Selina Bond πŸ’• VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (49 turns)

Selina hires a new maid

Who wouldn't get tempted by offer of "Deep cleaning services with all the 'tools'"?~ Although it's to be seen just who leads who about as the two work along~

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(And hello again~)
(So, anything else to discuss?~)
(Any limits or other things I should be aware off?
(Hiii 😍 just kind of typical limits? Illegal, bodily fluids that are not cum etc)
(Gotcha, gotcha~ Same with me mostly, plus also no chastity, but well, disabled anyway)
(I dont mind it but good to know, and better its not even an option πŸ™‚)
(Otherwise, keep it simple, or add bondage/hypno rules?)
(Probably for the best, just go with whatever you typically use. Its probably best)
(Well, I'm impartial for it myself πŸ˜…)
(But considering I do need to catch the other person later, maybe let's stick without this time~)
(Okay πŸ™‚)
(Well, unless anything else.....)
(Think im good? )
(Oh, and I'll add a title/desc in a bit, once we get first actions in, to better see how to shape it)
(Then I'm good too~ πŸ’‹)
*"ding dong!" I rush over to the door breaking a sweat, without even looking i start talking* oh thank goodness you are here, i can't do this myself i'm so stressed out about cleaning up *my face visibly red with heat, i turn around to look at you* oh! You came very prepared!
*I snicker at your jitteriness as I look you over, letting myself in and putting my handbag by the side, reaching up to hug you, quite a bit shorter than you* Don't worry~ I'll make sure it all goes swimmingly~
Is there anything in particular I should start with?~
*I take a seat to observe the scene happening between the two cutie*
Enjoy~ :P
*Gets all comfi to watch some of the cuties before lunch!* ~
Oh thank you so much *I plant a massive smooch of gratitude on your lips* we should maybe start the living room, probably best to sort out where folk congregate first? *i lean back and hold your elbows taking in your cleaning outfit very unsubtly*
*I slip one arm out and slide my own hand behind about your waist, making you feel that I might have my own desires too, letting you show off the place with a big grin on my face* Oh yes~ Plenty of sofas to dust and carpets to hoover, I imagine, too~
Oh yes and plenty of low cleaning, my skirting is a mess. *i lift up my top and reveal my body glistening with sweat* i had started but its hard to stay motivated when im this warm.
Oh my~ I gotta make sure you're hundred percent ready for this then~ *I bite my lip before pressing into you, my hands sliding about your body while I lightly lick over your nipples, getting started with that 'clean up'* Can't have you catching a cold from all the hard work that we're about to do~
*i ever so lightly slap your face and feign shock* Linlin we dont have time for that.... *my growing smile deceives my desires aa i bite my lip too* can i get you anything before we start?
Water? Coffee? A cold shower? hehe
*you see the smirk on my face turn real mischievious as you do that, grabbing you by your neck and forcing you to lean down all the way to my high heelies* Your lips will do good for now~ That's not how you treat a busy, obedient worker like me, missy~
Oh what a lovely match~
*an unexpected moan escaped my lips as i am roughly pushed to the floor, ass pointed high in my shiny short skirt revealing no panties underneath* ugh Linlin what are you doing? *i stare at your delicious stilettos hungrily*
*grabs a seat and brings a blanket to watch*
*You don't hear me respond and if you lift your head up, you could see why, as I am too busy pulling my uniform to make my tits jump out for a moment, licking all over them as I see your love for my shoes, as well your naughty get up, taking my time to stare all over your lovely body*
*soon though I tuck them back in, shaking my head* Mmmmgh~ I clean everything, Selina~ Including you and me too~
*my mouth gaping open at what i just saw ny legs tighten together with arousal and i get to work cleaning your stilettos, giggling* well i can clean you too at the same time *as i lick i keep rubbing my stockinged legs together and waving them back and forth*
*I snap my fingers in the air, as you do so, and you can feel that my hand now holds something, a little vibe conjured out of the handbag I had, leaning down over your back, my hard bulge rubbing into your back as I press the little buzzer right against your cock tip, turning it on light for now just to get a little jolt out of you* I was expecting you to do so~ Only really needy girls call on this service~
*i let out a long soft moan as i feel the vibe start to work, beginning to throb and twitch under your tool* nooo i swear i'm not needy *my legs spread more as my legs start to weaken at my situation, lowering me further to your feet and able to lick them more intensely*
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
*i try to get myself back up off my knees but your body on top of me stops me and i feel you rummage ontop of me, your panties suddenly around your ankles and bare cock back on my skin*
*I smirk as I pull back to fix my wardrobe situation - not by getting my panties, but by pulling up my skirt and using a few hidden straps to tie it up to my uniform, leaving me permanently upskirt, wagging my hardening cock right before your eyes as I take a step back* Well, your body seems to be telling a different tale though~
*i lean back on my haunches, my tip dripping after the vibe. I get a full view of you stiffening up and can't help but bite my lip* it's... huge Linlin.... ugh... i swear i am.... * ilinge forwardcand take your dick in my hand, stroking and licking it to help it get its hardest* ... definately needy
*I blush at your care of my cock, shuddering a bit from the soft licks, still doing my work as I spot one of your dildos wedged in between sofa covers, grabbing it and giving it a good, deep, thorough blowing, even making myself gag on it demonstratively before you, before pulling out, saliva still trailing between* Don't think we need this when you have a better toy to play with today, right?~
*feeling an ungodly amount of arousal, i stand up and push you onto the sofa, swatting the dildo out your hand* no we don't. *i kiss you deep and wrap my fingers around your huge cock, slowly teasing you up and down as i make out with you*
(I love this gif so hard not to use ever 😍)
(Mhm~ Though there are a lot of hot gifs :P )
(This gif is quite hot indeed~)
*I let myself get pushed, my butt rolling a bit harder from inertia as I slam into the sofa, giving you a sneakpeek of my sweet rosebud before I settle in, kissing you back* And what's on your mind now that we dropped the pretense of not being lewd?~
*i climb om top of you and tease my fingers up your breasts before meeting your lips* i was hoping we would have got a little more done by now but i cant wait. I'm feeling very cum hungry today. *my feet reposition and grasp my shiny stilettos around your cock, ever so slightly rubbing up and down to tease you more* we both know what i want now right?
I think we do~ *I groan out and let my eyes roll back as I enjoy you, but even without looking, you feel that I'm not without tricks of my own, pulling a bit of elastic tape out of the sleeve of my uniform, pulling your hands back while you tease me with your heels, getting that tape wrapped about you to tie you up* But if that's the case, think I'll need a bit of help~
Oh no Linlin *i put my hands out to stop you only to find them wrapped up in tape* heyyyy thats not fair *i pout and try to get out of the binds*
redrew a set of actions
*my cock throbs between my legs giving away how much i enjoy this, biting and licking my lip watching the tape as i cannot escape*
redrew a set of actions
*feeling a bit too stuffed in my uniform, I decided to toss it away, grabbing it and just pulling it up and throwing it away in one go, shaking my head to get my hair to straighten back about* Mmmghhhh~ Think that is not necessary anymore either~
*staring in awe as your whole body is unveiled i cant help but melt inside* kiss me... please...
*I hold your head in, making sure you don't break that kiss even as I slide down under your cock to slip mine in, prodding it against your ass, trying to find my way into you, slowly parting you open* Gladly~
*i lock lips tightly with you, only to open them to gasp as you enter inside me* ugh Linlin fuck... * i continue kissing, arching my back so our bare chests rub as you start to enter me more*
*as we stay tightly pressed in, my hips starting to thrust with a bit more force to get myself in proper, you can feel my hand wedged in between our bellies, tickling your tip and smearing any precum about that you might be leaking* Shhhhhhh~ *one messy finger soon reaches up to shush you up*
*the taste of precun drives me wild as you invade my mouth with your finger, my horniness taking over and my hips bucking hard on your huge dick, my moans spilling out as i suck your finger dry*
*I look over to the window as I moan with you, wanting to focus on the feeling without what I see, only to spot a few peepers against the window, chuckling lightly* Have a problem with spies often?~
*i whisper* fuck... thats just my nosey neighbour... she's lucky she's hot.. *i beckon her with my head in and ask if you can change positions for us*
*I snicker, getting off you and opening the window to pull her in, too lazy to bother with door, saying hi and kissing her before undressing her* And she's lucky for you too, right?~
If you take this tape off me i can try a little something *i blink madly at you trying to be sweet and get what i want*
Show how lucky she is
*I was about to say something about it but your neighbour is a bit quicker at that, making me just smile and settle into the sofa again, legs spread* Do surprise me then, I guess~
*as she unties me my wandering horny hands grab her by the dick and lead her over to you.* how is this? *i kneel between the two of you and grab both your shaftst he same way, working them to the same pace as a cheeky smile cover my face, unsure of which to look at most*
*I giggle as I make sure you keep your eyes on me, reaching down and grasping your cock in return and trying to jerk at the same pace as you do me, my other hand flicking over your tip, just the tiniest slaps* Not bad, but you did hire me, not her~ She will still be your neighbour tomorrow~
I'm sorry you're right *wincing at the slaps expecting harder* i know how you'll forgive me *i maintain eye contact as i dive mouth first onto your dick, swallowing it in one swift go. Slowly teasing your balls as i work myself on it*
*your hot neighbour isn't just going to let you apologize like that though, it seems, as you can feel finger after finger slowly working their way about your rear, spreading you while she catches my attention to watch, potentially revealing a weakspot in you while you drool over my cock, unable to move and act myself with how mushy and squirmy I feel from it*
*my legs buckle under the hand invading my hole, forcing me to hold your beautiful big dick in my thoat, gutteral animalistic noises are blocked from the sensations i feel coming out as a garbled gagging choking moan. You find yourself enjoying the sight before me as i am pinned between cock and wrist, shaking with pleasure*
*I pat your head appreciatively as I squeal myself from the deep blowing, getting too close to cumming to let you continue, slipping out and rolling away only for me to take over from your friend, rolling your legs onto you as I lean down and taste your gaping flower, giving it a slow, wide lick, my hand massaging your likely throbbing cock to still a bit* Mmmmgh~ Someone's a fan I see?~
*precum flows from my throbbing cock as you tease it and my hole, my mind trying to form words of gratitude but the senses of pleasure make it difficult* mmm... i... yes.... do... *the neighbour not being one to be ignored lets out "hmmph" before caressing Linlins cheeks too, poking and teasing her hole too with hungry stiffness*
Ahhhhhhh~ Mmmmmgh~ *her prods make me push on top of you, soon enough locked up in a train as I get squished between you both, my cock used more as a toy as I get fucked another lady, not yowling out only because my lips are stuffed on top of yours as we're forced to make out, humming satisfied*
Hai hai
*Peeks in again!*
Hi all~
*catching on your eye the look of pleasure i start sliding under you, kissing your neck, working my way down to your nipples. A long slow lick down your stomach to your pubic bone before getting to your stiff dick. I giggle and my eyes widen as i suck and lick you fevorishly, hoping to crack out the tasty goo inside*
Hiii 😁
is resisting cumming (28% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Despite both being fucked and blown at the same time, though, my hands balling up into little fists that smack about, my whole boy shuddering from the great feeling flowing all over me, it seems I still want more - which in turn, might make your position precarious, as I still have a girl on top of me, thrusting harder and more eagerly, making me more facefuck you than just let you have your way*
Don't stop, either of you~ *I finally stammer out through my groans, my mouth not closing a I keep yowling right after, still unable to move much, not that I would want*
Hi koto~
*Smiles and hugs Eve* Hey you; been a while since we saw each other~
*Wiggles in to get comfi to watch the cuties some more*~ <3
Mmm *a splurting as your cock slops out of my mouth* i bet you wont be able to look us in the eyes after we make you cum like this hehe *i continue the sloppy hard blowjob as we both give so much to you*
redrew a set of actions
*peaks my head in to watch them*
*I roll my eyes as you say that, pulling myself and the girl fucking me back so that I was at the same level with you, my hand reaching down to stroke you while I reached down for a perky nip, my fingers just barely pinching and squeezing on the upper part of your cock* Don't talk too soon, Selina~
They're being so very lovely as always 😊
*Eyes are wide and glued on the action*
*the caress on my nipple and stroking gets a little overwhelming and i slip out under the two of you out of harms way of cumming to soon.* but i like to talk...hehe *i put my hand on the neighbours ass and help her thrust more, caressing her cheek as she does. With my other hand i reach round and get back to stroking you tightly in my palm* shouldnt have let her untie me *i giggle more uncontrolably*
*I try to say yes, but you're really making that a hard task, my cock stirring in your hand and trying to desperately get away to avoid popping off, my lip getting more and more bit as I try to hold myself out, wondering if I'll make more mess that we'll need to clean later*
Hmmm... I'll deem that as an acceptable greeting koto 😘
You passed the test 🀭
*seeing your body react i slow down stroking to a stop before letting go* was that almost too much there? Nees to warn me if youre going to blow so i can catch it!
All you lovelies πŸ₯°
Awwww, so you are happy to see me~
So many lovelies *Nods firmly*
*as I get a moment to act thanks to your taunting, I act without a pause, remembering just how much you loved worshipping my shiny black stilletos, catching your cock between the thin heels as I bend my legs about like a little pretzel, stroking and squeezing your cock all over as I try to grab onto your hands both to hold against as well as pull back from my own cock and not let you stroke me back* Only almost, aye~ I'm not asking for warning myself though~
(buh, thought there was a variant with shoes on among gifs, but seems this is closest)
(They're so close...but not close enough 😞)
(Your words paint the picture more evocatively than a gif ever could ;) )
Uggghhh nooo *i find myself trapped, struggling only makes matters worse as it rubs me up against your heels, i give in and use this to you and start humping uncontrollably*
is resisting cumming (65% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Please stop... * i look up with begging eyes* i make such a mess if you keep this up *i let out a groan as i reach an edge from your heels*
(I did not expect a pass there πŸ˜‚)
(That move is usually succesful on me)
(It's all the training against the bots! Finally culminating in you passing for once ^-^ )
(Now we see your hard work paid off! )
Oh shit, right, the mess~ *I laugh out and roll myself about to push both you and your friend on the sofa, letting her take the rest she deserves while I kneel between your legs, grabbing the dildo I had cleaned off earlier, and stuffing it in you in hopes to reach your funbutton, while mouthing and swallowing your cock whole at the same time, pulling out for a moment to smirk* This will not make a mess then~ *before glomphing it all back, letting it hit the back of my throat*
"Resistance training"
(Following Rasputin's advice 🀭)
(eat enough 'posion' to get immune to it)
*my eyes roll back as my cock gets expertly engulfed* oh Linlin this is amazing....
(Steppies are much more fun than poison too 😌😌)
is resisting cumming (80% chance of cum) => Came!
*they stay rolled back as i start moaning out loud, arching my back.* im cum... mmminnnggg
(Yeah poison no fun)
(But there goes the pop~)
(Thousands of years of human alcohol consumption say otherwise! <3 )
(Steppies still more fun)
*my muscles tighten then start to relax as i melt into the sofa, my eyes staying closed as orgasmic relief washes over me*
*I swallow most of your cum as you explode in my mouth, but a little bit I collect and stuff in my cheek, only pullback and smear it all over the dildo as I pull it out and suck it right in front of your eyes like a popsicle, letting you watch it get shinier from it* Still need more help, or feel satisfied enough, Selina?~
Mmph.... you can stay here all day and i would just want more.... *my cock drips the last of my load out as you stuff my hole*
It would help more if you got satisfied too though. I move myself to a sixty nine position and start stroking your own cock, slick with precum. Getting too carried away i flip us onto my back and open my mouth wide as i can to catch any potential leakies as i tighten my grip* cum for me Linlin
is resisting cumming (79% chance of cum) => Came!
*When you say it like that and follow it through with a blowjob just as deep and melty as I did, how the hell could I say no, and not just cry out right into your cock, unable to close my mouth on it as my hips started thrusting on their own, spurting cum with each bounce*
(Looks like the time has come, and need to end in next 15-30 mins at most, so maybe we use this as cutting point?~ )
(Okay 😊)
(Still can do a few lines to finish this off proper though :P )
(Of course woukd be rude nkt to finish πŸ˜‹)
*i let go of your exhausted cock, dripping away after exploding on my face* looks like you made more mess.... we're not very good as this cleaning malarky are we? *i rub some cum on my fingers to stare at it as it strings between them*
*I giggle as I roll around slowly and slide to your face, licking off any cum that splashed about you* Well, I'm good at cleaning bodies~ Houses.... no, not so much indeed~ Then again, it was never about that, was it?~ *I lay down at your side, giving you a small peck on the cheek while my hand lazily groped one of your tits*
Good thing its a sex party... noone will ever notice really * rub your side lower and lower until i get a good grab of your butt to pull you in tighter* what time is it anyway? *looks at watch* oh shit! They are here soon! You should probably get going before they think you are part of it!
*I scramble quickly as you say that, not bothering with my underwear as I just toss my dress on me and squeeze into it, packing everything up quickly, giving you another kiss before I run for the door* I hope I haven't made you too spent for it though~
*grabs you hand again as you try to run* wait *pulls you in for one last heated embrace, before spanking you on the cheek to go* i think you got me more riled up. By the way i will be in need of a maid tomorrow *i shout out before you go through the door*
Well, hope you can afford me then!~ *I laugh out back as I run, sticking out my tongue at you*
Thank youuuuu *waves and blows kisses*
(Well, hope you enjoyed it all~)
(You especially Selina~)
(I really did 😊 thank you for playing with me)
( <3 cuties)
(Not sure if the other thing will be public or not, haven't asked the other person yet
(So you might or might not see that :P
(And yup, thanks for letting me join you~ Always wondered if we could work out or not :P )
(I think we did, would happily play again some day)
(Likewise~ πŸ’‹
(Now go get ready for your next client! πŸ˜˜πŸ’•)
** Linlin Mira left the game (definitively). **
Have fun everyone! Xxx

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