Andromeda Sterling (Level 11) mail warning

Greetings! I am Andromeda Sterling. I have come looking for challenging new fighters to test my strength against. Many have fallen prey thinking I was just a cute face, but then they have become my toys in the end. I wish to show you my power whether in an honorable fight or in a sexfight as long as it is fun for both of us. Regardless, I respect my opponents, especially the strong who I encounter

As I said, I like to have fun and challenging matches especially with sexy girls. I'm fine with almost everything, so if you wanna try something, let me know. Apologies in advance if I'm slow to respond

4x LWR Champion
1x GOTH Champion
2x Hentai Champion

My Wife

I'm so lucky to have the most amazing girl as my first love and wife Kara Sterling And I met while watching a match and we hit it off immediately. It was love at first sight. We immediately went to JOI and had some fun, ending with us dating. No more than a few days later was I on my knee for Kara, asking her to marry me, and she said yes! We had a wrestling match for our reception and the ceremony right after, conducted with the help of Lis. After getting each other a set of rings, we always wear them together as a reminder of our undying love. She is the most amazing and caring Wife out there, and I love her so much!

Fights To Remember

Natasha was absolutely amazing in the ring, giving one of the best matches I've had. I was very thankful when she accepted my challenge for the LWR title, and she pushed me to the limits. I was able to get her to cum first, but she nearly took me out with one orgasm. It felt so good and I nearly passed out there. I barely hung on as the fight continued. After penetrating each other with the strap-on more times than I could count and eating each other out. I got Natasha to the top rope and fingered her to one final orgasm, claiming my first championship.

Lilith Was a very tough opponent that I didn't think I'd hold my own against. It was a back and forth fuck fest. One second I was in control, the next, Lili had it. We fingered, licked, smothered, and fucked with the strap-on but neither one of us wanted to give in. In the end, Lili caught me when I was weakest and her godlike fingers forced me to cum for her. But after the match, when she asked me to pleasure her, she wasn't expecting what she got. She got her clit bit, licked on the inside, fisted in the ass, fingered, and tits pulled. She orgasmed so hard she fell asleep. She's resting with me now, hoping for more fun with her later.

My Lovely Pets

It was a back and forth battle between me and Jack The Ripper, even getting each other to cum once each. But in the end, I was able to get Jack to burst first, getting me my first win. But I didn't just get my first win, but also a new rival.

Princess Luna definitely gave me a run for my money, getting me to cum once, but they were not able to hold out from my buttjobs and my glorious pussy. Now they have the honor of being my pet and cuddle partner.

Luna Luna fought a long and strong match, forcing me to cum hard to her gentle tongue. But after I vibed her clit and penetrated her with a strap-on, she was drained and became all mine.

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