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Turning into a casual player, popping on and off to watch a few fights and make some bots my toys

Add me on Discord - philjs89#9090

Player since 12/3/22.

32 years old.
6ft 2
Rugby player type body
UK based

Looking for some fun games and hot fights. Let's get it on! ;)

Enjoying the Classic and Wrestling games and looking to get involved with more.

I enjoy some back and forth banter as we play. I might be up for a fun wager as we get to know each other, but still happy to play just for fun and for the sole purpose of mutual pleasure.

What do I like/my kinks?
Things that I enjoy in-game and irl, and happy to partake in where consensual:
- Back and forth dirty talk - I can get very descriptive ;)
- dirty rough sex/a good naughty fuck
- light restraint (using hands or clothes)
- treating my lady like a "good girl"
- giving spanking
- hair pulling
- light choking
- the idea of filming ourselves


Round 1 - vs Countess Sasha
It took 69 turns of hot grappling, intense back and forth teasing, and delicious fucking for a winner to emerge. By 3 cums to 2, Sasha won! A loss for my team, and taking me 0-1 in the tournament!

Round 2 - vs Tanya
In what can only be described as a 5-star sexfight for the tournament, it took 81 turns to decide a winner. I took the early lead 1 cum to 0, then Tanya took one back to level it off at 1-1. As the sexfighting intensified, Tanya went on a vigorous offensive to score a tap out on me, taking her to 2-1. Tired and spent, with little energy to spare, but seeing an opening as Tanya was right on the edge, I went for broke and made Tanya cum all over my fingers. 2 rounds won each, but Tanya couldn't continue after the last big cum. I was declared the winner, taking me to 1-1 in the tournament, winning the first point for team blue, and breaking my losing streak finally!

Round 3 - vs Hitomi
Fresh off my victory over Tanya, I came in exuding confidence and having my absolute way with Hitomi. She was mine for the entire match. I made her my little toy and used her every which way I could. She was all mine throughout. She came hard on my face and my cock and was left without any kind of hope in the world, even getting in help from some of her team pink teammates including Tanya (she was still grumpy after her loss to me last time!). But somehow she hung on and made a huge comeback to drain me for the win. I went 1-2 in the tourney after that.
(went for a heel turn here, and might keep it for my character for a bit!)

Round 4 - vs Jeanne
Jeanne came in with so much confidence claiming she was undefeated (but for one rogue cum test that beat her in a previous match. Throughout she was mocking, laughing and putting my wrestling ability down, and using her ass to make me lose focus throughout. But after biding my time and working my way around her, I came out on top by 2 cums to 1, and made clear that she was now no longer undefeated in the tourney!
This win took me 2-2 in the tourney. So can I finish with a big win? Let's see!

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