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Name: Emma
Age: 21
Height: 5'6 (168 cm)
Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
Bra Size: 32DD
Hair: Dirty Blonde hair that stops at my mid-back
Eyes: Brown eyes
Nationality: American (Polish descent)


Hi, I'm Emma, your college sexfighter. I find the idea of competing against women sexually so hot. Trying to prove who has the better chest, the strong pussy, who's better in bed. But of course, the answer is always me.

As you can guess, I'm pretty confident (and cocky). I mean who wouldn't? A pretty face, amazing tits, and a body made for sex. Men wished they had a chance and women fucking wished they could compare. Stepping into the ring, I know I can get you off before you can make me. No toys please! I'd like to face you woman to woman.

Record 14-8
Match Results

Ava (1-0): My first victory in EroFights, this bitch was easy, finishing her off in two orgasms without letting her make me cum.

Sara (1-0): A very special match, a full rp, first to cum irl match. We locked our legs together at the end of the match and I fucked her weak little pussy with mine, earning myself a victory.

Belle (1-1): Belle easily took advantage of a rookie wrestler the first time around but I got my revenge, fucking her to orgasm, setting the score one a piece.

Mariah May (1-0): This little snobby princess, she talked so much trash from the crowd. But when it was time to meet in the ring, I left her a moaning mess.

Tanya (4-2): EF's resident Korean Queen, what a fun match she is. Our first match ended in a win for me, resisting her twice while making her cum twice. The second win also ended up for as a win for everyone's favorite college girl. But Tanya took a little break and when she came back, we had a fun RP match. Wrapping her thick Korean legs around my head, she ate my out until I squirted irl.

Jessica (1-0)
https://www.erofights.com/en/game_histories/1235936/read_logs?secret=t5xlon : this little slut loved my fingers so much, she came twice to them becoming my little finger slut.

Miriana (1-0)
https://www.erofights.com/en/game_histories/1239663/read_logs : Mmmm our battle went back and forth but I made Morgana cum so hard while I hate her out. She was completely spent.

April (1-0)

Lily T (1-0)
https://www.erofights.com/en/game_histories/1247800/read_logs?secret=m1uss8 : The crowd was against me the entire time, wanted to watch this rookie brat beat me. But I showed them what a little sub she was.

Kori (1-0): We finally meet up and Kori was sooo overwhelmed by my prowess, she submitted to my touch.

Natasha (1-3): Natasha is my kryptonite, earning three wins over me in a row. Our latest match finally went in my favor.

Indi Hartwell (0-1): Desperate for my first win, I challenged Indi to a match between rookies, but she drained me in one go.

Linlin (0-1): My first match against a girl cock, I did all I could do to make her submit to me, making her tap out 3 times. But her cock filled me up so good, fucking me against the cage as I came against her cock.


If you're reading this, congrats! I hope you enjoyed reading my profile and maybe you're interested in facing me in a match

Erofight Match

A classic match using the Erofight system. I've grown tired of this system because of how time and energy consuming they can be. But if you're lucky maybe you'll catch me on a good day. I only play LWR, the classic and hentai modes don't interest me much. In LWR, I'm open to rules that you suggest.

Roleplay Match

My current preferred form of matches. RPing allows for a lot of personalization that the EF system doesn't allow. We can take as much time as we want or hop into a room and role play there. It's fun deciding who's going to win, or deciding who wins by who cums first in person 😉 Maybe you'll be lucky enough to force an orgasm out of me in real life.

Roleplay Ideas

I'm typically open to most roleplay ideas but these are my personal favorites:

Sexfighting App:

In a world where sexfighting is more "mainstream," a sexfight app is developed where users can match up, fight, and the victor posts their success. The two of us meet on the app, trash talking each other until we decide to fuck each other.

Professional Sexfight League:

Can you handle the bright lights of the Sexfight League? Like professional wrestling on TV, we fight each other inside of a wrestling ring, in front of a crowd, as we strip each other, exposing ourselves, and try to force the other to cum. Can you resist the crowd chanting for you to cum as you're pressed against the turnbuckle?

Underground Sexfight League:

Shhh, don't tell anyone. This is where people meet up to watch or participate in sexfights. In front of a smaller crowd, we wrestle each other on wrestling mats in secrecy.

After-Party Sexfight:

Hey! Watch where you're going! I get it, every woman is jealous of my body. I've seen so many girls at my college give me dirty looks as I flaunt my stuff, but you happen confront me about it. Are you women enough to show me my place?

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