Saduharta Ramangini VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (67 turns)

Sheena offers an opportunity

Sheena invited both Lin and Sadu (girls she won over in past) to her place, knowing how close they were, wanting to see just how feisty and witchy the duo can get in their sexfights, promising not just her cock as reward, but some sort of 'special prize' too. Both lovers accept it immediately, and strip down to give Sheena best show, trying to avoid becoming 'third wheel' for the night.

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/remove my top
/remove my pants
/remove my top
/remove my socks
/remove my panties
/remove my pants
/remove my bra
/remove my bra
/remove my socks
/remove my panties
(sheena, you up and about?
(Yup Im in now)
(Do we use this chat fully then, Sadu?
(okay, everyone's ready then or some last things to discuss?
(title/desc all good?
(All food on my end! If I go dark for a few it’s because my apartment complex is doing maintenance on internet, but I should be back within 5-10 minutes)
(If I even cut out in the first place lol)
(then I think Sheena's kicking off :P
Sadu, Lin. I’m sooooo happy y’all could make it over! *I lead you on to my home, my living room already looking familiar from all my past streams. My black bath robe draped loosely around my body, showing off little glimpses of my assets.* Now I’m sureee you’re wondering why you’re here, right?
*Lin nods, looking about Sheena's place, having only seen it on other side of screen, holding Sadu's hand as they walked in* Aye. All you said was something about having fun together and opportunities. And I think Sadu will agree that being with you has been quite some fun, right, love?~
*I nod a little, having been here once before myself of course, though the bathrobe and what it's hiding is more interesting than the living room anyways,* I mean, you're not wrong... I suppose I can concede to interesting being the right word. *I let out a chuckle, squeezing back* As to my wondering... what, is this something besides a three-way then? Why else would you want both of us over, hm?
*I sit down on the couch, one leg crossed over the other, dangling my flip flop from my foot as I look you both up and down* Well barring most recent events, *cough* Lin *cough*, I’ve beaten both of you in the past. One at the gym, and the other on my stream. I thought I’d give you two the chance for a loser’s battle royale! The winner will get this. *I pull the bottom of my robe up to reveal both my cock, and winking hole.* and the loser will just get to watch. *I say with a wink*
*Lin giggles reminded of last time* Well, it was only training, so think we can wash it off to you wanting some butt practice~ *she says, not minding to demean herself a touch, before looking at Sadu, already stripping off* Hummmm.... I don't think I ever had to fight for someone else, not just myself... But that sounds so.... lewd~ Hope you don't mind sitting out tonight?~
*one of my eyebrows raise at Sheena's words... but soon Lin speaks up and starts stripping, and I can't help but chuckling,* I mean... I'll take any excuse to do some extracurricular activities with my sexy school girl. But I'm never the sort to sit out love. *I look over at Sheena though out of the corner of my eye* Any chance you can add another prize to spice things up though? Getting you to myself if good and all, but not sure it's quite enough to put one-hundred and ten percent, as it were... *I undo my skirt as I say this, sliding it down my stockinged legs*
Oh? I’m open to ideas, Sadu…what did you have in mind? *I flash a breast as the two of you strip down, revealing that I’m nude both up top and down below under the robe.*
*Lin's clothes soon find themselves in corner, Lin standing naked and at the ready, stroking herself a bit while waiting, her girlcock already stuff just from Sheena's offer* Aye, I'm interested to know too~ More spice is always good and needed~
How about... whomever wins also gets to double team the loser on a special one of Sheena's streams? I'm sure it would be in interesting debut for you getting DP'd like that for her views Lin... *I chuckle and lean back against a wall, unclipping my garters and sliding my sheer stockings down my legs* Doesn't need to be tonight of course, just some time.
Well I wouldn’t say no to that at all! My fans absolutely loved you the last time, Sadu, I’m sure they’d welcome you back anytime. *I look to Lin* What do you say, Lin? Ready to risk your debut on my stream?
*She cackles at Sadu's offer, nodding to Sheena* Aye, the thought of getting to sandwich Sadu in is always a tempting one~ Not tonight probably, but mhm, we'll have that arranged~ *Lin waits till Sadu finishes undressing, dragging her into middle of room by pulling her hand, and hugging about, their girlcocks frotting against each other to show off them to Sheena* Got any favorite for the fight?~
*my hands go down and lightly play with the two cocks, just touching them and also looking over to Sheena; I totally wasn't just thinking of more excuses to be with my lover, no; Nothing like that. But the more I thought about it and thought about what was happening, the more rock hard my cock got against Linlin's*
A favorite? Not at all…*I stand up from the couch and reach out both hands, giving each of your hard cocks a few short tugs in unison before letting go and retaking my seat on the couch* I’d tell you to have a good, clean match, but we all know things will be getting quite dirty here. May the best woman win.
*Lin lets out a soft moan as Sheena joins in for a moment* May they do indeed~ Though.... *she eyes a webcam in the corner of her sight* You sure you don't want this to be my debut on your streams?~ Give your viewers a special treat just by letting them watch us two while you sit about like a queenie you are?~
*I look over at the webcam and smirk, turning my ass towards it and giving a little wiggle* As thrilling as that would be, this show is for Miss Sheena's eyes only, no? And yes... I know I don't need to be gentle with Linlin here; I know where that gets me, after all. An unsatisfied Lin using my mouth, if I recall.
Hehe as much as my viewers would love it, I think tonight should be just about us. Besides…my fans will get to see you both soon enough, you two just need to decide the state they’ll see you in. *I say with a wink, my own cock growing hard. The tip pushes through the folds of my robe, sticking out slightly*
Oh, you're saying it like it was a bad thing, Sadu~ But it gave you such a nice angle to salivate staring at my cute feet, didn't it, drenching my cock even more?~ *Lin wiggles both her toes and girlcock at both girls* We could recreate that for Sheena, you know~
*I smile and shake my head,* Oh, what's the fun in doing the same thing over again? I want to keep things... unexpected for you, love. *speaking of unexpected, I suddenly sweep your feet so you land butt down on the carpet and immediately over you; One of my hands goes to the side of your head, trapping you under me as my breasts jiggle from the hand slapping into the floor* Besides... I've learned so much since then. About myself, and about you, darling...
*Lin 'EEK's a bit as she falls on ground, her breathing stopping for second as Sadu looks so intimidating... but as Lin spreads her legs in a show of subservience, her cock twitches and bounces against Sadu's, Lin smirking* Good~ For you'll need everything to not cry for me like some needy mess~ *she decides to taunt her lover a bit, hoping she won't mind it*
*Seeing the back and forth is enough to make me un do my robe, letting it fall to the couch behind me. I begin to idly stroke myself as I watch, kicking my shoes off as well*
*I look down with a grin, feeling that familiar cock hitting against my own, cooing out at the feeling and the cheeky Lin's taunt* ...I'd say not to tempt me, but keep doing it. Just makes me want to have more and more fun with you... *I lean down and kiss Lin deeply, reaching above her head... and finding some ropes I spotted before. Suddenly Lin feels my grip on her wrists turn into tying them up, grinning down as I break the kiss and sit up, rubbing my cock against hers* Such naughty, dirty fun...
*Lin joins Sadu in kiss, oblivious to her end plan, falling for one of easiest tricks in world - which is not surprising considering how much she was in for Sadu. It equally wasn't a surprise that she didn't immediately struggle in her ropes, taking a moment as she watched them frot* Gnnnngh~ Curse me and my affection for you, eh?~
*I grin at you and start sliding down Lin's body, kissing along her skin affectionately as I do so,* I will never curse that, ever... *Finding Lin's cock bumping up under my chin I lift my head up and back, looking down and starting to lick at Lin's tip with frim tongue strokes, looking up at her face as I do so*
Aghhhahahahah~ *Lin squirms in Sadu's grasp, her face blushing and eyes fluttering to look away, Sadu finding just the spot to tease Lin in, making her girlcock peak just a touch more* Nnnnnot like this~
You seem flustered, Lin… *I can’t help but giggle as Sadu has Lin completely trapped under her* I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll be giving up so soon ;)
Oh she hasn't... I assume you know that as well as I do... But I do think you like your little demoness being a bit naughty, no, Lin dear? *I run my tongue over a little fang before going back down on your cock, sucking on it as my eyes glow briefly. Lin feels a warm erotic sensation as I suck almost literal pleasure out of her cock, very very briefly shrinking her cock before I pull off it with my mouth, the thing growing back to normal size slowly* have so, so much horniness in your soul, darling.
*Lin groans, watching in shock as she gets momentarily drained, not remembering if Sadu ever was so naughty with her, sighing both in relief and affection as she saw herself return to normal* Aye.... you just wait you two~ I'll get out of these ropes.... I promise...
Mhmmm. I didn't tie you all that tight. You're as trapped by that desire as anything else, love. *sitting up I crawl up Lin's body before pushing my cock at her lips* Show me... show me what you want to do to please me. What I know you can do with that cheeky mouth of yours... *my cock parts your lips and pushes deep into your mouth, starting to fuck Lin's throat slowly, my balls hitting her chin with each stroke*
*Lin glares, but has to face the truth, once she tugs those ropes, them undoing in one single pull, Lin blushing at what that implies of her emotions* Glllughmghhhgh~ *she tries to pout something back at Sadu, only more glugging and salivating coming out of her mouth, Sheena seeing Sadu's cock glisten more and more with each bob. Lin soon adds her hands to that facefuck, both to stop herself from gagging, as well as to equally spread that saliva across Sadu's shaft, hands circling about to wrench some pleasure out of it at same time*
*since Lin is being so good at sucking and stroking I decide to just roll with it for a bit, enjoying the feeling of Lin's dexterous fingers and the feeling of her spit spreading across my skin. My feet rest on Lin's breasts and my toes play with her nipples as I fuck her face and hands*
Hehe bout time, Lin! Sadu seems to have quite the hold on you, even out of the binds. *I wink to both of you*
*Lin looks up to Sadu, giving her a cheeky wink soon after, her hands darting just under rakshasa's balls, starting to spider and tickle all over her erogenous zones, soon wrestling about to side, trying her hardest to break that facefuck as her fingers dart all across Sadu's body, searching for what makes her most giggly*
*those fingers find paydirt with my sides, my eyes widening as I push in in shock before rolling away. Rather than try to escape my immediate reaction is to fight back though, knowing JUST where Linlin is ticklish; I turn around, my cock flopping against her shoulder, grabbing a foot and going for a heel mercilessly* T-Tickli!! OOoofff...! Two c-can... hahahaha... ooooo...!
*It doesn't take long for room to be filled with panting and loud laughter, both girls knowing their lover's body quite intimately, finding spot after spot to tickle, their position changing a few times before finally they end up all flustered in front of each other, one hand peppering across each others balls, other wanking hard, remembering it's a sex fight too* Oh, don't give up all secrets of us to Sheena, love~ Unless you want to be teased over her any other time you two face off~
Hehe I may be studying a bit…
*as Lin wanks my girlcock I'm already leaning in to suck hers, both to stop those last giggles and because I also remembered it was a sexfight at the same time. I look up at Lin's face at her comments and shrug a little before turning back to slobber deep on her cock, sucking and licking it*
*Lin lets out a moan, now getting to feel Sadu herself, realizing that she needs to work up redhead from other end* Sheena, mind wetting my fingers a bit?~ *she chuckles, deciding to be a bit cheeky*
*I stick my tongue out, giving Lin free reign of my mouth, giving Sadu a little wink as I realize what’s about to happen*
*Lin smirks, jabbing those fingers about, getting them drenched up, soon they drifting to reach over for Sadu's lovely butt, her wet fingers slowly entering rosebud that's waiting for her, making sure it's not dry for her to enter later on, as well as giving some 'encouragement' to blow her off harder, pushing her forward a bit*
*I moan out at the deep fingering already, especially knowing it's Sheena's spit lubing them up. I do indeed suck Lin deeper, sucking and gagging deep on it. My hand reaches down and takes over to my temporarily lonely cock, stoking it and lightly smacking it against Lin's cheek, lifting one of my legs to my foot is on my other knee*
*Lin spots that, and her free hand soon snaps its fingers, Sadu suddenly feeling something wrap about her cock like a sleeve, both sucking and lubing it at same go, providing an intense yet cooling effect on her girlcock* A little gift for you, dear~ *she pats over Sadu's head, trying to stifle her own emotions as her own girlcock keeps twitching in Sadu's mouth, getting restless*
Oooh and out comes the magic!
*I respond with a moan around Lin's cock, feeling something I've not felt in quite some time. Deciding turn about is fair play I give an intense suck in return, once again temporarily draining some of Lin's cock's vitality and arousing it even more, licking around the tip as it grows and springs back in my mouth*
Oh no no no~ *Lin groans as Sadu pulls the same trick again, watching in frustration as her girlcock shifts in its size before going back to normal, sliding about Sadu as she nudges her hands away so she couldn't immediately resist, prodding about before soon entering her rear, slowly grinding more and more of her length while grabbing Sadu's, stroking it out at same time, her motion much more forceful inwards to make Sadu want buck back onto Lin* Can't let you drain me too much, lest your blood awakens too much~
And... mmm... that would be a bad thing... because...? *I lick one of my small fangs again before letting it retract, throbbing my cock in Lin's hand* You can handle every single inch of me, right? No matter how wild I get~~
*Lin leans in, hilting herself to base without moving for a bit, turning Sadu's head with one hand to make two kiss each other, Lin staring Sadu right in the eyes, the familiar dull pink flashes soon trying to swoon witch over* But would you deny the chance to watch your lover go hard onto Sheena?~ How hot would that be, seeing your lover go wild on another?~
*I spread my legs, exposing my puckering hole* hehe she’s got a point, Sadu. Wouldn’t you loveeee to see Lin thrust in to me?
Just take your time, Sadu~ Breathe in and out as I work you up~
*I nod a little and my face goes a little slack, panting and leaning back into Lin* Yes... I mean... you're not wrong. I wouldn't be doing this... if it wouldn't be... super hot to see...
Gotta choose for me Lin
(I did, if it wasnt clear by what I wrote in short line :P
Just making sure :p
*Lin gives Sadu more and more jerks, slowing down her fucking, intent on coaxing up Sadu to edge, slowly wiggling inside her butt to tease up herself* Of course I'm not wrong~ That would be wrong, calling me wrong~
*I nod and close my eyes, reaching back to hold onto Lin's hips, panting in and out with a slow, deep rhythm. Suddenly though, Linlin feels me draw a symbol on her skin and I lean back to kiss her* Of course... watching you watch me... that would also be very. hot. no? *my tail forms and pulls you out of me before I form a mouth on it, taking your cock deep and suctioning it hard with a panting grin*
Shouldn’t’ve slowed down on her, Lin…
NYYYYYEEEEHHH!~~ *Lin squeals, getting teased from other end, only pulling out because she was lust driven by now, reentering Sadu with more fervor, wanting to get back in before her gape disappeared, flipping Sadu on her back to look at her, as well as press in that naughty tail at least partially* I will neither deny nor confirm that..... This is already consuming my... mind~ *she comments through her moans, her mind for now clearly on doing everything right for Sadu*
*putting all my energy and attention into my tail, I use my Rakshasa blood to make it grow like a tentacle, wrapping Linlin up and pulling her back from me with a strain, pinning her to the floor. Panting, I turn around, blue eyes glowing as I look down at her* And... we're only... just beginning. *I lean down and push my mouth onto Lin's cock deep, not caring where it just was, playing with Lin's balls with one of my hands as I suck and lick deeply*
*Lin yelps as she feels her body bounded for real this time, squirming wild in that imprisoning tentacle, her girlcock wildly flailing about, slipping out of Sadu's mouth from time to time to smack her about, only to be recaptured each time* Why you!~
*I slurp off Lin's cock and sit up, pushing my cock against hers and laying it atop Lin's seven incher, my cock throbbing and leaking on hers* I'll go all out.... to have... Sheena's ass.... No offence. *I smirk at Lin briefly*
You mean this ass, Sadu? *I bend over in front of you, spreading my cheeks*
Not if I get yours first!~ *Lin suddenly lunges back and forward, overpowering Sadu's tail, using her emotions to fuel her movement, glaring at both girls* I'll take both of you tonight, even if it means draining myself fully to satisfy you both!~
*my tail poofs into black smoke and dissipates as I'm tackled to the ground and penetrated, groaning out with my cock bouncing and swaying in the air. I grip at the plush carpet beneath me and keep panting out, looking up at Lin's face angrily*
*my feet at least reach up and massage Lin's back and ass, pushing her into my tight depths with each thrust*
*Lin doesn't notice just how worked up she got herself, Sadu's feet feeling quite electric at sapping Lin's efforts, making herself be driven about by how hard they push, slacking a bit as she stares down at Sadu's length, watching it wiggle about with a bit of drool forming up*
*I feel Lin trembling and slowing and buck back, turning around, my large tits swaying on my chest. Panting harder and with my cock leaking I lean over the younger woman, clapping my breasts around her cock* As energetic... as always... but you're getting tired... already? Oh my... *I lick Lin's tip as I sand her cock between my big, firm, juicy breasts*
mmm Sadu you've always had amazing breasts. *I gasp out, seeing Sadu's perfect tits smother Lin's cock*
Tired?!~ *Lin shouts out, her face twisted from want to give and stifle herself at same time, her whole body practically flaring up as Lin digs deep in her reserves, tackling Sadu down on her stomach, one hand pressing down thumb exactly at the spot where Sadu's tail would form, other holding her forehead where her horns would sprout, blocking both of as Lin works herself back in Sadu, few smaller thrusts to first hilt back to full length, followed by vigorous and heated pounding* Your turn will come soon too, Sheena, even if it won't feel as scalding as it does to little demoness here, right, Sadu?~
chose to cum!
Oh I can't wait, Lin.
Sadu here meanwhile needed her reminder who's her _goddess_ *she giggles, last word mimiced in witch's own voice*
*my eyes suddenly glow and widen and I scream out in pleasure* WHA...!? AAAAAAAH!!! *I feel Lin swell and push into my ass, her cock driving her strange, pure desire deep into me. I squirm as my tongue hangs out, screaming things out in Hindi as my cock shoots fountains of cum into the air, bucking and spasming under Lin's anal assault*
पवित्र बकवास पवित्र बकवास पवित्र बकवास !!!!!!!!!
*I press my finger on to Sadu's thigh, dabbing it in a puddle of her cum then pressing my finger in to my mouth* hehe
*as I come down from my orgasm I reach down and grab my spasming cock, gasping for breath and stroking it to sooth it as my insides ripple around Lin*
*Lin by now is too lust consumed, seeking release in any form after witnessing Sadu's, wanting to feel just as same as she did, her cock driving deep into Sadu despite just how much it makes Lin writhe and twist, barely capable to endure it herself, room now filled with arousal of both girls, revealing to Sheena just how intense their intimate moments are*
redrew a set of actions
*I push you out with a shove, horns slowly forming before dissipating immediately, shaking my head as Lin has sealed my horns for now. I let out a hissing sound and pounce on her nude body, shoving my thick throbbing cock down... and entering Lin's pussy instead of her ass, shoving in deep and starting a heavy fucking*
*Lin collapses onto floor, giving in to Sadu's girlcock, not even able to press tight on it, too lost in her moans and pleasure to fight back for a moment, craving release at this point* Saduuuuuuuu~ Sheeeeeeena~ Pleaaaaaase~
*I pant hard and look down at Lin's cock, continuing to fuck the college student deeply, though not as hard as I'd like since I'm still shivering from my intense orgasm*
*Lin continues staring at both her own cock, shaking about and dancing, feeling it throb hard, only not too noticeable because of that flailing, as well as Sadu's length, cummy, but oh so desirable, and so smoothly plowing her, Lin's emotions blowing past the point of welling up* COULD YOU TWO JUST GE ME OFF BY NOW?!~
Hehe that's up to Sadu, Lin...I'm just a spectator for the time being
*I nod and try my tail... but nothing. Growling, I take the rope and lift Lin up, tying her by her wrists to a nearby chair back before leaning Lin over the chair and plowing her hard*
is resisting cumming (96% chance of cum) => Came!
AGHGHAHAHAHAHAHAH~ *Lin yells one continuous moan, feeling Sadu's frustrations at her form shut out all too well, even giving in to ropes for now - anything just to get to feel that orgasm, and ride it out, feeling her cock explode with force, her cum shooting high in sky like a geyser, splattering all three girls in room*
*I wipe a bit of the cum from my face, licking at my fingers while I stare at Lin's erupting cock in awe* That sure was...a lot...
*I pull out of Lin after she finishes cumming, fucking her through her orgasm before pulling out and stroking myself, really needing the breather after all of what just happened, once again wishing I was in Mia's body for a moment*
*Meanwhile Lin is still reeling in her high, staring at Sadu with love and affection, starting to purr as she sees her girlcock getting stroked, blowing it a kiss* Saaaaaduuuuuu~ *she mrreowls, cooing her up*
Darling... *I pant out and climb up onto my feet fully, putting a knee on the chair before pushing my hips in. I aim my cock at your lips as you stare at it, pushing into your mouth without much resistance and fucking you all the way until your nose is hitting my crotch with each stroke* So... deep... gooood....
*Lin starts gagging and choking as Sadu works herself inside, but Lin doesn't care, and doesn't struggle, her eyes still teary and needy, pleading Sadu for more, wanting to say many things to her but unable, only bit of body that's working her up being her tongue, licking up any cum and precum that's about it, making sure Sadu's as hard and slick as she needs to be*
((Armaris says a sleepy hello you two~))
((*hugs Armaris through distance, patting her and nuzzling))
*I keep going into Lin's mouth since she's not struggling... though it means I'm also not really pleasuring her a lot, kind of losing myself in that pleasure as I fill Lin's mouth over and over*
((Heyy arma))
*Even though Lin feels those ropes drop behind her, once again revealing that it was her lust holding her back, not tightness of bind, Lin's mind still swoons over for a moment, pulling out enough to avoid further choking, but unable to move away far from it, staring at it with desire*
oh up already, Lin? I suppose Sadu just wants me more...*I tease, seeing the binds lazily fall off of Lin*
*as Lin frees herself and pulls back a little, I slink down her body and press my cock to hers, looking Lin in the eyes and stoking both our cocks together* ...she's fine... Sheena... We're both... raring for more, you know... *I briefly bite my bottom lip as I stroke the two cocks and look into Lin's eyes*
*Lin nods, Sheena's words and Sadu's motions returning her back to sense, making her shake her head, giving a grin, seating into one of chair's legs like a makeshift dildo to keep herself open if it comes to more fucking* Aye, Sheena..... We're two balls of carnal lust, consuming one another wholly whenever we meet... Sometimes one gives to other, sometimes the other - but it's always equally lovely, making sure both are left satisfied quite.... wholly~
*I breathe in and out deeply, still stroking the two cocks, nodding* Mmmm... that said... This seems... more intense than normal... I think...
*Lin joins Sadu in jerking, frotting against demoness harder, tugging both cocks about before squeezing them both together* I guess we have to thank Sheena for that, and prizes you both thought of... My mind's still reeling at what I would do with them both once I make you scream for me...
*nodding I slink down* ...guess I'll just have to have a mouth full of your girlcock so that's a bit muffled, neh? *grinning I push down, enveloping Lin in my warm wet mouth, long tongue swirling about Lin's shaft hungrily*
*Lin lays down and gently lowers down Sadu on floor into side 69, but instead of sucking her off, she just continues her stroking, twisting her hand about so that Sadu's not just fisted up and down, but jerked in and out, Lin's fingers pulsing to loosen and tighten about it* Exactly, muffled, but not silent~ I'll make you scream my name past any gag, love~
*she looks back to Sheena* Was that how you imagined today's first half to go?~ *she cackles, winking and blowing a kiss to her*
*I suck Lin's cock deep and hard, fucking my cock into her waiting hand, moaning around that thick cockmeat as I shake my head clear*
Well I never know what to expect when you two are involved
*Lin continues her motions, her other hand doing identical things to Sadu's heavy ballsack - squeezing tight and loosening in pulses, tugging them back and forth, pulling them side to side, making them smack both against her own butt and cock* Why do I feel you're about to do exactly that, Sadu?~ Why is your cock twitching so hard in my hand, and why are your balls churning, something roiling in them?~
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Resisted!
redrew a set of actions
*I groan heavily around your cock and pull off, panting hard and throbbing in your hand. I look at you and bite my lip* ...your mistake... was n-not... finishing the job... sealing me. *I grin and draw a symbol on my stomach before eight tentacles growling out of my back, shooting towards Lin and picking her up, going into her ass and pussy and mouth* I never... use... everything I have... you should be... honored... my love~
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Came!
*She stares gaping at Sadu's magic, having never pushed her to limits, unable to resist that, giving in fully to getting taken from every end, even her cock jerked about by a pair of them* SSSSHHHHSHSHHAAGAGAGGAGADADDHDHDHDDHUUUGHGHUUUHGHGUHUUU~ *her screams are heavily muffled, but Lin's forced to eat her words (and more), screaming her lover's name despite sizeable gag, her cock firing off another powerful load, feeling herself get drained much sooner than usual, early suckles that had left Lin small and senseless finally taking their effect in full, Lin feeling herself ache lightly after fight*
((ninja move! Linlin substituted Jaqui >.>))
(I wish XD
Well...It looks like we have a winner! *I poke a finger against Lin's softening cock, giggling.*
*I pant hard, tentacles slowing before dissipating into purple haze after pulling out of Linlin, slumping back into the chair I'd had Lin bent over earlier. My body aches and I'm somehow less than satisfied. But I soon slip off the chair and lean over Linlin, tenderly kissing her lips as my right hand massages her chest, avoiding Lin's nipples to tenderly rub my fingers into her aching flesh*
*Lin slowly comes back to her senses, whimpering at Sadu's touch, even light massage setting her off, Lin feeling herself twitch a bit as Sadu caresses her and soothes* A winner and more... I didn't even know......... I'll have to do that more in future~ *she chuckles meekly, her body aching hard, quite appreciating the fact she's about to get forced to watch only*
*I smooch Lin's cheek, smiling at her* We definitely will... together. *I look over at Sheena* Can you toss me a pillow for our spectator here?
*I pick up a pillow off the couch and toss it to Sadu.* Here ya go!
*grabbing the rope I tie Linlin's wrists behind her gently, propping the pillow against the wall before leaning the younger woman against the pillow and standing up,* Hope that's not too uncomfortable; I want you to enjoy this. *I walk over to Sheena, my cock bobbing in the air, still throbbing hard and all cummy*
Ummm... actually,... I have a bit of silly request~ *she blushes, her fingers hooking onto Sadu to make her stop for a bit*
*I look back before turning around, nodding* Anything for you, love. What's up?
Ehrrm... Could you tie me up fully tight, in such a way I couldn't move an inch with any part of body, and you two fuck however you want.... ehrmm... *she hesitates to say last bit, flustering even redder, only hint being how she keeps looking over her body*
hmm? What's up? *I look at Lin confused*
*I nod a little and summon some more rope with a flick and snap, starting to tie Lin up more tightly, elbows and ankles and knees and across the nude girl's body as Sheena looks at her*
*She hesitates a bit more, before sighing out, closing her eyes for a moment to compose, and then quickly stammers it out* ...errrmm.... and then fuck over, atop and about me!~
Oh my...So you want to be our human sex swing? *I look at Sadu, then Lin, then back to Sadu.*
*I shake my head* She wants an up close view, Sheena. *I beckon Sheena over to me as I finish laying the bound Lin's head on the flat to the floor pillow, kneeling high over her face* So she can smell and see us up close, feel the drips on her and such... but not touch, ever.
*Lin nods wildly, at least until her head doesnt get bound* Yes, that!~ But I wouldn't mind also if I was your chair, or bed, or floor to lay in, or your wall to lean and hold against, your passions tugging me about~
*I look down, grinning* All part of it. Oh, but one more thing...
*I grab one more thing and gag Lin's mouth, both so she can't kiss or suck or lick...* A chair doesn't talk, no? *I look back at Sheena* I am ready for you, sexy.
*For a moment, it seems like Lin's face will flash in anger and rage... but then she smirks, her eyes narrowing down pleased, nodding in thanks to Sadu*
*though her nodding is only visible by rope straining bit more, Lin's head unmoving*
Hehe well I could never say no to a cute request like that...*I saunter over to to both of you, putting a hand on Sadu's hip.* And I'm ready for you, hot stuff. Will I be taking your hole, or will you take mine?
Considering how hard and cum-slick I am... I think I need some of your toned, tight ass dear. *I reach out and take one of Sheena's thick ass cheeks in my hand, giving a squeeze before giving it a slight clap*
(for logistical side, you to just go one after other, and I'll pip in from time to time as it fits the moment)
Well in that case...*I bend over for Sadu and drop to my knees, my balls dangling mere inches over Lin's face. So close yet so far away* Do me however you please, Sadu. I'll be your loving bedfellow or your dirty whore for tonight, choice is yours.
*Lin stares at the sight of Sheena's orbs, feeling her saliva gather about, for now, trying her hardest to strain against her binds, her hands and body completely stationary in regards to other girls, Lin realizing Sadu did it perfectly as asked*
*I did a great job this time, the bindings this time there to keep Lin in place as long as I want, rather than a hasty knot job to keep her in place a bit. I kneel behind Sheena, rubbing the tip of my cock between her ass cheeks* You're the prize tonight, Sheena... I'm going to treat you just like a prize should be treated... *I grip Sheena by the shoulder before pushing in with one, slick cummy thrust, pushing my fat cock deep into that tight back door with one firm thrust, moaning out. My ass hovers over Lin's cock while her tip bumps into my balls, her cock being the one part I didn't really tie down.*
hgnhh~ *I groan out as Sadu thrusts in to me, my cock jolting hard from that first thrust. My hips beging to push back in to Sadu, craving her cock. My orbs swing back and forth like a pendulum over Lin's face. With one hand right next to Lin's head for support, my other hand goes up to my shoulder, intertwining my fingers with Sadu's*
Mmmm... as tight and hot as... last time... *I coo out in my throat, my other hand going to Sheena's narrow waist, holding on to her as I start to fuck that wonderful tunnel, balls swaying back to hit into Lin's girlcock with each thrust of my hips*
*A very tiny muffled moan can be heard from Lin as her girlcock is tingled, Lin's eyes still transfixed at Sheena's underside, unable to focus on anything*
Just as thick and hard as l-last time! *I call back, feeling myself stretch all around Sadu. The thrusting makes my legs wobble in pleasure, causing my hips to lower for a few seconds before pushing back up to meet Sadu's thrusts. During those few seconds, my balls rest softly on Lin's face, giving her a kiss around the gag*
*Sheena can feel Lin quickly taking a deep whiff, her only way to somehow tease other up*
*as worked up as I am by all the earlier fucking, the break for tying Lin up and such has gotten a good bit of my edge off. And along with the free reign to take Sheena's ass has my energy back too, fucking in nice and firmly as I enjoy my prize... and the woman I didn't get the best chance to enjoy on the live stream. My right hand moves from Sheena's shoulder to mirror my other on her waist, pulling her body back into my thrusts firmly*
Mmm God Sadu! Take me! I'm your prize! *I groan out, happily being pulled in to Sadu's thrusts. My back arches as my cock begins to dribble small drops of precum, landing on Lin's face and splattering on impact.*
*Lin tries to lean and make that precum slide down to her gag, with no luck, bit of disappointed moan muffling out, while meanwhile her girlcock starts oozing a bit too from Sadu's thrusts*
*grip tightening and lowering to Sheena's hips, I raise her up off Lin a bit. I sit back on Lin's waist
, sandwiching her cock between my ass cheeks as I pull Sheena onto my lap. I sit on Lin's lower stomach, feet coming to rest on Lin's face as I pull Sheena into my lap, her cock landing on Lin's breasts and leaving a smear of pre*
*Lin closes her eyes for a bit, letting her imagination drive her, both girls feeling Lin breath become rarer and deeper, wanting both equally, Lin's cock twitching a bit between Sadu's cheeks
Mmm~ *I groan out as I'm pulled back to ride Sadu's cock. each thrust causing me to spurt a small shot of pre, landing randomly around Lin's chest each time. I extend a foot as well, letting it rest between Sadu's feet on Lin's face.*
*I lean in, kissing at Sheena's neck, hand under Sheena's asscheeks as I prop her spread legs out on my legs a bit. I finally let go of her ass and put my hands back on Lin's thighs, using them as handholds to fuck up into Sheena's ass quick and hard, moaning out*
*I drop my hips down on to Sadu each time she thrusts up, building the perfect rythm together. The hollow claps echo throughout the room each time my ass meets her pelvis. My head tilts back, giving Sadu better access to my neck, letting her lips roam wherever they pleased. By now my cock is throbbing and leaking a steady stream of precum, dripping all over Lin's chest and abdomen* Ohhh fuckk Sadu~ You're sooo good!
*By now Lin's a stiff and tense mess herself, her cock leaking more profusely, her limbs feeling rock hard, her breathing slow, only breathing in when her lugs start burning, begging for more air*
And you're... so fucking... tight! *I fuck up more animalistically, feeling Linlin's cock bounce up into my sack each time I lift my hips, leaking on me. I kiss Sheena's neck firmly, leaving a slight hickey,* I think... our chair is really feeling our fucking. Think we should... go gentle on it?
Why ~hngh~ would we? She seems to be enjoying this! *I groan out, feeling Sadu stretch me as she fucks deep and hard. My tongue rolls out of my mouth as I pant and moan and my eyes begin to flutter. My cock begins to twitch as I get closer and closer to my edge.*
You're... nnnn... right. Let's use it to the fullest, all... it's features. *sitting up a bit so my hands leave Lin's thighs, I guide her cock to my kitty and slip it in, even as I continue to bounce up into Sheena. After establishing this I guide Sheena's cock between Lin's breasts, pressing them together with my hands as Sheena slides in and out of the soft, bound pair with each of my thrusts*
*Lin's eyes open wide, not expecting to be used in quite such a way, expecting to be forced only to watch, but then she realizes this is much worse, as she's not able to buck back, fully at mercy of Sadu in how she's ridden*
(work be tugging me, so continue on without me, but do still use and incorporate me however you wish. I'll be reading)
(I want lots of hot stuff to find after I'm back from work)
Ohh fuck~ *I groan again, my cock a leaky mess against Lin's breasts. I lean back again, pressing my lips against Sadu's. My hands rest on Lin's shoulders for support as I buck back into Sadu's thrusts.*
A nice... seat rest... and cock rest, no? *I grin and pant through my nose as I lean in, claiming Sheena's lips in my own, Linlin having to watch the deep passionate kiss as well as Sheena's bouncing breasts over the swell of her well used breasts. My cock throbs in Sheena, finally catching up to how turned on I am with Lin being in me* Going to... cum deep... inside you soon... Sheena... *I murmur into Sheena's lips, forehead resting on hers*
God me too, Sadu! You've got me so riled up! *My cock is at its edge now, any little movement could be the one that sends me over. By now Lin's breasts are absolutely coated with my precum, slick and wet as my cock slides in and out between them. my hole begins to pulsate around Sadu's cock, trying to coax her orgasm in to my needy ass*
*I hold just a bit longer, bouncing down onto Linlin's cock in turn, feeling it filling my ass as Sheena squeezes me, barely able to hang on. But I lean forward a little, pushing Sheena's cock more into Lin's waiting breasts and so the tip sticks out the other side, pointed right at Lin's face as I pounce into the ass on one side and cock on the other*
Hgnhh~ *I moan out one final time. My cock jolts hard and my balls tense before spraying thick ropes all over Lin's face. So much cum erupting from my cock after being pent up from watching the two fight over me. My eyes go cross and my tongue lazily hangs out my mouth, drool rolling down the center and dripping down my chin as I squeal out* SADUUUUUU~
*As Sheena cums Linlin does as well and the feeling is astounding. I fuck up a few more times into Sheena's ass deeply before cumming myself. As Lin's cum rains down on my big round ass I cum heavily deep inside Sheena, letting go of Lin's breasts to wrap my arms tight around Sheena and hold her onto me as I groan loudly against her back*
Mmmm yes Saduuu...Fill my hole! *I lean back in to Sadu as she hold on to me, slowing down my bucking as she comes down from her orgasm.* That *huff* was amazing!
*I nod and pant hard, kissing at Sheena's back muscles through her slightly sweaty skin, finally pulling out of her as my cock bounces out and pokes at Sheena's balls* Every... m-minute of it, yeah...
mhm...yeah...*My breathing slowly returns to nomral as Sadu's cum leaks out of my ass, dribbling on to her cock then down on to Lin's stomach*
And it seems we found a wonderful... multipurpose... little piece of furniture here, h-hm? *chuckle breathlessly and rub at Lin's nipples, hearing her moan through the gag and feeling her weakly squirm a bit beneath us.*
Hehe it seems we have...*I look down at lin with a little smirk, licking my lips. I place my hand on her cheek while Sadu teases her nipples*
(multipurpose little piece of furniture that's to get 'special prize' after too)
*after a bit of this I finally stand up with Sheena, helping her up at a look down at the cum covered seat, Lin's cum drooling off my ass as my own cum leaks out of Sheena. Finally, Sheena's own cum has plastered Linlin's face, her nose blowing the occasional bubble with it as I look down at our handiwork* ...good thing it's washable, no?
Hehe that's what I heard...Just soak in soap and water and it's good to go. *I press a foot against Lin's gagged face, smearing the cum around more as she squirms. I look over to Sadu and give her another gentle kiss*
*I kiss back briefly before squatting down, picking up Linlin in my arms with a grunt* Oof... a tiring evening. But I think I can manage a shower with this one. Do you want to join me?
Hehe could we take a rain check on that? I should really be off to bed now...
*I nod* After I'm done washing her I'll head to bed too. This one is just special to me and all. Want to take good care of her... *I lean over and give one last kiss to Sheena before untying Lin. Cradling her to me with her arms around my neck, I carry her to Sheena's bathroom for a nice shower and massage and aftercare*
Well I'll be off to be now...feel free to spend the night if you're too tired to get home, lovlies!
*Lin's limbs weakly wrap about Sadu, nympho purring in joy as she gets carried off to be pampered*
(FIN. And I need to get off to bed here anyways <3)
(yup, sleep sweet dreams, cuties. And I guess I'll need to prepare myself for a stream some morning
(goodnight yall! I had a lot of fun!)
(likewise, even if I had to watch last bit instead of participating

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