne there* So yes, I do be needy~ But I am sure you are too, right?~ *she lounges into the couch, her cock wiggling left and right splashing that precum everywhere, inviting Jeanne to corral it*
oh absolutely! I was pretty much riding an edge the last few minutes there *I smile and get onto the couch, putting you down onto your back while I hoist my butt up into the air so we both have equal space on the small couch* urgh you're gettting everything dirty we need to stop that swinging! *I gently slip two pre-lubed fingers up your butt while I use my other hand to massage your balls* aww crap! both my hands are occupied! guess there's only one way to stop you making a mess *I try catching your swinging cock with my mouth, resulting in having my cheeks slapped by your cock a few times before I eventually catch it and start sucking it once more*
(I'm here for suppport... kinda working on other things but here just to be here)
(glad to have ya)
Hnnnngh~ You're certainly knowing what you're doing today, Jeanne~ *Linlin bites her lips, feeling all hot and flustered from what's happening, the combination of it all feeling almost unbearable* Means I need to put in some more effort, eh?~ *as she decides to break it up by grabbing both her hands by elbows, and pulling her up to be lounging side by side, leaning over to suck her tit, her hand going up to finger Jeanne's mouth first for a moment, then, once wet, same fingers go down to continue their work deep in her pussy, searching for sensitive spots*
(mhm, JJ. Waiting on saturday brimming with excitement ;)
y'know, I actually hide all sorts of treats around here *I pull out a small chocolatey treat and stuff it into your mouth* close your eyes and tell me what it tastes like *I giggle and while you're busy doing that I get away from you and strap-up* hope you're ready for a second treat *I get back on the couch, you still busy with trying to figure out what kinda taste it was* well, here goes *I slowly push the rubber cock into your ass and I gently start fucking you with it*
(one sec)
(gonna be public?)
(should be)
(I also had my first full match since losing the title with a human... Lin, well it was with my male account
Oooh~ *she immediately opens her mouth seeing the chocolate, closing her eyes and turning around, waiting for Jeanne on all fours on couch, wiggling her butt. Only once she hears Jeanne walking back does she consider what she did, a moment too late as she feels something entering her ass* FUCK YOU, JAQIE AND YOUR TREATS!~ *she pouts loudly, clearly audible beyond the room, annoyed at being susceptible for that for a moment*
(how was it?
(quite good actually. lol mostly role play less competitive)
*I just snicker and keep fucking* well, I hope you didnt mind your treat, I got it extra salty just for you *I snicker once more and lean down and let my tits rub against your back as I keep on fucking your ass* mmmh such a good little buttslut
(hey, wanna volunteer up? :P
(volunteer up?)
(need someone for an action :P
(unless someone else is quicker to offer up
I arrive and sit down watching the strip club fight "hmmm Jeanne and Lin? should be interesting"
(we're in the locker rooms, this is a "private" round two)
(oh.... well then lol should I just stumble into the locker room then? idk how to get involved if its like backstage at a strip club
(she did just moan loudly enough for outside people to hear)
(all's cool if Jericho's not curious
(What is going on in there I wonder hearing the sounds from outside in the hallway
*She continues moaning and pouting, though by now she was more into getting fucked, bouncing back a bit into Jeanne, looking back behind her only to see someone walk into the room* Still as good with that strap as on stage... Though I imagine your pussy's all alone in a position like this... Would be a shame if it was left so, unlicked~
(well, whoever's quicker, feel free to jump in to what's written :P
My eyes widen as I open the door and see the passionate fucking happening in the locker room I blush and stammer* I’m sorry I didn’t mean to barge I hope I’m not interrupting” *I say walking towards my locker occasionally looking over at the two girls while I change*
Pshaw!~ You're not interrupting... Or rather~ *she purrs out* Your interruption would only be most welcomed~ *she giggles, grabbing Jeanne's neck from behind to hold her in*
*I keep pounding Lin's ass* h-huh? who's back there? *I ask, trying to escape Lin's grip*
Just enjoy and relax~ Someone to make sure I'm not the only one moaning, right?~ *she looks back to Amber*
Oh then in that case don’t mind me I’ll just be enjoying the show *I say with a smirk wearing a pink g string and pasties*
*deciding to just give up on trying to find out who's now spectating I decide to continue pounding, also now grabbing Lin's legs and holding them in the air to make an escape even harder*
*I start to rub my clit biting my lip as I watch Jeanne pound away at Linlin*
*getting lifted off ground actually does help Lin out, blessing her flexibility, as she crawls on her hands downwards, rolling up into small ball as she suddenly manages to yank herself off and sneak between Jeanne's legs, standing and spinning around to now be behind Jeanne, quickly without any waste of time pushing her down and penetrating her ass, giving her a taste of what she just did, pounding just as fast* Sorry, but it won't be the same like on stage, dear~
is resisting cumming (30% chance of cum) => Resisted!
redrew a set of actions
*I manage to escape just in the nick of time, ecaping just as I hit the edge* f-fuuckk! oh I'll show you how it's done! *I get up real close to you and grab your nipples, pinching and twisting them while keeping your cock trapped between my thighs*
Mmmmgh~ Show what?~ Fuck my cock with just your thighs?~ Challenge accepted~ *she thrusts once to show her she's ready, even if her look betrays different thoughts*
*I lean in for a long, sloppy, passionate kiss as I let you fuck my thighs, knowing you're getting more stimulation from it than me* mmmhh we shall see, I know all of your weaknesses and how to take advantage of them
Mmmmmgh~ So you think..... But I need a way to get you off too, no?~ *she pushes Jeanne back into the couch, kneeling down to eat her out instead* Can't really do with me trapped like that, ya know~ *she giggles as loud slurping noises can be heard*
is resisting cumming (50% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I moan but smile confidently* but you're forgetting one thing *I snicker and give your a cockslap with my still attached strappy* I've still got this thing! *I guide your mouth down the thick rubber cock to suck and lube it up for me* mmh good girl, suck that strappy
*she groans, giving it a few licks, but then pushing her back again, holding her by her tits due to her heights while she leaned down under, continuing her licking across both holes, hoping her grip to pin was enough*
*I push away your hands and then grab you, switching our places, you now sitting on the couch with me between your legs* time for a little reward for me *I wink as I plunge my mouth down your cock, deepthroating you while massaging your balls and fingering your butt* cum for me Lin!
Hello Again - These two are still going hard!
is resisting cumming (60% chance of cum) => Came!
hey Colle
Hrrrrrmmmmm~ Don't you even dare Jeanne~ *she glares at her noticing her intentions, trying to resist her but it's fruitless, and soon Linlin turns into shivering and melty mess, not able to withstand Jeanne's viles, her massaging and fingering just making it quicker, her partner soon getting rewarded with a delicious protein shake she so much so wanted to drink up*
Lin's in trouble~
*she lounges back into couch, continuing to twitch in Jeanne, her cock brushing up against her lips, spewing a bit more*
I'm still in it
I... think
Hehe, i look forward to your comeback
*I eagerly slurp up my salty reward* mmhh good girl *I continue sucking, making sure it's completely clean as I finish up with it* come here you! *I once again grab you firmly by your butt and lift you up, holding and kissing you, sharing some of my reward with you as I hold you and pin you up against a wall*
redrew a set of actions
Lin got greedy
*She thinks about saying something back, but the thought of getting to taste herself freezes her up for a moment, being completely at Jeanne's whim, looking deep in her eyes as she wondered what's more was going to come*
Lin IS greedy, but in the hot way
*I smile confidently and continue to hold you there, pinned between me and the wall, your tits rubbing against mine* getting worried already? or did you enjoy your treat too much to resist?
*she groans a bit more and bites her lip, not wanting to say something hurtful, instead reaching down low for Jeanne's pussy, getting a couple fingers in one more time, sliding down once she gets the chance to get better angle for hard thrusting* Just enjoying the moment, dear~ You suggested that to me, after all~
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Came!
n-nooo! I-I wont let you! *I just barely manage to push you off, crawling back to the couch for safety... or maybe it's something else, as just a second after I push you off I let out a loud moan and squirt all over the floor* noo nooo fuuckk not like that!* I crawl back to the couch, now eagerly humping one of it's pillows, just trying to salvage some of the ruined orgasm*
*she decides to sit down on floor, and watch Jeanne from distance, jerking herself a bit as she giggles at her troubles* That's why I always make sure to cum fully, dear, if people make me. Ruining is absolutely no fun~
*I dont even listen, I'm left an even hornier mess than before I came, just humping, rubbing my clit and fondling my tits* sh-shut it! just let me! aahh salvage this!
I-I can still make it! *I moan out, desperately*
Hi Lin and Jeanne
Aw please, Jeanne~ *she crawls towards her, hugging her and giving few light pecks all over her face* Let's make a promise - if either of us feels the need to let it all out, we'll not run away... Alright?~
*smirks as you ran right into the trap I unintentionally made* should've been more careful, Lin *I grab your hair and bend you over, once more slipping my rubber cock into your tight backdoor* let's finish this! *I pull back on your hair and start pounding you again, spanking your ass firmly inbetween thrusts*
is resisting cumming (34% chance of cum) => Resisted!
hey mistress jeanne i no more have the curse on me xD
and hey everyone else
lucky you
hey both
So you say, and yet, I noticed something someone must have left thinking it's a good hideyhole~ *she grins back at Jeanne, withstanding her pounding much better this time, pulling out a small vibrator out of inbetween couch cushions* Wonder what setting it was left on~ *she turns it on, it going in pulses, first slow then intense, back and forth, smirking* Perfect~ Think you can continue fucking me while this is in you?~ *she says, leaning down to shove it in her pussy, keeping her hand there as much as she can*
i slept very well btw thank you jeanne for the lovely pillows
you're welcome
i might need that more often mistress jeanne
is resisting cumming (29% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I manage to just barely hold on, riding an edge for some time before I push you onto your belly and off of the strappy, letting me toss away that vibe* d-dont need that anymore! anyways, let's get back to business! *I flip you onto your back and put your cock between my tits, titfucking you while of course sucking and kissing the tip* come on Lin! Paint my tits with your cum! give in to the pleasure!
is resisting cumming (43% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Mmmgh~ Fuck.... Almost there, I think... Agh~ *she grunts, feeling herself much closer to orgasm than she thought, thinking about to give up but last second barely realizing of a way to reverse this without risking ruining, suddenly leaning at force into Jeanne, grabbing her by armpits and yanking hard, Lin's hips moving a touch back and then straight into Jeanne's kitty as it lines up, spinning her around and fucking from behind, arm wrapping around her* I'll paint you only after you'll spasm on me, losing your mind for me, dear~
(this gif....
I'm not even sure if I would want to be top or bottom here
(clones yourself and you can be both)
is resisting cumming (46% chance of cum) => Came!
having edged so much in just the last few minutes with barely any time to recover I quickly realize there's no way back from this, I can only ttry and take over the pace and hope you blow before I do. So I start bouncing on your cock, my ass jiggling for youas my move backfires, only helping you hit all of the right spots and I'm quickly being turned into a moaning mess* f-fuuckkk n-noo I-I can't fuuckkk cummiiinnnnggg!!! *I let out a scream of pleasure, my legs start quivering, I squirt all over you, your cock and the couch as I cum hard, my eyes rolled back and tongue hanging out of my mouth as I give in to the pleasuree*
*The moment Jeanne starts quivering on her cock and spilling all over it and below, so does Linlin yowl and let herself cum, filling up Jeanne to brim and beyond, and yet, she doesn't stop, still as hard, still as feisty, still as energetic all out of nowhere, something else clicking into her. She leans in closer to Jeanne's ear, saying* I think someone forgot what I said just after you gave me your gift..... Remember what was it?~
*I keep moaning barely able to respond* f-fuuckkk n-noo-aahhh! *the orgasm doesnt seem to stop as you fill me and keep pounding*
*she chuckles, clearing her throat to better prepare to mimic... her own voice, considering Lin herself said this* "Or maybe you'll be so sorry you'll beg for me to take you home and find that key"
So I think you know what's going to happen right now, hmmm?~ *she asks her, few last thrusts being a bit harder before returning to usual rough pace*
y-yyeess pleaase just nnggh! st-stop! m-mercy! please!
That's not what I'm expecting to hear, Jeanne?~ *she continues in cooing voice, slapping her butt with free hand as hips continue thrusting, almost mechanically by now, without a fault or stop in her motions*
WE'LL GO GET THE KEYS!!! *I moan out loudly, already approaching another orgasm as you pound my filled pussy*
Well, alright, alright then~ *she smirks, humming proudly as she leans back and grabs her by the waist, standing up tall get better angle at driving into her* But just to be safe~ Have to make sure you don't go for some trick once I release you, and we go to your home~ And don't worry, I'll make sure you're both washed and clothed before you leave in my hands~ *she giggles a touch more, as she continues her motions not for one but two orgasms of Jeanne before finally giving her that mercy she wanted*
*THE END(?)*
(Find out more - in the next episode of Lin and Jeanne XD)
(*theme tune, credits, small blooper at end*)
(hehehe stay tuned as Lin and Jeanne go explore an ancient sex dungeon in the next episode of "LIN AND JEANNE!" *EXPLOSIONS!*
(well, hope you loved this despite certain hiccups)
(it turned out good in the end, so I've got no complaints)
(yup, definitely
(well then, GGs and I'll see you around!)

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