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Looking for a competitive match with rp...

Lesbian / Switch

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Age: 23
Height: 168cm
Weight: 54kg
Bra size: 34C

2x LWR Champion
Won my first championship from Snow, before losing it to Andromeda Sterling 5 days later.
Won my second championship from Darina. This was a pretty long run that lasted 12 days and 7 games, before Shy-girl ended it in a very one-sided game.

Hi, I am Tiffany, your regular blonde girl with 34C breasts and a round butt. Looking to have some fun here with good competitive games. I like to trash talk and will try to win, but you might find a completely different side to me if you manage to defeat me. Open to trying out new things. Have some RP scene to play out or an interesting bet? Wanna challenge me for a game based on these? Or simply want to have a rough sexfight? I am all ears. What are my kinks? I love a good wrestling match and the fight for dominance. Touch my ass or use it in any way and I might just melt. You may get to choose my outfit if you find yourself in a game with me. Don't hold back when you face me. Love to trash talk during games. Not interested in IRL play. Blood, scat, gore, illegal stuff are a strict no. Also not into subs. Open to almost everything else. Feel free to message me if you want to plan a game. Hope to see you girls soon in classic or LWR.

My outfits:
................................................ .................................................................... .................................................................. ................................................ ...........................................................................
Normal_1StripperAlt1Cat MaidSwimmer................................................ ..................................................................... .................................................................. ............................................... ...........................................................................BunnyCheerleaderWrestlerSuperheroineBikini
............................................... ......................................................... ........................................................ ................................................................... ...........................................................................

Holiday Outfits:
.......................................................... ............................................................. .................................................................... ........................................................... ..........................................................

Disclaimer: Please don't join me or message me if you have an empty character. If you do join me in LWR, have the domination, pain, humiliation, wrestling and anal kinks active both ways. Prefer RP based games. Also, this is a purely fictional character, and everything that I say and do in my games, messages or profile are just part of a role-play. If you find anything offensive or not to your liking, just let me know. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with how a particular game is going or if the flow of the game is not to your liking. We can stop or switch it up and I won't consider that as rude. It will save us both a lot of time.

After a defeat to Tori, I have to skip every time my pussy is fingered. (5/5 games)

Notable Games:


Belle (1-0): After defeating Belle in the ring a while back, she decided to challenge me and take her revenge in the bedroom. I had her under my control, tied and moaning, but she somehow fought back and made me cum before her, with a vibe on my pussy. That was it for her though, as I was soon making her cum with a strap in her ass and pussy. Her revenge ended with her folded under me, my fingers in her ass and pussy, and a few licks later, she was squirting in defeat. I was sure to let her know that I was better at this than she was - in the ring or in the bedroom.

Weiss (1-0): So after a lot of teasing through dms, I finally faced Weiss. Our first encounter was in a hotel room, which we were forced to share it. I was tired after a long day of travel, but I wasn't about to let some Aussie slut push me around. We rolled around the room, which was full of so many toys and she slowly wore me down, tying me up multiple times. She took complete control and my tiredness was catching up with me. I couldn't do anything as she started using my holes, especially my ass. I almost accepted the fact that she would make me her buttslut when she forced me to cum on her machine but somehow I managed to make her cum, pushing my strap into her with her legs over her head. I didn't realize how horny she was as I was able to claim a second quick orgasm out of her with my tongue. I wasn't able to do much after as both of us were totally exhausted and passed out on top of her.

Rosanna Xavier (1-2): Our first meeting was at a cowgirl fair, where we accidentally bumped into each other and decided to take matters into a nearby shed. I thought I could handle her easily, but she ended up making me cum multiple times while I begged her to stop.
I saw her at a party later and ambushed her for revenge by locking ourselves in a room with all the necessary toys. This time I started much better, making her cum to my vibe. A minute later, she did the same to me though, and I could feel myself falling behind. I tried my best, managing to resist a few very close calls, but she did the same, managing to survive somehow. Soon, it was all too much for me and I had to give up. She made my defeat public, leaving me tied and had her fun with me and made me cum whenever she wished.
Our next meeting was again at another party, with some special costumes. This time I wasn't going to lose to her and after a few attempts from the both of us to get the other to an orgasm, I managed to get the first one out of her in a double dildo battle. She fought back though and had her foot in my pussy and I came quickly, having never experienced anything like that before. In a final scissoring battle, I was able to make her cum, getting my first win over her.

Alisha (1-4): Lounging on a beach on a sunny day, I noticed Alisha trying to take up my spot. I tried to shoo her away, but she pushed me down and started humping and spanking my ass. I fought back and we were pretty even, but she found my weakness and I was lost after that. I did get her to cum first, but she soon had me tied with my own bikini, pumping a dildo in and out of my ass forcing me to cum. She then proceeded to finger my pussy, while also moving the dildo in and out of my butt, making me cum again. To add to my humiliation, she made me crawl naked on the beach and spanked my bare ass, as I fingered my holes to another orgasm to the count of her spanks. I was left ass-up on the beach after three orgasms, admitting to her that I was her Subby Slut.
Alisha kept me as her kitty maid and I challenged her again the very next day for my freedom. This turned out to be a huge mistake as she broke every resistance I had making me submit fully to her. She wasted no time in going straight to my ass, using the little 'tail' to her complete advantage. I did manage to tie her down to her bed for a while, hoping to turn the tables, but she escaped quickly, pulling me in a humiliating nelson and making me cum. I did manage to make her cum once, fucking her from behind, but she soon had me moaning and screaming out her name making me cum again. She was sure to let the lesson sink in this time, tying me up with my own clothes again, stuffing my mouth with my soaked panties and making me beg for another orgasm.
No matter what I do, I can't seem to defeat Alisha. I challenged her for a third time in three days, hoping to turn the tables. All that led to was me being folded up and forced to an orgasm as she broke me again. I was forced to change my profile pic for the first time on EF, in order to acknowledge my total defeat.
Finally managed to win against Alisha after having her under my control for most of the game with some insane luck. I licked her to an orgasm, with her thighs wrapped around my head. She did strike back making me cum to her mouth, but she was done by that time as I had her folded up and fucked her ass and pussy making her squirt hard on a table, turning her into my little fucktoy.
I was foolish enough to ask Alsiha for a job after hearing there was a new house on the block. Calling her maids, she had me stripped naked at the start of the interview and soon was all over me. I did try to fight her, even managing to make her cum with my fingers while she had me in her lap, riding a dildo. She had complete control after that, making me cum stuck in a full nelson on her lap, while she fucked my ass silly. By the end she had me in the same humiliating position again, pushing my head down on the couch with my ass raised for her to use as she likes. She had me begging and allowed me to cum only after I agreed to stay on as her maid.

Trisha (0-1): I was foolish enough to call Trisha's tribe a group of sluts and she challenged me to fight to put me in my place. We were shoved into a sandy pit with the crowd firmly on her side. The fight started rough and hot, but soon it ceased to be a fight and turned into a domination by her and humiliation for me. She used her flexible body to full effect, making me cum with her legs wrapped around my head, while she licked me. She had my wrists and ankles tied together by the end of it leaving my ass hanging in the air as she fucked me hard and rough while I came again. She invited her tribe to use me and I ended up cumming for a third time. I was forced to admit that she had the superior kitty and beg her to fuck my ass as she used me in wild scenarios and holds, but denied me the final release showing me who was in control the entire time, ruining a fourth orgasm.

Jamie Valentine (0-1): As I was roaming around, looking to pick up fights against girls, I ran into Jamie. Thinking I could easily handle her Latina body, I decided to taunt her and draw her into a fight. It was pretty smooth sailing for me as she was tied and squirting soon. I was in complete control, with her lying upside down, ass-up and at my mercy. She managed to resist though and flip the match on me. As she assumed her dominant side, I was flipped on my back, with a strap in my ass and a vibrator on my pussy. After a screaming orgasm, she forced me to finger myself, begging her to continue guiding my fingers in my holes and I was soon cumming again. She was not done though as I was humiliated for all the girls present as she fucked my ass to draw two more orgasms out of me. I had to to admit that she was my Latina mistress and was forced to walk naked all the way back to her bedroom.

Andromeda Sterling (0-1): After a wild costume party, I returned to the dorm I was sharing with Andie to find her on the kitchen counter in a slutty nurse outfit. I couldn't resist taunting her, calling her a cheap slut and we were soon going at each other on the bed. After getting our asses spanked, fingered and fucked by each other, she gained the advantage, flipping me onto my hands and knees while she grabbed my hair and fucked my ass from behind. Exhausted and unable to hold on, I had to give in and submit to her after a single orgasm.

Jenna (0-1): In order to have my revenge for my defeat in the ring, I ambushed Jenna when she was on her way to meet a friend. After rolling around in the garden, we struggled our way into the shower and the bedroom, taking every available opportunity to pleasure each other, trying to prove who's better at sexfights. I managed to get the early lead, making her cum with my legs wrapped around her head and my mouth at her pussy. She struck back quickly though, fisting my pussy and then folding me up and to draw out an orgasm. I almost managed to make her cum again, but she showed her dominant side, as she spread my legs apart and fucked my ass. I had no choice but to cum and admit that she was my American mistress and owns my slutty arse.

Rin (2-0): - Rin challenged me to a sexfight, which I decided to turn into a humiliation match for the loser. It turned out to be a good back and forth match. As it seemed I had the upper hand and made her cum with my tongue, she was quick to respond with her entire fist in my pussy, making me cum. I had her again, my fist in her ass with a vibrator in her pussy, but she had many fans in the audience who came to her rescue. She was using my own moves against me bringing tears of pleasure to my eyes. Using my ass and pussy in a similar way I used hers, while her fans held me in position, she led me to a pleading and humiliating orgasm. I barely managed to survive, and retaliated by hanging her on the ropes and using her holes to finally send her over the edge without more interruptions. The huge crowd in her support was silenced when they saw their favorite wrestler being humiliated, and I was sure to remind them when I took my seat on the throne of her raised and defeated butt.
She challenged me for a revenge match. After a couple of losses, I was pretty much out of shape for this one, and she had an early advantage teasing me as I was about to burst. I did make her cum once while she gloated and teased me, but she soon had me cumming by pleasuring my pussy and ass. I was about to pass out under her butt, but in a desperate struggle, my tongue managed to make her cum. After that, I had her hanging on the ropes as I worked her up and she ended up cumming and loosing to me in the same way again.

Haruka (1-0): Much like my older profile, my first match was against a similarly rebranded Haruka. This time the stage was set for an oil wrestling match in only our bikinis. She had me under her soon, my voice muffled under her ass as she fingered me. I launched a counter-attack, fingering her and soon flipped her, pleasuring her holes. Unlike our first meeting, I had her cumming this time, winning my first game. We had a little after game fun, where I allowed her a little wish of hers, enjoying myself in the process.

Rose (1-0): I had a game in the kitty wrestling league with Rose, where we had an interesting battle of the tails, which I managed to win somehow.

Fleur (1-0): This was a battle of the strippers. Fleur thought she was good enough to replace me at my job. This led to a sexfight on the stage to decide who stays. She started well, getting me naked and using my ass, but she couldn't keep it up as I had her cumming to my fingers soon. She did fight back a bit, making me cum with her fingers, to the delight of the crowd. But soon the crowd was on my side as I licked her pussy to another orgasm. I kept her at the club, due to popular demand, with collar around her neck, declaring her as Tiff's slut.

Opal (1-0): I challenged Opal to a bikini wrestling match and that's how we somehow ended up in a ring on the beach which was just a wet, slippery pool. We were soon naked and she even discovered my weakness making me cum while owning my ass. But the ring made the match very unpredictable and I had her on the wet floor, her ass stuffed with a dildo while I scissored her to a orgasm. She was left ass up in the ring for the crowd to ogle at.

Trisha (1-0): So I walked into Trisha at a fancy party, and stumbled into her, a little tipsy. She wanted to bill me for the damage to her fancy dress but all she got was a humiliation. The fight started rough and turned out to be pretty close, both us resisting the others attempts, holding back our orgasms. In the end, she was too weak to resist my fist in her pussy as she gushed and squirted hard. After that, it was a complete domination as she ended up tied with all her holes stuffed. In the end, I rode her face to an orgasm making her cum at the same time as me.

Blair 'The Witch' Hallows (1-0): So I met this goth chick after a long time when I was wandering about some unknown parts of town. We had some things to settle between us, and when I saw her in the open ring on a shady street, issuing a challenge, I just had to jump right in. The fight started rough with some slams, wedgies and submission moves and I was able to make her tap soon. Then it was just rough fucking for her pussy and ass as I took complete control making her squirt with her ass in the air. I was pretty much dominating until this point, but she wouldn't give up, pushing a vibrator against my pussy making me cum hard on her face. I almost ended up losing as she had me very close to another orgasm, taking control of my ass, but I managed to barely clutch it at the end with a vibrator to her pussy, making her squirt her losing orgasm. She had boasted that I'll have to walk home naked after the match, but it was her walking away with a dominated pussy and gaping asshole.

Sophia (2-0): Out on vacation, wandering out on a beach, I decided to challenge the local favourite Sophia to a match on the beach. I had a strong start, dominating her from the very beginning until she was gushing to the surprise of the local fans. I was confident, I could make her cum again and finish her off, but she had some fight left in her. She folded me up and made me cum in a humiliating position, before she took control of my ass. I was helpless to stop her as she had me cumming for a second time. Barely able to hold on, I managed to finish her off, scissoring her to an orgasm.
After defeating Sophia on the beach, I decided to stay in her city for a few more days. Our paths crossed again when I decided to try out for the local cheer squad, where she was already a part of the team and responsible for picking new members. She wasn't ready to have me on the team after her previous humiliation at the beach and we decided to settle the matter right there in the auditorium. The match started as expected, I had complete control over her and soon had her folded and squirting under me. But all that changed very quickly as she started using my ass. All I could do was moan and whimper and cum as she pounded my ass with her strap. With a lucky break, I somehow managed to get her in an awkward position while she still had her strap in my butt and made her tap out, barely taking the win.

Katha (1-0): I faced off against Katha for a TON match The match started and it was all fairly even, she even had the upper hand for a while when she stripped me of my clothes and smothered me with her sexy ass. But all of that changed very quickly when I shut her up with her own panties and forced her to tap. Soon, she was squirting with a strap in her ass and fingers in her pussy. Another tap-out and orgasm followed as I gained a flawless victory over the German Queen, marking her as my footslut/buttslut.

Jamie Valentine (1-0): A long time after my humiliation at her hands, I finally face Jamie again, this time in a wrestling ring for a TON match. I was quick to strip her out of her bikini, but she decided to soften me up with wrestling moves and submission holds. I managed to somehow survive them and struck back with my strap and fingers while she struggled to take off my clothes. I didn't realize how horny I was and when she did manage to strip my wet panties, she quickly pinned me and fingered me to an orgasm. I did manage to make her cum immediately after but she clearly had the upper hand and soon her fingers were toying with my ass as I moaned in desperation. To both of our surprise, I managed to hold on and then had her on the top rope, licking away at her pussy and pushing her to a squirting orgasm. To assert my victory, I decided to pull her face under my ass, while my feet toyed with her loser pussy.

Adrianna (2-1): Our first meeting was out on the university grounds, where I couldn't stop myself from making fun of her outfit. Things got heated and we ended up wrestling right there with our friends watching. She did put up some fight but I managed to make her tap and finish her off with a single move, claiming her as my buttslut.
Our second encounter wasn't so easy for me. We were drawn out to face each other at the initiation party of our wrestling club and I decided to soften her a bit with wrestling moves at the start. All that did was leave me exhausted and vulnerable to her sexual attacks. I did manage to get her to tap out but she had complete control and I had no answer to her fingers. She quickly pinned me and fingered me to an orgasm. There was no respite for me as even the ref, who was partial to me to begin with, turned against me, helping Adrianna take control. I was soon cumming again to her strap, surrendering my second orgasm. She had me pinned under her ass and the ref had almost called it when I decided to throw a final attack. Pushing her to the corner and hanging her upside down on the ropes, I used her own panties to shut her up while I used her ass and pussy to finish her off with a single move. After the game, she was left with "Tiff's buttslut" written on her ass.
I faced Adrianna again in a wrestling match, this time on a holiday, pool-side at a resort. This match very much looked liked the continuation of our previous matches and I easily made her tap out to a submission move after which I had full control over her ass. Hoisting her on the top rope, I had her at my mercy, but all that wasn't enough to make her cum. Instead, she wrapped her legs around me, lifted my feet of the mat and made me squirt. I did gain some control back, making her cum on the top rope, but with some help from her girlfriend, she had me up in the air, stretched out, while she fingered me. Too exhausted, I surrendered and she took full advantage of her first win over me.

Oriana (2-1): I drew Ori into a sexfight after a sensual encounter at the club. After exchanging a few wrestling moves, she had me naked and on the ropes, an orgasm ripping through me drenching her face as she licked at my pussy. I struck soon after making her cum as I fingered her helpless ass. She did try to fight back, but soon surrendered herself to me. In the end, I had her begging with her mouth stuffed with panties, my gloved fist in her ass and a vibrator in her pussy. The humiliation was complete for 'Queen of the ring' as I left her folded on the mat, her gaping holes on display for the ladies.
After taking some time off for training and recovering from her humiliating loss, Ori challenged me again for a game, this time on her home turf. She definitely had the early advantage, getting rid of my clothes quite early and keeping me away from hers. She had her ass and pussy on my face, grinding away as I was helpless underneath her, unable to get rid of her soaking wet panties. To add to my humiliation, she had me bouncing on her strap and then folded me up, licking away at my pussy. As the match seemed to move towards complete humiliation and domination for me, I had a lucky break, managing to strip off her panties. With quite a bit of luck, I managed to slide a strap in her and parade her around the ring, before finishing her off with the strap and my fingers, completing a very improbable comeback win. The Queen now has a collar around her, declaring herself as the 'Slut of the ring' for a few days.
My next meeting with Ori was out in the wild at a campsite. The moment we laid eyes on each other, we realized where this would go. She couldn't stop herself from challenging me and I was only too eager to accept. There was no ring this time as we decided to wrestle right there in the dirt. Soon both of us were naked and rolling around, fighting to get the upper hand. Soon I had her pinned under me with a strap in her ass. Just when I thought I had her, she wrapped her legs around me and flipped me over while her friends held my legs apart. Soon, I had no choice but to surrender to her fingers. She was sure to get her revenge for her earlier humiliations as she stuffed my mouth with both of our panties and fucked my ass while letting her friends use my pussy. I was soon cumming again and she finally let me go, but not before rubbing herself to an orgasm over me, drenching me in her juices and leaving me tied as her dirty slut.

Hitomi (3-1): This was match had so many twists and turns with both of us managing to resist orgasms several times. I was soon lucky enough to draw out the first orgasm from her as she tried to smother me under her pussy. She soon leveled the scores, using my ass to make me cum. She took control of the match thereafter, but ended up surrendering another orgasm as she tried to scissor me. She didn't lose control though as she smothered me, I tapped out, submitting to her.
After our close first game, we met again in the ring. This one was a proper wrestling match with both of us softening the other with wrestling moves. By the time we were done, only one orgasm was enough to claim a win. And this time it was me on top, with all five fingers in her pussy, making her cum and give up after one orgasm.
I finally had the chance to break the tie and I started strong, using her pussy to make her tap quickly. The match became sexual after this, and she almost made me pass out under her huge tits. She did manage to make me cum, stuck under her tits, with a little help. I quickly returned the favor, lifting her to the top rope and making her cum. She managed to discover my weakness and almost made me cum a second time but I made her submit, smothering her under my pussy.
Our paths crossed again when I was in a class she taught. She wanted to throw me out of the cheer squad because I wasn't scoring good grades in her class. Things soon went out of hand as I slapped her and she retaliated by slapping me and pushing me to the floor. The fight become sexual as we tore at each other's clothes and I was soon able to scissor her to an orgasm. All wasn't over yet though as she used my own strap-on to make me cum. I tried making her cum again, locking her in a head-scissors while I fingered her pussy, but she resisted. She had me cornered and just when I thought I had lost, I found an opening and freed myself. As she tried to recover, I folded her up and soon my fingers started playing with her pussy one after the other until my entire fist was in there. She came for me again and I celebrated my victory by making her write Miss Hitomi - Tiffany's Slut on the board while I dominated her from behind.

Snow (1-1): LWR Champion Snow wanted to challenge me for a game, and I was more than happy to oblige. After a previous defeat I was forced to play this game in a kitty suit, with a special toy and Snow thought I could be another one of her experiments. She did have me in tears, playing with my tail, while teasing my pussy, making me beg for an orgasm. But with the last bit of my strength, I had her on the top rope, squirting to my tongue. I took the championship belt from her and put a collar on her to remind her she's my slutty kitty.
Well, she wanted to challenge me again and managed to trick me into a fight. I was not ready for the fight and after a few turns rolling around the ring and trying to smother each other out, she managed to make me cum while being smothered by my ass. Too weak from my first orgasm, she made me tap out and loose to a submission move after which she proceeded to have her revenge on me, using me in front of the whole club and leaving me to the mercy of the people around.

Andromeda Sterling (1-1): The experienced Andromeda Sterling challenged me to a championship defense in sexfight of the maids. Little did I know that this would be my most humiliating defeat. We exchanged a few pins at the start of the game, me exposing her panties under her long skirt before getting pinned myself, my face disappearing under her ass and long skirt. Soon I had the upper hand, sitting on her face fingering her ass and pussy to a squirting orgasm. That was the last time I had her under control as she soon rolled me up and had her fist in my pussy making me squirt on my own face. She then had me completely at her mercy, owning my ass in the ring and using me any way she liked. She finally made me cum with a strap in my ass turning me into a moaning, helpless and dominated slut. My first LWR championship lasted a mere 5 days (3 games), and ended with Andie turning me into her little slut.
We squared off against each other once more and I was eager for revenge. I did manage to get an early tap-out from her, but that soon turned out to be a false victory. She had my legs folded back to my head and fucked me into the mat until I was reduced to a squirting mess. She then proceeded to dominate me, putting me into humiliating positions, making me beg as she proceeded to finger my pussy and fist my ass while I was stuck under her, almost on the brink of another orgasm. With the last bit of my strength, I flipped us around, fisting her from behind, while I slapped her ass. She wasn't able to resist and gave in to an orgasm as I managed to win after somehow being dominated for most of the game.

Darina (1-1): Our first fight was over in the blink of an eye, she managed to get me naked and scissor me to an orgasm. All it took was just 37 turns for her to completely reduce me to a moaning mess without much effort on her part. This was the shortest and the most one-sided game I ever had.
Our second fight though was a completely different story. Seeing that she held the championship belt, I thought of this as a perfect opportunity for redemption. I challenged her for a fight and soon had her moaning and giving in to me. I didn't even need to get her completely naked as I had her cumming in her panties. I continued to control most of the game, but she managed to give me a scare at the end, turning the tables and making me cum hard. Barely holding on, I proceeded to finish her properly this time, securing my second LWR title. She was wonderful as we ended up pleasuring each other to celebrate my championship.

Marika (0-1): I challenged Marika to a sexfight. The fight was pretty even, until I had her to the wall, fucking her ass, taunting her that she would never find my weakness. She did, though, and I ended up as Queen Marika's buttslut.

Delilah (0-1): Delilah stole my wrestling bra and panties and I was forced to challenge her to a wrestling match in my lacy bra and thong. This was a very bad idea as she had me tapping out, fucked my ass silly and fingered my pussy to a helpless orgasm. I did manage to make her cum, fingering her ass, but that was just a false victory. She had her fist in my pussy and made me cum again. She then stuffed my wet thong into my mouth, using me to make herself cum, before leaving me hanging upside down on the corner, pussy dripping from cumming again and again.

Jenna (0-1): For my first match in Alisha's maid tournament and TON, I decided to challenge Jenna. She had me on the ropes right from the start, putting me in various submission holds, but then I managed to get the upper hand, making her tap and fucking her ass. She was much more resilient though and I soon exhausted myself. She then took her revenge on my ass, fucking me to an orgasm. It did take a while for me to make her cum, but when she did cum to my vibrator, she was almost finished in a single move. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't handle her after that and she finished me off with two more orgasms, using the same vibe on me. She defeated me 3 orgasms to 1, and left a star spangled collar for me as a reminder of her complete domination.

Roya (0-3): For my second TON match, I decided to challenge Roya in an Indian wrestling arena, thinking I could easily handle this rookie. We stripped to our underwear and entered the arena and I soon realized she was much stronger than she looked. We started off on an even footing, and I even had the opportunity to make her cum first, but she somehow resisted and soon gained the upper hand. I couldn't do anything later as she toyed with me as she pleased, easily making me cum twice. Her domination was so complete, I couldn't make her cum or tap even once. She turned me into her fucktoy handing me my most humiliating loss.
Our second match was at the same arena. And she had all the luck this time around as well. She managed to get me into submisiion holds very easily and somehow always slipped out of mine. In the end she managed to make me cum twice and win again without much effort, though I did manage to eke an orgasm out of her before that.
The third match was on my home turf and this time I was ready for her. I took the early advantage and dominated her all through the match, landing multiple moves on her while I worked at her pussy. She was powerless to stop the first orgasm as I had her under my complete control while I fingered her. I looked all set for a 2-0 victory, but she managed to somehow resist cumming and flipped the tables on me, making me cum twice almost instantly. She than collared me and I ended up as her pet toy.

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