🇹🇬Green Velcro 💚~ Always Vel’s 💖 (Niveau 15) mail warning

Slowly recharging happiness meter 🔋


Lesbienne / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Happily retired~ might pop into your room to say hi if you are lucky! ^^ 💚

Banana Vs Donut Parabellum 🍌🍩


Happily retired! All is well for me and my DMs are open for chatting if you want. Thankies everyone for having patience for me.

Exception to Retirement~ Vel (My IRL~ Yes in real life girlfriend!)

Veltry~ True Love~ My Everything

A moment of love and an exploration of pleasure. Vel used to be heterosexual~ but she has recently been exploring lesbianism and she has chosen me as one of the few she has played with to try to enjoy the soft embrace. Giving me endless compliments and she makes my heart absolutely melty. This kitten has some of the best RP that you will ever experience on the site~ with among the best creativity someone can offer to anyone.

UPDATE: I have shown Veltry the meaning and beauty of being bisexual and I am so proud to be able to call her a wifey. Someone who makes my heart melt and someone I will spend all my time with when and where I can.

Vel is one of the sexiest girls I have ever gotten to play with and deserves all the love and support in the world. On 5/12/23~ we played a short match (one hour ish) and we both enjoyed greatly. Started with a bit too much RP and we went overtime in the end~ but we both agree it was time well spent!

In our match together, it was a moment of soft kisses and the happiest feelings and emotions. Hugs, cuddles, and a lot of kissing actions. Kissing of lips and kissing of sex together. Every emotion warm and lovely~ and she made me orgasm! A happy orgasm in 69 as I squirted on her face. Getting the happiest brace of pure ecstasy as I melted into her. Sexually exhausted and so happy! We both agreed to play a longer match in the future and I anxiously await for the opportunity to do it with her.

Following the match~ we have gotten to know each other more and better. One of the best girls on the site and we found ourselves enjoying each other greatly in DMs. She is so supportive, and she is so lovable. I mean it when I say Vel~ that I love you and I promise to only give you the softest and warmest hugs and support I can give. You deserve all the love in the world and I want to make sure I give that to you.

I proposed to Veltry on June 9th, 2023 on a day spent all day together. Giving her a Diamond ring and giving her the happiest of emotions~ we are now always wearing them. Matching set~


As time has gone on~ we both have showed the other support, care, adoration, and most importantly, love. She reminds me daily how special I am and the thing that sticks out to me the most is her telling me, "I feel sorry for anyone who only wants lewdies from you and doesn't get to know you as a person. You are so much more than that. So much more special." It is not me who is special Veltry~ it is you for always being there for me. Being there together~ whether adding another acronym to Mando or Bubble Tea, adding a tally to the droid or critter counter, or exploring the sounds of the sexiest lesbian porn videos~ it is something that I will always view as my greatest blessing. Thank you for being with me and I am never... EVER lose hope so long as we have each other. I lovies you Wifey~

Vel's Orgasm Queen~ feels so good to cummies to her.

From this point forward~ I will

1) Always talk with her about everything I do.
2) Devote my life and love to her
3) Make sure she stays happy
4) Give her the best emotions I can
5) Cum and orgasm at least 20 times with her together 💚💖🥰🥰🥰




New Concept Arena~ Zodiac Romanticism

Moon and stars RP in every match I do~ so I created my own battle arena. If you are interested in a shorter game with a character~ click the link below~ and lose yourself to each of them! ^^

Zodiac Arena

Getting to Know Me

Preferred Game Style

Seeking RP game with a sense of risk. Open to in-game consequences or slight profile changes too! As long as we have fun…. I am open to mostly anything! 💋💦

The sense of risk status means that the winner can instruct tasks and other forms of punishment to the loser for a week. It can be whatever days they have time, as I know some days people get busy! Consecutive losses add an additional week of servitude from the last period.

About Me

Green-haired bisexual college student seeking a good time.

If I send a message to initiate a talk, know that you are one of a select few to receive one! I only do this with other women, seeing as though I know they get flooded with messages (I know from experience!) Tehe something must have caught my eye about you. 💚😘

I am a loving teaser/seducer. My main goal is to make everyone feel intense pleasure. When teasing, I will always try to make you special by being with me. I playfully and intimately kiss and rub your body up and down as I stare up at you. I smile and blush at you seeing you moan as I playfully lick your cock/pussy, and give your lower back a nice massage.

I like light to medium roleplay when playing games and even when DMing! Unless you are a special lover who loves to write long messages to me. 💦

I always match the energy of my opponent.

Day job - Masseuse 💚💋

What I Like About Erofights

Chatting with new people, and exploring their various kinks and personality is always my first goal on this site. I try to schedule one match per day, so maybe today is your lucky day to play with me! Just note it may take some time to get back to you, as I get a lot of messages.

Discord and Lovense

My Discord ID is Vanessa V#1313.
Add me, you don’t have to send a message and ask.

Lovense ID: greenhaired24

Toys available: Hush 2, Gemini, Domi, and Lush 2 (will probably get more Lovense)

Good Conversation Breakers Include:

1) Ask me why Green Velcro is my profile name.
2) Music that I enjoy listening to
3) Saying something nice about me. I respond to people a lot faster if they compliment me! Tehe.
4) Say some of your sexual desires and what you hope to do to me. 💋
5) Name your kinks and I will respond if we are a match or not. 🤭
6) Ask me about my day and if I did anything kinky.
7) Ask if I am in a controlling mood, or subbing mood today. 💋
I hope this list and ideas help when breaking the ice with me. Don’t be shy, and send me a message.

Gender Attraction

I am a lesbian at heart. Women and women intimacy~ I like orgasming multiple times in a two hour time period with a partner. 1 orgasm from guy and 10 orgasms from me just doesn’t feel right for me in intimacy. By default I will only marry another woman~ but don’t let that discourage you guys! I know how to tease and have fun on the site still. 💚

I love anyone and everyone equally.

I can play with any gender~ and I can do anything that they want. So long as they are fun and creative~ I am happy! ^^

Am I Sub or Am I A Dom?

I don’t have a preference for dom or sub, I like switching depending on the day. However, at default, I am generally a dom. I am mostly playful and a tease when interacting on here. Some days I feel like controlling people. On other days I enjoy completing tasks. No matter what: If we play I will always try to win!


I have a lot of kinks. Just send me a message and question if I have a kink for something you like. I am learning as I go about my sexual fantasies on this site! Experimenting with new kinks and ideas is a big reason I am on this site. Tehe 💦

Kink Limits

Nothing gross!!!!! Bathroom play and blood are a no-go for me! Another thing, I want to feel pleasure, not pain. So nothing that hurts me too bad, please. Age play makes me uncomfortable. Permanent damage~ definitely not. Denial is another thing that I do not like~ it takes someone special for me to agree to do that Winks to Special Lovers. 💋


A vibrating butt plug, regular butt plug, wand vibrator, bullet vibrator, 7 inch dildo, 8 inch dildo, 10 inch dildo, strapon, vibrating nipple clamps, regular nipple clamps, collar, clothespins, paddle, ruler, gag, tape, and rope.

Male Persona

Note~ I am female. Born female

This character is Ceejay~ and it is usually reserved when I switch personalities IRL. I have dissociative identity disorder~ so I will use this profile more than likely when I switch if I get on Erofights. Personality stays the same for the most part…. Might be a few word changes or things I don’t usually say. Nothing bad~ just uncharacteristic.


Hentai Profile

Eevee Vision

This profile is completely separate from my main one. View them as two separate people but the personality stays the same as well as feelings 💚💋

My Jewelry Case

Catalog of the special people who have received a special necklace just for the way they are. In general, they describe their personality and how I view them. ^^

Vanessa's Jewelry Case

Special Lovers

Side note: You can not add yourself to this list, even when winning a game against me. All genders can be added~ pinks have an easier time to be added. This is my own special area, designed for my pleasure and to remind me of all the fun I have had in the past.

What it means:
1) I will always prioritize talking to you.
2) I will always love you.
3) My heart flutters when we talk.
4) You are my highest priority group on EF behind.
5) When you send a message~ I will respond ASAP.
6) I will always root for you to win and join your lobbies if I have time. I love conversations with you and watching you succeed. Tehe
7) You have highest priority to have matches against me~ ask and you will more than likely get a match anytime you want.

Tier System

With so many special lovers~ I have decided to move each into tiers. The tiers all Special Lovers are placed in have different meanings:

Tier 1) You are an absolute love of my life. I would absolutely consider marrying you and dating you IRL as well as making sure I devote all my time and effort to you. Basically~ you not only more than likely melted me sexually~ but you also melted my heart. If you are tier 1~ you are considered someone I am absolutely blessed to have met and you have made my life better in every way imaginable. Let's just say..... You all are the love of my life and I couldn't imagine my life without you.

Tier 2) An absolute joy to be around. Without you I would never have considered even being so active on the site. You are a savior, you are a love, you are the meaning to me being so happy~ and no matter what happens~ I will always be there to give you love and support. You have so much love and meaning~ and you deserve the happiest sensations I can give.

Tier 3) Consider yourself one of my closest friends. You have made an impact through making me smile and feel good about myself. A world apart is not one I want to be a part of. You bring me smiles, you bring me laughs, and you bring me the warmest embraces. Who says friendship can't start out the meaning of love?

Tier 4) You are either one of my biggest rivals, one of the best doms, one of the best subs. I consider you the best at something and you made me feel so happies in some what. This tier is the meaning and showing of how interactions are a blessing when someone focuses on doing one thing and making me feel so much pleasure and joy. If you are this tier~ you are the best~ at what you do. <3

Tier 1

Weiss Schnee~ Always #1

This cutie is my second favorite person on this site! Her messages always make me feel the ultimate happiness. Weiss Schnee and I have long been communicating~ and she is the most wonderful cutie. She matches my energy and RP~ and she makes my heart melt when I talk with her. Our first match was LWR, and she displayed her bratty nature~ but as time went on~ we both began melting for each other. She won the battle and my heart. I love Weiss Schnee~ the perfect Ice Queen~ her white matches my green. All I want is to see her have pleasure and fun~ and she will remain a priority to me whenever I am on this site. Her wonderful and cute personality, mixed with her kinks, makes me tremble and shake with pure pleasure and excitement. She may be an Ice Queen~ but she warms my heart and soul, and makes me so happy. To many more fun experiences in the future~ my beautiful ❄️ 👑

Gifted a necklace~ something to remember her by. A teddy bear holding a ruby "1" showing what she will always mean to me. Weiss is always and forever my number one~ for always being there for me and making me feel a passionate love beyond anything anyone has ever made me feel. Thankies Weiss~ for being the best girl on EF~ I lovies you so much.






So this one is going to be fun to talk about! Smiles. Frikka has long been a friend of mine~ and she was always so supportive of me and my style of domming. In the first month when I first arrived on EF~ we had a nice conversation~ with her starting the messaging. She taught me so much about the site~ how to be fun and interactive. How to do dice rolling and all the various commands. When someone asks me who I learned so much from~ It was Frikka.

I have a nickname for her~ Frikkalicious~ because everything about her is delicious. Whether it is her RPing, personality, thoughts, support, care, or sexual play~ there is no one on this site as fun or more beautiful in the heart, soul, and mind as Frikka~ especially if you are looking to spark some creativity. If you want to know the Ownership Personality of EF~ my vote will always go to Frikka.

Her sunny and bright chaos~ her subtle and fun task play. Plus she is someone who always looks to create new ideas~ whether it is through the Compound or the newly renovated Tainted Throne. Compound match in the future? Nothing is off the table~ both Eva and Frikka have a chance if one of the pairings can find the time.

Our first match together~ a LWR match~ in preparation for the upcoming tourney. We both decided to make it a cuddle fight~ or a cute fight. The action that happened was full of laughs~ and sweet subtle play. Cute interactions~ gentle touches~ and kinky holds~ everything about it was heavenly. The winner in the end? I think we both can agree it was both of us. She even got me to be really subby~ something that I don’t do a lot in matches.

EF's Queen bee~ and my sweetest Special Lover. No matter our interactions~ I feel a natural and loving connection. The Queen bee for me and I will always make all of her projects and constructions as natural as possible. No matter her day~ she always takes the time to say hi back to me~ and I love her so much for it.

I want to say~ love you Frikka~ there is no one more amazing on this site than you. Will always be here for support~ or even advice~ because you deserve it so much. 💚🖤

Immer für dich da.




Savanna~ My First

Sav is absolutely perfect. Her beautiful kinks and the way she writes messages to me make me always lose myself in intense pleasure. Every time I edge to her before a match I perform ahegao for her, as she makes me feel so good. Gosh even writing about her right now is making my pussy leak. She was the first to use my Lovense toys! A heavenly experience for both my holes. Our play with each other will be cherished by me always!

Even after all this time, Sav still has a way to make me smile and cry happy tears more than anyone on this site. Her sultry emotions and her beautiful words~ I love you forever and always. Our messages together make me the most emotional girl in the world~ always my favorite messages and she has helped me so much in being myself and believing in my abilities to make others happy. Sav~ you are the truest angel in the world and I love you forever. 💚💋




Mel~ My Stress Reliever

Wowies.... I know this may come as a surprise for Mel but I have loved her for longer than she could ever imagine. A Tier 1 Special Lover~ after such limited interactions.... A rare thing but one can call her love at first sight. From the first interactions with her~ to the first tournament match I actively partook in by helping her against Rucky~ she has always been someone I have had the greatest desires in wanting to play with and interact with. That came to fruition when she started messaging me and we started talking. Her words and thoughts are simply beautiful... and I will always say in confidence that she is someone who matches me so well. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe what she means to me.

In our match together~ we edged and we were looking for control over one another. As time went on~ we both turned into slightly bratty when edging together... Something that I love doing so much. Each action had meaning for me and each play that we did against each other I was rubbing. The pleasure I felt in our first match together was something that made my heart flutter and sing. I won the match.... But Mel.... You won my heart in the process. <3

Mel~ this world is beautiful because I know someone like you exists in it. You are brave~ you are beautiful~ you are strong~ and you have my support through everything. I will always be open and honest with you and this is just the start of something beautiful between us. As time goes on~ we will keep getting to know each other and we will keep interacting. Your mind and your sentiments are beautiful~ and you make my heart feel so happy. Just like you make the world around you happy just by knowing you. I am blessed to know you and I would take you on so many romantic dinners. As many as I could~ because I know I would enjoy every passing second with someone as wonderful as you. I lovies you.... and I lovies Toni Storm for having that be the start to our interactions together.

Hey everyone! I played with her again recently and it was goonette good time. We both edged endlessly together. Once we reached 200 edges~ we both decided that it was time to lovingly cum for each other. A beautiful emotionally display~ filled with love and kisses. We lost all ability to cum together~ as nectar, sweat, and saliva from ahegao occurred. Anyone who is curious~ ask her what her edge record is and ask who helped her do it! Winks. Lovies my Special Lover Mel very much~ 💚🥰





Devon~ My Goddess and Queen

Oh my goodness.... Devon makes me absolutely melt. Every interaction with her usually sends me over the barriers of my pleasure and I tend to start edging uncontrollably. The only reason she isn't tier 1 is because I am not sure my pussy or body could handle the pressures of marrying her. I would endlessly rub and submit to her because it just feels so heavenly. When Devon told me that I love strong and commanding women~ I tend to not to~ but that couldn't be further from the truth being with her.

A loving dom and I won the first edging and orgasm match we had together~ and I was able to send her care packages of love and pleasure for 7 days after that. This didn't stop me from letting myself be controlled. I am a good goonette girl for Goddess Devon and I love it so much. Two Queens together always and forever and I want to play with Devon whenever she wants and whenever I can. The amount of orgasms and edges we already have for each other after such a short period of time is wonderful.... and just shows how much I love her. I lovies you Devon.

My diamond trojan horse always guides the way forward for me and she is a pleasurable light that I never want to be away from. Whether worshipping her or having her worship me~ one thing will always stay the same~ and that is my passion and love for her. She told me that she doesn't want to become addicted to me after she pushed me into an edging and hypnotizing state. Devon... Please get addicted to me as much as I am addicted to you. You are my love.... and you are the Queen I have waited for to make me melt with your words and thoughts. You are the one that I want to be addicted to~ and you have all my time and energy moving forward.






Helaena~ DDD: The Hypnotic Love

A long and loving conversation with someone super special. In the conversations~ we talked about what we like and what we love. There was moments of me smiling so much and enjoying speaking with her so much~ that I felt my heart already warmly tugging at my soul. A beautiful soliloquy of pure emotional love and we have so many similar kinks. The initial DMs match some of my best on the site and she always will have my attention when I see her send a message. She told me she wasn't sure she was doing well and doubting herself~ but there was no reason. to doubt. Helaena was one of the best encounters in my messages that I ever experienced and it all was set forth by me sending that initial message that I told her so much about. Thank you for reading and seeing what I had to say Helaena~ it meant so much. I mean it too~ such a beautiful name.

Through our talks we set up a match with each other that featured RP, edging, and orgasms. A long time coming as we set forth our best efforts, and we both turned into what we craved and desired most. The match featured us turning into edgesluts/goonettes for each other, while installing a trigger that will have lasting impact on my brain and body. DDD~ something. I won't share with anyone else~ but I will always remember the meaning. She carried forth with making me melt in a way few have and it felt so happy and good to finally be able to play with her. So much bliss~ and she absolutely melted me away. Realizing that we both are submissive sluts for each other~ and oh so happy to be together. I will always value the time we shared in the match and she will always have my undivided attention to make her happy. I love you Helaena~ goonettes together forever.





Tier 2

Eva~ Bestie

Eva~ she is my best friend on EF. I have known her for four months~ and it all started with me getting slightly dominated in a stack of pussies position with Savanna laying on top of me. When Eva began RPing and making me feel so good~ I knew I couldn’t get enough of her. Our interactions since have featured a loving RP~ and she has been among the first people that I look to for advice. Ever since our first time together, I always look for her beautiful and lovely self in any ways I can interact with her. The first sign of being a special lover to me~ I step out of my way to interact with them. As my best friend~ I will always care for her wants and needs. 😘💚

Every morning she wakes up~ I send her a message that features me giving her a comfy chair and making her coffee. All the while I rub her feet and give her one of my special massages. Her love and warmth always makes me feel tingly and happy~ and I can’t get enough of her wonderful and perfect personality. When things pick up and we both are horny is when magic happens~ RPing fingering and toying with one another. Making sweet love as our soft bodies rub on each other. She is a huntress~ and she has captured my heart. 🫠🤗

Eva~ I will always care about you~ and your wonderful self. Without you, I wouldn’t have met all of my new friends, and I am forever grateful. Making me so jittery and happy~ you deserve all the pleasures I can offer~ and I look forward to any future matches and times ahead on EF. 😍🥰




Jen~ The Edge Nurse

Interactions and happy thoughts. The good Dr. Jen is one of my first experiences with a true switch. Perfect in handling giving instructions~ and perfect in handling taking instructions. Started out with her edging me~ and she made my heart melt with a nice and fun instruction play at a local Compound/Castle. The Compound~ home to so many friends and lovely people that I will love and cherish always! Besties, Special Lovers, and now my wonderfully perfect girlfriend! 💚

So many things to love about her. Perfect and loving~ with very personable reactions and thoughts. Dr Jen has a way with her words and interactions~ that always makes my knees tremble and my thoughts feel nice. Even when domming her~ she makes my heart feel full and happy so I can’t help but be gentle even when she wants things rough. I will work on that in the future~ Tehe. 🥰💚💋 Her way with words~ and her sweet and gentle nature. Lovable~ even when she sends one word messages~ I can feel it make my heart melt. Someone who can match my edges and instructions~ and someone who can make me feel subby at any time. A perfect relationship that will never get stale/old. The ability to get to know each other better~ she knows so little about me~ that I will happily share with her all there is to know. As the years pass by as we are together. 💚

From her first message~ I felt such a wonderful happiness in my heart. Then clicking into her profile~ I saw so many things that made my heart and eyes twinkle with the greatest happiness. There is a gentle calm that she brings to me~ and my pulse always slows down when I see her message me~ and the day was 01/07/23 when I had my first EF match with her. A long-standing friend~ turned to the most special girlfriend in the world. Though her time is limited on the site~ her time will always matter to me. As part of our relationship~ she will always get the care and nurturing that she deserves for being so lovable.

I promise~ to always be here for you Jen. 💚💋 A doctor and a masseuse~ both edge Queens looking for happy memories and orgasms. I will always try to make this as special as you. I will always remain loyal to you~ and I will always be your green haired cutie~ 💚 I love you so much... My sweet doctor.




Alex~ Cutiest Penguin

A world with her... A magical island of creation together. Shy in personality... But absolutely perfect in kinks and dispalying emotions. She has a way with her words and thoughts that makes her completely unique to EF. Alex has made me melt on so many occasions and the dommy in her is beautiful. She is simply beautiful as she is. Part of the reason I love her starts with her ideas, and her continuation of stories ability. When the world becomes overwhelming~ she always helps me come back down to reality. Keeping me level and keeping me happy~ even when I am stressing out in my darkest moments. This island and this love Alex~ it is only beginning. I promise to love you as much as you love me. Love for each other. Cutie and loyal penguin~ and the emerald dove. Two birds and one special lover romance. Let's dressup together now Alex! ^^




Shy Girl~ Edgies Queens

Shy Girl and I faced each other in an IRL competitive game. Following the edges and moves we took against each other~ as we teased each other all game. She has a gentle and sultry softness to her speaking and her thoughts and ideas are creative and joyful. So much pleasure and so much happiness~ as we rubbed and edged for each other over and over again.

The game itself~ I won on a low cum chance the second time though~ and this is the first time that I ever continued with someone after an initial match. We both felt the need to orgasm for one another~ and she made me fill my butthole and pussy with dildoes and vibes as my butt was stuck in the air~ and my 32C boobs were on the ground. As my body got more and more goosebumps as we both played with each other the same way~ I felt more and more submissive. The coming moments~ turned magical.

I started begging for more and more~ and my mind was melting in pure bliss. Her sweet words~ her beautiful instructions~ everything about it~ as we both orgasmed in the end~ was so much happiness. As I orgasmed onto a towel~ and my body flattened onto the towel~ my long green hair was scattered all over my face~ and my body had so many goosebumps. The bliss and happiness continued after our orgasms~ as we talked and learned about each other.

Shy Girl is anything but shy~ she is boisterous and exuberant~ filled with a loving energy. Filled with the happiest thoughts~ and as she accepted becoming my special lover~ my body and mind melted. All of me~ trembling and feeling so happy to be with her! Please always play with her~ she such a delightful and delicate woman~ I love her so much. 🥰💚💋

Thank you for playing with me Shy~ that was one of the most memorable matches I have ever had. 🤗☺️




Jewel~ the Goth Queen

A beautiful goth Queen came to me and asked for an opportunity to face me. Jewel loves being humiliating and she shows such a sexy heart no matter the situation she finds herself in. An interaction that started with her telling me that I should root for her every match~ led to a flirty and wonderful time together. She noticed right away how slutty I was for her, and she drove strapon into me over and over again. Looking up at the beautiful Goth Queen made me so melty as I began edging and finger/rubbing myself for her. It was a beautiful time in match that started with me being loving for someone so perfect, while she used me like a good bondage toy.

In the end, I bested her and she was screaming my name paired with Mommy. Cumming from hair pulling and a strapon moving into her as fast as I could fuck her. This is the first time anyone has ever called me Mommy~ and she will likely be the only one I will let call me Mommy. I am very selective with these choices~ and as her Mommy~ Jewel will definitely be protected in my caring arms whenever she needs. Her Mommy is super protective~ so best watch out all of her challengers. She will always have her Mommy's support. Love you Goth Queen!

She is also my personal seat and throne. The good slut gets to make Mommy cum each and every day. Best keep licking and worshipping me Jewel!

Goth Queen

Goth Queen 2

Goth Queen 3

Tier 3

Maxime~ My Guiding Firefly

Words cannot convey enough meaning of Maxime to me~ in my darkest moments she always guides a path forward and shows me the light of knowing her and being able to call her a Special Lover. A true guiding sensation of pure bliss. Ever since the beginning stages on the site~ the guiding bunny of love and happy feelings has always supported me and has always made sure to remind me how special I really am each passing moment of each passing day. A world with her... Something that is truly beautiful. Her words.. Her thoughts... Her everything.. Absolutely dreamy and melt worthy.

This is not the only way she is beautiful. My world can sometimes come crashing down around me and Maxi is always one of the first to message me and offer support. With all the dark things that have happened to me... Maxi is my guiding light. My firefly~ providing me with the comfort and love that I can only compare to the softest bed in the world with endless pillows and blankets. Her words and everything about her~ so comforting for me. She is my comfort and I am blessed to be able to say... That she is a special lover! I would have been lost and gone from the site so long ago without her. I love you Maxi~ my perfect firefly! <3




Silvena~ My Teaching Rainbow

A loving teacher who first showed me how to do dice rolls and how to play with others when first arriving to the site. She comes in many forms~ nun, bunny, or saint. No matter the form, she always shows just the right amount of caring and sensual for those around her. Always finding a way to make me smile and help others when they are in need of assistance. Be sure to treat the sweet queen of words nicely~ and visit her lewdie confessional church. They are accepting of one and all~ even ones with silly green hair.

A teacher turned special lover~ and she displays the colors of the rainbow with her sweet personality. The first time we played together~ it was a special night 8 months after I first came to EF. So much shyness from me and I was always afraid of messaging my teacher on this site~ because I always had a strong desire to play the confessional nun. Filling herself and others with vibrant colors showing her special emotions to those around her. I mean it when I say Silvie~ you are the rainbow of EF~ always guiding others forward to be better and be themselves on this lewdie website. I adore you as both a lover, teacher, and a friend. Thank you fro all that you do~ and always showing such a gentle a sensual softness to all of those around you. <3




Sassy Selena~ Mi Hermosa Amiga

Selena is a sweet and sensual Latina that always brings a smile to my face when I meet her and see her. Our first RP occurred in my earliest stages of being on the site. A loving public invitation that turned into a good time~ and Selena and I both loved it so much. 💚🥰 Matching each other’s kinks and always taking cautions to make sure we made each other happy. Since that moment~ I have looked to make her a Special Lover~ and on 03/06/23~ I got that opportunity.

A match with dominant undertones~ where we played and had fun at a local BDSM club~ with Selena looking to get hired. I thought she was too sweet and submissive to make it as a dominant and I looked to make her orgasm with my words and sensual play. As the match went on~ I slowly melted more and more for each and every word she used against me.

In the end I was fucked into submission and I had to hire her at my local BDSM club. Selena proved her dominance over me and she also got a new toy to use. I am her good girl for 1 month~ and she is my dom. A loving ending~ showing her the symbol she means to me. I love you~ my sweet diamond hummingbird. You are beautiful and perfect~ and I look forward to future matches between us. 💚❤️




Max~ The First Male Special Lover

Where to even start with Max? ^^ Words can not describe his meaning to me. The first male special lover.... Words I never thought I would say. However, as time has gone on~ I have seen that I can love a male.... I consider him one of my best friends on the site and I always enjoy making him smile, feel happy, and giving him support when he is feeling down. Special Lovers is not just the meaning of romance and husband/wife... It means more to me. He showed me that love is not always romance~ but the care for the other person. I love you Max~ for who you are and what you are. My first male special lover and you showed me what it's like to trust and enjoy a male's company. Out of all that I have played with for males~ you stand out as my most memorable~ because I know you care for me. I know you enjoy my company~ and I will admit~ that I enjoy yours too! My special emerald celtic wolf~ you will always have me as someone you can count on. 💚💚

Matches played~ I have always been in firm control of Max in most instances~ and in all honesty~ that is the primary reason I continue to enjoy his company. I know he won't try to make me subby or treat me roughly~ he will always treat me like a friend and an occasional romantic lover. Whether talking about wrestling, Kingdom Hearts, video games, movies, series, or matches~ every has an impact. We view so many things similarly and that makes my heart melt. Knowing that a male can capture my heart~ and knowing that he has left such an impact~ it is something that is truly special. Here's to many more fun instances in the future~ whether in game or just enjoying each other in public! First male special lover~ and first one that has made my heart melt on the site.





Tier 4

Mistress Marikah~ Best Humiliation Queen

Connor's Brothel? I met Marikah a lot longer before that and it was in the presence of pure domination and dice rolls. At the time~ Marikah was still relatively new but she left a lasting impact on me through how she talked and RPed. Making me feel enjoyment in humiliation while she used me as her little pleasure doll. It felt so good but at the time~ not worthy of being a Special Lover. This recently changed with her comeback through her request and want to pay off her debt to Connor so she could get out of a brothel and have me move into it.

A match that was signified by Marikah being a whore~ but she was much more than that. She used her feet to her advantage in the earliest stages of the match and I found enjoyment so much in wanting her feet to be in my face and in my pussy. The bet beforehand was for me to join a brothel if I lose and if she lost she would become my foot pet. As the match went on and things got more and more competitive~ I found happiness and enjoyment in being with her~ no just as sub/dom~ but as Special Lovers.

I told Marikah after the match that she was more than a Mistress~ she was a Special Lover and I was so happy to help her feel good and orgasm. I love her style of humiliation and talking~ and I enjoy everything about her. She is sweet behind all of her..... Latex and domineering commands. I can't wait to play with her more in the future~ to see what happens between us <3





Miss Angel~ The Naughty Miss

Angel is a long-time friend who I have interacted with for months. Ever since the moment I met her and talked with her~ I know that I would add her to the list eventually. Our interactions flow so naturally~ and she always made my heart feel so good with every interaction and every time she said anything to me. Before our match together~ she had a way to make me feel good and she has been a recipient of receiving poems and love letters before even becoming a Special Lover~ a sign of how much I truly value her~ for her words and her sweet thoughts.

By a rub of luck~ I found her sitting in a public match and we started cuddling. A warm sentiment that led us to want a sweet playtime together. I happily accepted and then the match created a completely unique experience for both of us I would say. She became my Miss~ a sweet Angel so perfect and deserving of the happiest cuddles and rubs in the world. Both of us lost ourselves in pleasure and sweet blissful play~ but it was me who melted away in submission.

I live to make Miss Angel happy~ with warming cuddles, snuggles, foot worship, or anything she asks. The sweetest emotion in the world~ I live to make her happy and give her pleasure above all else. Dedicated to her sweet emotion and her blisses~ she is everything to me. I am her good, good girl through and through~ and I will always remember our first night together. It means the world to me~ to know that we both mean so much to each other now. Love you forever and always Special Lover Angel. 🥰💚

Foot Slave

Foot Slave



Mizuki~ The Best Matching Dom

Special Lover~ Special Friend. Despite never playing a match together~ Mizuki always feels and finds a way to make me feel melty and happy. Words~ cuteness~ and sensual perfection~ her kinks and ideas are always so beautiful. I love being with her whenever I get to see her~ and she makes me the happiest girl in the world. Words, thoughts, emotions~ each part of her makes me smile knowing that I get to spend time with her each passing moment.

Whether it is foot play~ helping guys with feminization~ or simply being warm and cuddly~ Mizuki and her beautiful words and her ample softness~ melts others away in desire and pleasure. A true sweetie~ a true Special Lover~ a Mistress and a dom first and foremost~ and that is the happiest feeling in the world~ knowing we are together in the sweet blisses of love and care.

I lovies you Mizuki~ my sweet and perfect dom-leaning switch! ^^




Sam~ Supportive Panda

Sam and I have long been play partners. Her sweet and subtle personality always displays through to me when she puts up with my long writings and paragraphs~ and still finds pleasure and enjoyment in it. Her sweet thoughts~ and her caring nature~ I promise to be there for you when I can Sam. I haven’t forgotten anything and I will never forget you. 💚🥰

My love for her grew from my first massage session with her. Her beaming attitude and her cheerful support made me want to make her feel good about herself. She deserves happiness and pleasure~ not me or anyone else. The massage session (linked below) I made her feel so happy that she got emotional. No words can describe how much that means to me~ everything I say and everything I do Sam~ it is how I feel. In the moment, I couldn’t help but cry myself~ and I don’t know if I told you that. 🥹🥹

I will always love her sassiness and her playfulness~ if you play with her~ make her happy. Make her feel good about herself~ she deserves it more than anyone on this site. 💚💋




Cinna-Winna~ The Best Sub

What happens when a minx masseuse meets a lovely girl that enjoys edging and orgasm control? I would say it is magic. As she kept edging herself over and over~ melting in the pleasures of her orgasm building~ I joined in on the fun play. Using vibrators as she used her toys to edge over and over again. Two girls edging~ one in control and the other following commands. A beautiful night filled with pulsating rubs and trembly bodies.

A first time ever~ Cinna-Winna earned the right to be both a special sub and a special lover. An emerald jewel bracelet given to her~ and her entire body, mind, and soul is under my control. With me being soft and gentle and giving her the best love I can give. Truly deserves for Cinna-Winna~ the one of a kind girl! 🥰💚




Rachel~ The Best Emotional Lover

I have known Rachel for a long period of time~ and as time has gone on~ our interactions have become more and more descriptive. This started as friendship~ and ended as love. When two people meet each other~ and can have so much fun without an ounce of competitive play featured between us~ friendship can turn into a melting/loving experience. We played a pure RP game~ with me playing the role of a gentle/caring dom. Never have I melted from being dominant, but Rachel found a way to do it. With her way with words and with her manner of describing things. When I say she is perfect, I mean it and I want everyone to treat her with love and respect. If there is someone on this site that deserves it~ it is her. 💚🤗

This describes Rachel~ as someone who has a beautiful mind, soul, being, and heart. She is beautiful inside and out and everything about her is perfect. When she begins speaking/writing~ she makes things feel so believable. Rachel makes things feel so special~ she always tells me I have such a sweet way with words. I believe this is the same for her~ and I love everything about the way she talks with me. 🥰

The first experience was so special to me~ the first experience meant everything. To many more in the future Rachel~ as a reminder. You are once in a generation~ there will never be another person like you~ because you are special. So special 💚☺️



Ellika~ The Best Rival

Ellika is a definite lovely babe~ she always makes me blush and tremble and she is a consistent fun time on this game for one and all. I have loved her play from the moment I talked with her and met her~ her interactivity on this site is wholesome. She has made me melt a few times during games~ and she always adds so much fun to our sessions. Her ability to match my RP and add something unique is truly wonderful~ and I considered her to be my greatest rival on this site for a long time. However, as time went on, these emotions switched to having a special kind of passion for one another. She is truly a babe~ and she will always be someone I message regularly to check in on. I hold a special place in my heart for her~ as she is a really good friend to me.

Lesbian Butt Licking



Special Friends

1) Wolfie

Wolfie started her time messaging me on Discord~ and she was so nicies and curious. A beautiful wolf girl~ and a truly special friend. She took control of my Lovense toys and became my Mistress for a Hentai JOI game! In the game of my submissiveness~ I did 202 edges, 1 ruin, and 2 orgasms in 3 hours and 30 minutes. After 100 edges I became trembly and had some hand shakes that were uncontrollable. As time has gone on~ Wolfie and I have become closer and I truly wish the best for her. I value you as a friend Wolfie~ keeping being you~ you lovable cutie! 🥰💚 Try to keep learning about the site~ and know that I will always care for you~ your thoughts and emotions matter cutie.


2) Roomie

One of my biggest supporters and one of my friends. She has always looked out for me and she has always been someone I value. A true friend~ and in my darkest days~ she helps me feel better about myself. I introduced her to the dom/sub relationship on EF in a wonderful RP. A heavenly experience that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. We both also share fond memories of the various IRL tasks I gave her. Despite lasting than the shorter than 7 days marker we set due to time constrictions~ we both loved it equally. Creative and full instructions~ and heavenly. As Frikka used to call my assignments and tasks~ “It’s like a lewdie and wonderful care package.” All that and so much more for my wonderful Roomie. 💚

As time has gone on~ we both remain thankful and appreciative for each other. Introducing me to the collar shop and offering me custom choices for my IRL girlfriend Veltry. We both value and love her endless support for our relationship~ and we both view her as a friend. Lovies you Roomie~ stay strong and beautiful. I know you make me smile each and every day. This green heart will always have a piece of you in it 💚


Lesbian Roommates

3) Linda

I wondered and found Linda in a wrestling match and I decided to help her! Aiding her in winning the championship. Her ass immediately caught my attention and I knew I wanted to be able to worship it someday. I am proud to call myself her good bitch and ass cleaning slut whenever she need. I would do anything for her ass and it feels so good to submit to her. A special friend and someone I will clean as good as I can every day. I am now Miss Linda's ass cleaning slut!

Her ass is the best and most perfect ass on EF. Round and juicy~ with a plump softness that can wrap around my head. Tasting it is like the blisses of a thousand candies entering my mouth and I know my lips and mouth belong there. If I could smell her ass everyday I would be the happiest girl in the world. Miss Linda's butt is nice and lose from all the tongue fucking i give her and I want to make sure it stays loose and clean for everyone who gets to play with her. Thank you Miss Linda for letting me worship your ass. I am the luckiest slave in the world.

It smells really nasty. I haven’t done a good enough job cleaning it. It has some sweaty and musky air. The hole is brown and I want to make it pink. I am her degraded ass slut and it is a privilege to be hers. Everyday licking her is what I deserve~ I deserve nothing but being in Miss’s asa all day. I will lick deeper and deeper. Make sure your insides are total clean from juices and anything else! I want to live in her ass. 💚

My purpose is to stretch and loosen her ass daily as she wishes. Her butt needs to be completely open for all challengers and it is my job to make sure it is ready for all strains and cocks. I am her personal toy to use when she needs me.

In a sexy time~ Linda and I found ourselves in a battle for control. Her ass proved to be too dominant for me to handle as she pounded me with a strapon. The sweet blisses of her controlling me is unmatched and I am her subby slut. Mistress is the best I could ask for~ but she knows she should always beware my dominant side.

Ass licking

Ass licking 2

Subby Catalog

Mmm for all my sweet and loving subs~ your adoration is appreciated. You will remain a part of my life so long as you want to stay~ and you are listed here~

Vanessa’s Sub Catalog

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shopping_cart Jouets : Gag, Plug Anal, Gode, Dildo à ventouse, Vibro gode, Vibro baguette, Vibro, Pinces pour tétons, Collier, Laisse, Menottes, Corde, Cravache, Paddle pour fessée, Grand mirroir


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You take the opportunity with her feeling so much pleasure to hypnotize her. Her mind is not all there, so you encourage her to keep playing with herself and lay there helplessly while she rubs her pussy. "Be a good goonette and spread those legs for me," you say to her as she loses herself in the deep hypnosis of your words and the play between you. "Goonettes only want pleasure, nothing more, nothing less." You see her eyes turn hazy, and her body slowly starts rocking into her hands as she keeps pleasuring herself while looking at you. Goonette Brainwashing Oh yes! This moment and scene has been a dreamy experience for everyone involved! I think it's time for a break. I see my opponent lying on the bed while I set up the microphone. My naked body glistens from the light shining through the window. I begin slowly doing a little sexy dance while they look at me. The look in their eyes is so excited, and then I tell them the joke I had in mind from the previous actions taken in bed. My opponent looks surprised, and I can't say I blame them. I am the Green Pun Queen, after all! 

New pun just dropped! Try this one on for sighs! 
The Green Pun Queen You decide you want to taste and suck their dick after you put them into bondage. 
Now you have full control of your opponent. As they are tied helplessly, you dive your lips over their glans. They stare at you while you move your head back and forth unrelenting. You feel it pulsating in your mouth, and you know they won’t last long like this. Blow him in his binds Who does this guy think he is? He is fully into me, and he thinks he can take control of me? It’s obvious he is hiding something. Time to pull out the paddle! He’s been a very naughty boy, and naughty boys need spankings. 
Look at him, squiggling and squirming as I paddle him. It’s obvious he wants to be subby for me! He still has a hard cock even with all this pain... His moans are echoing in the room, as the paddle hits the skin. Mmm, look at how pink his butt is getting! It’s making me wet, seeing the pinkness! He deserves a paddling You won, and decide to make her a good bondage pet. Ordering the loser to enter the cage, and you see her crawl into the cage obediently. Seeing her struggle in her bondage makes you laugh. Your new pet looks so innocent now while trapped in a cage with bondage. Now, her training begins, and your pet will love all the attention you give her.  New Caged Bondage Pet They are staring at your butt. It’s time to make them squirm. You grab oil and begin spreading it all over your perfect butt. As the soothing oil drips onto the floor, your partner stares at you in shock and you see drool coming out of their mouth. To make them even more aroused, you start shaking your butt in front of them. Your butt claps echo in the room. Oily Butt Shaking You drag her down and decide to take this opportunity to spank and humiliate her! You start by slowly pushing her panties into her crotch and making the fabric move deeply against her holes. You feel her jolt and moan as you take this opportunity to add to the teasing by spanking her hard as she jumps on your lap. She is such a good girl! Wedgie Spank Her! So they want to feel your lips around their cock? You decide to tie them up to make it where they are completely spread open for easy access. While they are in bondage, you begin sucking and licking their cock. After doing that for a bit, you stop. They are enjoying it too much, so you start spanking their butt. They are completely helpless as you suck, spank, and bind them in a helpless position. Bound Blowjob Spanking You find your opportunity to pounce. Starting to outwrestle him and placing him in full latex bondage. You start giggling at how helpless he looks and you decide to make the situation even worse for him by tying him down in rope and bondage. This scenario is your chance to make him cum, so you move on top of him. You start bouncing on top of him faster and faster as your hands move to his neck, and you begin choking him. He gasps for air as you ride his cock faster and faster, making you feel his cock pulsating in you. What a lovely feeling as a possible creampie is approaching. Latex Tie Him, Choke Him, Ride Him You have milked another cock dry, and your search for a hubby continues. There has to be a person worthy enough for your love, and worthy to become royalty. You request for your attendant to find more potential bachelors, and you completely forget to thank your play partner. You are a cum princess, and you love the search for the perfect hubby. The more they line up, the more cum you get to taste! A perfect ending for everyone! The Princess requests another cock

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