Poki (Meli's Pokipet) (Level 10) mail warning




just the most viewed female twitch streamer looking for some fun 🎮, i am a switch and depending on my mood i might fight guys too

The C-collar: You will wear this collar until your superior Frikka takes it off. You are now a slave of Compound 14 this is what i do when i am under direktor Frikka's desk footworship under desk


my boo

To show my love to Tanya we have exchanged collars
Currently wearing a black and pink collar saying Tanyas Boo ♡

Melissa is my mistress and my owner.

She keeps me living in luxury inside a pokeball until it is time for me to strip down and stream for the masses. She makes me edge and cum, watching myself as I degrade myself on camera for all of Twitch.

Miss Melissa controls my name, adding the trademark egg she and her friend are both known for.

Miss Kira has beaten me and dyed my hair pink and put me in a minnie mouse outfit
Pink Hair Poki
minnie mouse poki

My Alpha Wolf Trix Pyke i have fallen for her and dont regret my choice being a proud puppy of her pack
Iam wearing the packs mark on my side boob
and gotten my nipples pierced by her

My Icy Queen Schnee Weiss after i lost my match against kira this cutie made me melt for her and since then i felt like her little pet after we had our fight i gave her the title of my Icy Queen as i beaten her

Match Outfit
Match Outfit

Date Outfit
Date Outfit


Slime Poki


i have to remove my clothes when ever i have the option too

i have to surrender if i dont manage to make my opponent cum first (3/3)

Countess Sasha has beaten me 6 times in a row now 0-6 for her

wc Is lesbian
autorenew Is a switch
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