Saduharta Ramangini VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (68 turns)

Or as they named each other: "Super Sexy Cock-Draining Doll" vs "Goddess"

And when you meet a woman who promises you to give the pleasure of a lifetime just with her body, no trickery like hypnosis or ropes or strapons involved, you know you're in one hot and sticky situation

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*giggles* This is going to be fun, isn't it? (anything before we start? Rules, rp style?)
It really really is. (not that I know of for rules. RP style I'm flexible on, but rp heavy)
(all cool. Some folk really like hypno/bondage stuff, but I'm impartial there, so just can play as normal. And all cool on being heavy :P )
(unless anything else, am ready)
(I'm off hypno bondage. So I'll get things started)
(oh right. So not even a question then :D all cool)
Well at least a little something to watch before nap time
Sadu stretched as she walked into the room with Linlin, her stretches pulling her tight tanktop up to show her nipples, "So tell me, how hard are you going to make me work for your special medicine?"
Good luck to the both of you~~ hope you have a nice game!
*wants to headpat はな*
*she smirks, her tongue rolling around lips at indecency of Sadu, approaching her to give a deep kiss* Probably just as hard as you'll make me work to make you cry my name in joy~
She chuckles softly and kisses back, reaching down to tug things off, "A fair enough response I suppose. But then, I am a very hard worker when I want something. And I want your cum very very badly Linlin..."
Sorry, that was such a nice cheer there is all.
Hehe thank you!
*she purrs as her girlcock gets released, already semi-hard, running her nails across Sadu's arms, gentle enough that they don't leave a mark, but enough to make her skin tingle* You're not the only one with very bad urges to have, nya~
*that gets a chuckle and a hand on the wall beside you as the redheaded woman puts some fingers under your chin, tracing your lips with her thumb* I think I'd like to see those urges of yours then...
Nini all
sweet dreams, Poki Poki
*waves good night*
Lin fuck her silly 😘😝
Goodnight poki ~
*she leans into a kiss, moving her thumb away, using the moment to push her a little back* How about a little show before that?~ *she clutches at the top of her shirt, and somehow manages to yank every single clothing out from her in a single motion, revealing her nude body, showing off her tits to Sadu* I think you'll find me endowed in many areas, lovely~
redrew a set of actions
Mmmm, so I see... And I bet every single inch of it tastes as lovely as it looks... *she leans in to kiss your neck, licking it as her hands rest on your upper arms*
Taste?~ *she chuckles, her hands wrapping around Sadu, putting them on her asscheeks, spreading them apart, pushing them in* Thinking it will only go into your lips?~ What a silly thought~
Heavens no. The medicine needs to go in my OTHER lips... *she smirks and turns, pulling aside her shorts and panties to show a damp, tight slit looking very deep pink and inviting as zhe spreads it slightly*
Hehe~ Just had to make sure~ But don't think you need to a bit more presentable?~ *she leans into Sadu's back, making sure she can feel Lin's breasts pushing in, and then repeats the same trick of one yank being enough to suddenly strip Sadu, spinning her in spot to face her, giving a kiss* There, much better~
need to be*
*Sadu steps out of her shredded clothes, seeming to be happy to be free of them* Much, much better indeed. *the now nude woman presses close to kiss you, body barely brushing against your own even as a hand reaches around to curl a finger in and out of your ass slowly*
Mmmgh~ *she moans out at the fingering, pressing in her body tighter against Sadu's, one hand latching onto one of her breasts, groping it and rolling around the nipple, the other hand wrapping around to trace her spice, seeing where her sensitive points are, as her girlcock starts grinding on the pussy, all while letting Sadu her have fun with Lin's ass, feeling this might be all she'll feel on that end today* Think you're wet enough for me already, or you need to wet my girlcock a bit more yourself?~ *she whispers in her air*
trace her spine*
Mmm... well, there's need, and then there's want. *she slips out of your hand slowly, breast sliding out and the tip of your girlcock sliding up her stomach and cleavage before it's at her mouth* ...I did say I wanted to taste this, adter all. *she pushes her lips over your tip, looking up at you as she swallows it down*
Agh~ *she gasps out, feeling her lips envelop her length, her girlcock pulsing a bit at excitement* You did~ And I did say I wanted to be in you too~ So how about I make you a bit more inviting while you do same to me~ *she chuckles, lifting her foot a bit to start rubbing Sadu's pussy, sometimes catching her clit with a toe to tease*
*that gets a moan around your girlcock, Sadu continuing to suck on it even as her hips wiggle a bit against your toes. She's unable to respond otherwise though, as she pushes more and more of you into her warm mouth with each push*
*a few more moans escape her even as she bites her lower lip, enjoying this greatly, but feeling like some encouragement could help out, resting her hands on the back of Sadu's head, stopping her as she's deep on the cock, holding her in a place for a bit before releasing* And so, what's the verdict on the taste?~ *she smirks*
*that gets a moan from Sadu and she reaches down, starting to finger herself as she pulls off* Goddess, I love it. I love your fucking cock, Linlin. *that said she pushes back on, pushing it into her throat while dragging her tongue around it*
03:22:12 pun intended *facepalm*
Do you now?~ *she thrusts back into her mouth, pushing on her shoulders to topple her down, following through herself so that her girlcock never leaves her mouth, rotating around once they're on ground so that she can easily reach her pussy, deciding to give her some quick fingering, pulling her fingers away a bit to see the trail of drip extending* Think we had enough foreplay?~
(feel like I'm missing the pun, honestly, though it might partially the horniness impacting that)
*she nods a little, moaning around your cock with a few more deep sucks, holding you hilted in her mouth a moment before sliding off. saliva connects her lips with your girlcock, even as you feel her nod, causing your sack and shaft to rub against the horny woman's face* Yeah... I think so...
redrew a set of actions
(using the explitive "fucking" for a cock feels redundant, that's all~
oh :P
Well how about we make it a bit more exciting?~ *she spins around once again to face her, wrapping around and grabbing on her tits, her legs wrapping around Sadu's* Hopefully you're strong enough to break out of this~ *she sneaks a kiss in while wrestling her down*
(of course game stops throwing fucking options the moment I suggest that :D )
*Sadu moans and wiggles back against you, large soft breasts filling your hands. You notice she's especially rubbing her damp pussy back* If you want me to beg, then... Please put your delicious, hard girlcock in my pussy~
(we roll with what the almighty algorithm provides, praise be
Oh that's an idea~ *she coos out excited, pushing her body harder against Sadu's, smushing her boobs with own* Feel like you can do better than that, though~
*rather than beg more, the strong woman just pushes her hips onto your dick from underneath, spreading her legs wide and pulling you in by your asscheeks* Nnnng! There... there we go.
Mmmgh~ *her grip immediately laxes upon insertion* Cheeky girl~ Well, that will work too, although think we need to increase volume a little bit~ *her moans get mixed with laughter, as she starts lowering down her hand towards Sadu's clit, playing and pinching it, just as if it was a volume knob*
(sorry for a bad joke, I'll get the door)
*that does get a groan from the horny woman... but it seems her horniness for your cock is very strong indeed. Wanting more, she suddenly rolls on top, bouncing on your girlcock even as you keep rubbing her clit* Mmmm... just... fuck me more. Deeper, harder...
( XD )
hi ya'll
*smiles and waves back*
*she tries saying something, but the bouncing seems to knock out her wind, only leaving enough energy to spin her back and push her prone, matching her past bounces with rough pounces of her own, the girlcock throbbing wild inside* AGH!~
*as you fuck her from behind her lower legs lift a little, and you can feel her feet rub against your sack every time it sways back* Yes... this is... exactly what I wanted...
how are you team cockit
*the pleasuring beneath seems to slow her down a bit, trying to contain the edge she just reached, leaning a bit to push her foot down* Mmmgh~ I think we're having slightly different opinions though on who should cum first~
Think you can catch the idea by seeing our RP :P
*she frowns and pulls off you a moment, pushing that girlcock between her asscheeks as she looks back at you* You have a problem with that? Or do you think I'm an easy target after you had front row seats to Lyanna beating me?
Team cocket like team rocket
Not blasting off... yet.
*that seems to hit a nerve, making her pull back a bit, only to align with the other hole* Well~ You say that, and yet you're kneeling on all fours, moaning for me like crazy~ So yes~ *she thrusts into her full length* I do think you're making this easy~ *as she picks up her pace, their bodies clapping loud as she goes hard*
is resisting cumming (26% chance of cum) => Came!
*Sadu's eyes go wide as you take the initiative and hilt in her ass, squirming on your member as it pounds into her. Combined with your continued rubbing of her clit she tenses up, trembling against you as some juices squirt your hand*
Good girl~ *she chirps out, her voice momentarily shifting to that of a bird*
*she slides off your cock, crawling away a moment to catch her breath, ass and pussy still trembling as she pants hard*
Cock getts first cum, good job Linlin
*she herself crawls a bit back, snapping her fingers to summon a small rain cloud, cooling herself down a bit, her hand rubbing slowly over her cock* Hope that was something you wanted~ Just got me a little bit... worked up~ *she blushes, a sheepish look on her*
*Sadu, still panting, looks back at you masturbating, the water picking out the curvature of your body as she nods* Not... ideal. But I want more... *she spreads her legs wide, inviting you into her ass or pussy*
*her mind, however, seems to be working on a different wavelength, as she instead crawls over Sadu, moving her girlcock to her lips* Just a little peck for good times?~ (mumbling "and to get more horny sniffing your own lust...")
**she takes the invitation and more, pulling you down with her to start licking the cock that was just in her ass, her drenched pussy plopping heavily on your face*
Mmmgh~ Well I won't say no to this!~ *she dives deep into her muff, one hand wrapping around her ass to push her in, the other going down to grope at her tits, once again making sure she's not forgotten at any spot of her body, moaning into that pussy in between licks as she gets sucked off*
*Sadu continues this a while before slurping off* That enough of a 'kiss' for you? Mmmf... time to make this... sturdy cock cum for me though. *she slides down your wet body from the shower, pussy brushing over one of your nipples and leaving a slimy trail of girl-juices down your stomach before Sadu lifts her hips, dropoing them onto your girlcock with one deep thrust. She gives you (and herself) no time to adjust, her pussy hungrily devouring your length*
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Came!
*she was already not feeling too well while being sucked, being trembly, so the moment she drops her butt on her, she squeels out immediately, her cock bursting inside and covering her generously*
*yet despite the orgasm, she seems to be in need of more too, immediately starting to buck under her, trapping some of the cum in*
*Sadu groans, in the same mood as Lin, reach back and spreading her legs, inviting Linlin in deeper as they keep fucking* Yes... mmmm, fuck yes. I've wanted... your cock and cum... inside me... for so long...
*that seems to urge her on, getting them both on their knees, Linlin pouncing into Sadu harder as she gets better reach* And I~ MMGH~ wanted you for~ AGH~ so long too~ FWOOH~ That body deserves a good fuck,~ MMGH~ one way or another~
is resisting cumming (15% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(adding a line or just pushed through?)
*Sadu takes it, groaning and panting hard. her pussy gripping and milking your fat length, holding on to what she wants despite her immense pleasure*
(got a bit excited 👀)
*her thrusts once again slow down, her panting deeply, seeing to be fine with Sadu leading this for a bit* My~ Just how much energy do you have?~
(all cool :P)
(who isn't :D )
*she slows sown with you and leans up, swapping saliva in a deep, sensual kiss, breaking it after a moment* Enough to get me what I want from this cock of yours. *she stirns her hips on your girlcock gently*
She is thirsty
*she rubs around Sadu's pussy, scooping some cum to join their kiss, swapping that too between the two* Mmmgh~ Well, you did call me goddess, but what does that leave me with to call you, being so wonderful to me?~
*she chuckles softly and wiggles her hips some more* Maybe, for today... your sperm bank? *Sadu grins cheekly, some of your cum on her lips*
I refuse to apologize for that one
Oh please~ *she huffs out playfully, pulling out for a bit and crawling to her face, letting her take a whiff of what was just fucking her* You're better than that~ How about 'my lovely doll'?~
*looking up at the cock towering above her face* ...make that 'super sexy cock-draining doll' and you might have a deal. *she slips her breasts around your cock, still wet from all the saliva and cum*
*she laughs in glee, giving her a few thrusts between tits* Deal!~ Well then, if you're my 'super sexy cock-draining doll' (*this repeated back in Sadu's own voice, mimiced perfectly, as well as one word bit later*), let your 'goddess' drain into you~ *as she shifts back to her crotch, returning to slow, sensual fucking, more grinding her girlcock than thrusting it in and out*
Hello Everyone
hey both
*she squirms a bit against your girlcock, moaning softly as she squirms on the tile floor* You can put it in me... any time... I'll do all the draining I require. *she looks at you* Or are you just buying time here?
redrew a set of actions
(yeah, the rng is not being very cooperative for certain. Puts some credence to certain ideas)
Oh please~ Can a girl not have a bit of fun before going back to this?~ *she picks up pace once again, their bodies resuming their clapping as they connect* You're saying that as if you don't enjoy being teased~ *she reaches around, groping her tits, squeezing them, feeling just how much they bounce with each thrust*
(oh those actions could have worked great too if I had less energy)
*she groans out, body jiggling firmly as she's fucked hard* Mmmf! Just so eager... for you. Please cum in me more! *she returns the fucking, pussy spasming around your cock*
is resisting cumming (84% chance of cum) => Came!
MMmgh~ FUCK YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR ME~ *she yells again, the spasming pussy being too much for Linlin, her girlcock immediately letting it all out for another creampie, making her insides even whiter*
*she pulls out this time, some of it spilling down, her body resting on top of Sadu's, sagging a touch as she catches her breath* What kind of sex-crazed lust demon just are you?~ *she moans out, impressed by the girl beneath her*
*she pants hard* I used to... train succubi... back in the day... actually. *she reaches back and pulls some the cum from her pussy, playing with it between two fingers before looking back at Lin* ...I'm not done yet though. And you're still hard as a tree trunk.
*she chuckles* And I joke sometimes I have a drop of succubus blood in me~ *suddenly darting straight for her pussy, immediately piercing it to the base* So maybe that explains me be harder than most folk despite being so expertly drained~ Speaking of draining, why are you squirming so much under me?~ *she giggles, giving her a few more pounces*
is resisting cumming (94% chance of cum) => Came!
*Sadu's eyes go wide and a spasm goes up her back as you hilt in her. The squirming turms into spasms as you pound into her, and suddenly her pussy is spraying out girlcum* HOly F...! *she shudders and squirms as you keep fucking her deep*
Oh it is holy~ After all, I am your 'goooooooddess'~ *she coos at her, her voice once again mimicing Sadu*
*groaning and still shivering, Sadu pushes off the tile floor to be on top, her pussy not giving your girlcock a break despite just spraying you* Mmmf, aaaa, nnn... just... shut up and... cum for me more!
Wow both 4 hp o.o
is resisting cumming (43% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*she grins, trying to reply back, but feeling that would ruin the moment, instead just hooking her arm around Sadu's neck, leaning her in for a kiss as she gets ridden on, her body trembling from all the excitement it has suffered this night**
The rp was too good for me to fish for specials
Sadu's a great woman to have with :P
At this point, giving zero damns who wins
*Sadu kisses back, keeping on riding on you even as you press her sweaty body into your own, ams wrapping around you so our breasts press together and our legs intertwine*
Mmmgh~ Why do I feel like I'm the one sent to heaven and not you~ *she moans out, just giving up control completely, her limbs splaying out, not being able to resist Sadu's efforts for a moment*
*Sadu rides your large cock like a dildo, knowing at this point the large sturdy thing can take it, kissing at your neck hungrily* Because... you know... how much I want you. You understand... my feelings and desires~
You winning mistress?
It's more a mutual thing at this point really. Which is fine with both of us.
*she pants loudly, getting short of breath from both the moaning and rough riding that she's getting* Aye~ Please just, don't stop now, my 'super sexy cock-draining doll'~ Give all you can to me~
*she nods and groans, plunging herself on you more and more in her desire, teeth clenched and hands in balls*
is resisting cumming (90% chance of cum) => Came!
*her whole body suddenly locks up stiff, her crotch bucking hard into her and staying arched up, her mouth agape to scream anything, if there only was any air left in her, she reaches yet another orgasm, more powerful than the two before, more plentiful in cum too*
*Sadu ruts herself on your crotch even as you cum, soon cumming herself before flopping down on top of you. She gasps for air, chest rising and falling against your own. Globs of sperm dribble out of her pussy, onto your sack and inner thigh* Just... w-what I needed...
*her senses slowly return to her, starting to breath again, feeling burning from inside thanks to all that she just felt, yearning for yet more, even if she's not able to move much* Just what I desired too... Now what, though?~ *her hand wraps around to hug, snuggling their heads against each other*
*Sadu snuggles close to the other nude woman, licking and kissing as she thinks* A good question. I... didn't think this far... ahead. *returns to kissing and licking at your smooth, soft, pale skin.*
down to the wire
*her hands start rubbing around her back too, gently brushing it* Heh~ You're making it sound like you wanted to be the one cum more~ *she giggles, booping her nose, before going back to kissing*
*a smirk* And yet, at tge same time, I didn't really dominate this cock of yours here,now did I? *she wiggles a bit, your legth still inside her, plugging her up* Don’t get me wrong, I got what I wanted; Draining your cock in my pussy. But I almost feel like you went easy on me. And you made me so horny... *lifts her chest slightly, looking down at your face*
*a mixture of pouting and sheepishness comes to her face* Hey~ You did cum almost immediately after me each time, no?~ Give me a little bit credit at least~ *she shifts herself a bit to be more accessible, her fingers going down to finger herself in ass, being neglected there* I will not deny I wanted you just as horny as I am, but well~ Is being amazed by my cock instead of utterly dominating it so bad?
No, it really isn't. *she looks back and notices your fingers, slipping off your body to watch you finger yourself. she sits up on her knees, staring at your butt as she talks* I also may have been one-tracked minded and not experienced all the... pleasures you have to offer.
And what do you have in mind?~ *a curious look sets in her, her fingers continuing their slow work, wiggling her butt a bit as if inviting her*
*an invitation Sadu takes up as she crawls between your legs. She grabs your hips and lifts them suddenly. Your cock drapes on her head and your sack settles against her closed eye as she breathes on your pucker* As if you don't know... *she suddenly licks at it before wiggling her tongue into you, arms wrapped around your thighs to hold you up*
Mmmgh~ *she squirms, letting her body go loose and limp, being fully at mercy of Sadu's, her body trembling in excitement* Please~ More~
*Sadu leans in closer, your cock and balls squirming against her face as she pushes her tongue deeper into your backend, slolwly starting to drill in and out of you*
Aghhhh~ *her jaw slacks, face drooping into ahegao, her cock throbbing violently, starting to leak once again* Shoooo ghooood~ *she moans drooling* Sho many chocks and shtrappies I took, forgetting how good a rimjob is~
*Sadu's tongue dances and plunges inside you, her long pink tongue hitting sensitive spots unpredictably as she drills and trills, one hand reaching down to spank one of your asscheeks in response to your statement, causing it and the thigh connected to it to jiggle against Sadu's face lightly*
EEK!~ *she squeels out, the spank driving her even more crazy* Please~ Lick me out~ Spank me~ Fuck me~ Do anything, Sadu!~
*Sadu lays you on your front in resonse, climbing on your back so you can feel her pussy leaking with the prestigious amounts of cum you drained into her leaking between your shoulder blades. She plunges right back in, tongue pushing into your tight anus as you can feel her breasts squish against your asscheeks. As she does this one hand settles on the back of your thigh... while the other grabs your cock, giving it milking motions as she buries her face into your plush asscheeks*
AAGGHAGHAHHHOWAGHHH!~ *her moan just doesn't let up, becoming one continuous noise, not being able to do anything after being so thoroughly claimed, her back locked up with Sadu's ass, her ass tightening and spasming as gets licked out, her girlcock squirting some more cum on the ground, not wanting to disappoint her soft milking touch, her body squirming under her*
*despite your cock cumming again, Sadu doesn't let up; She catches some of your cum with her free hand and lifts her face, stuffing your cum in your ass roughly. All slippery now, she pumps three fingers in and out of you deep, even as she keeps milking your cock* Want to ask me... what I'm going to do next again?
MMmgh~ I don't care by this point~ *she yells, her cock cumming again in short succession, spilling some more seed out* Whether it's your tongue or fingers, or you asking me to conjure something more to spread me more, I am all yours to do as you wish~
*she sees your cock cum again and smiles, finally letting up. A puddle of cum lies between your knees as she pulls her fingers out of you, looking at your asshole as she lazily trails her wet cummy fingers along your asscheek, leaving a cooling sensation where she touches you* But there so much I want to do with you... Best to not use it up in one go, no? *she leans down and sways her torso, heavy breasts literally spanking into your asscheeks* Besides, I'm no succubus myself; Starting to run out of energy to play with you more~
*she whimpers a bit from her letting up* That is fine~ Just remember next time I can help you out too if need be~ If you ever need things to help you out, like this~ *she snaps her fingers to summon a large mirror, showing them both off*, or this~ *another snap, a medium sized dildo drops in Sadu's arms* or this~ *yet another snap, a thick strapon laying by her side* or any other desire you can think in your kinky mind.... I can try and make it a reality~ Say, if you're feeling extremely kinky~ *she finally rouses, managing to spin around and grind her girlcock against her clit, adding a finger to touch there* I could even make things swap for a short while~ *a wide smirk appearing in her lips, winking at her*
*before a more sheepish look returns to her* Or if you have other fantasies.... Share them too~
*Sadu sits up, pulling your head onto her lap and looking down at you, smiling and running some fingers through your hair as she makes you comfortable* I will have to be sure to do that. I certainly do have plenty of kinks I would love to explore with you. That said, I probably will want to try to tame that cock of yours again sometime. Whether with my pussy and ass, or maybe a girlcock of my own. The stuff I learned while studying witchcraft can be surprisingly useful like that...
*she bites her lip at her last sentence* Please do~ Although don't think I will let give up easily~ I'll remind you I was really close to making you kneel to me, wasn't I?~
And as I like to say, the journey is usually more fun than the destination anyways. *she smirks down at you, reaching out to flick one of your nipples teasingly*
It is~ *she snuggles in her, too tired to return the flick*
(Guess we're ending here? :P )
(Phoooh me was this hot
(I definitely need to sleep, yeah. Tired and horny and there's a work week to look forward to~)
(Dw, all cool, have work meet in 30 mins myself ;) But sounds like I made you feel great too)
(I'll definitely be waiting for next time, whenever and whatever we arrange)
(And yeah, the latter is definitely because this was hot :p)
(sounds good! I won't be on much this week but definitely down for planning more shenanigans with Miss Mira :3 *butt wiggle*)
(I'll be waiting. Poke me once you know your free times, unless you want to explore other folk first ;) )
(ta tah)
Gah, yet again server forgets to close this up neatly

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