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Still deciding!~ Detailed roleplay is fun~

Welcome to my boring little profile!~

I'm not the best dommé but I can be competitive and take control in victory~ Unless you push me, because there's definitely a lot of weakness to exploit if you want an easy win~ I can be a little shy sometimes~ But I try not to be~

I don't have a preference for gender or equipment though sometimes I'll only be looking for something specific, that wont last for long; but I melt all too quickly when I meet someone who can take charge~

Love the hypnosis and bondage rules, and usually willing to try any other special rules you can think of~ Also adore betting, but generally like to start small!~

I'm not entirely against interactive, but I definitely want to know for sure I click with someone before doing so!

If I do say I'm not in the mood~ Give me a bit of time before trying again! Or I'll get a little bit grumpy with you~

Interesting opponents and ongoing rivalry! (My wins - Their wins)

Croaker - He beat me hard in our first match and left me begging for more, but the tables turned and I showed him everything I learned in our rematch, milking out every last drop from his cock after long bouts of hypnotized ogling of my assets. 1-1

Dan Waited a full week to challenge me due to scheduling conflicts, but gave me such a challenge when we finally met. But in the end he couldn't resist me and ended up drained and happy as we cuddled up on the mat. 1-0

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