Selina Bond (Level 12) mail warning

Already fucked it, edged senseless again 🤪

Bi / Switch

Hello, I am Miss Selina Bond.

I change my orientation/gender/role a lot on here more for game choices than actual reason, i'm really sexually flexible.

I was away quite a while, so kind of felt too much time has passed to keep some things on my profile sadly.
Will pick up again and hopefully old and new flames will flourish once again.

Scottish, trans Edging Queen who prefers it when you beg and don't cum. Has a love hate relationship with luck.
5'11", slender and feminine (pfp is actually me). A girlcock I try not to use on others, instead breaking them with untiring toys.
You will probably find me making fun of the ai publically, or on an extremely horny day playing something else.

Looking for a sub to compete for an edging challenge at some point for consecutive edges.
Currently: no one
For comparison my own PB recorded on EF; 170 set 29/01/23

Rules set for play:

Strengths; deepthroater, seductress, uses toys a lot, edges others mentally and physically, joi, quick wit.

Weaknesses; motormouth, latex, stillettos(boots inc), fisting, cunnilingus(i love it so much it almost brings me to edge), and biggest is edging (increases my horniness and obedience (will irl too)).

Likes; latex, toys, feminisation, nipple play, heels, EDGING, denial and chastity, humour, exhibitionism (games much preferred to be public for extra vulnerability).

Dislikes; bathroom play, drugs.

fucking machine

One of our favourite EF people on here;

Given a Crane necklace, made with 24k karat gold and carrying a blanket with a purple amethyst peaking out of the blanket. Vanessa and I faced each other in a loving Classic match in which I won. After, we cuddled and she decided to give me something that symbolizes who I am. A crane~ a giver and carer. Always looking to make others happy, and always looking to deliver them what I can. This necklace means the world to me~ and I will wear it always~ to show what my personality displays.

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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