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New player

I'm a somewhat new player.

I'm still learning about my own preferences here, but I enjoy classic and hentai modes the most. I can be either an aggressive dom or and loving, playful and maybe still a little completive partner based on your taste and how the fight goes. If you have a preference, let me know ahead of time and I'll try to adapt to you. My DM's are always open and I'm pretty easygoing outside of fights so if you want to challenge me or just want someone to chat with, I'd be glad to hear from you.

Current winning streak: 0 😥

List of all opponents I've face (in chorological order):

Raven(Guest) 2-wins
High Elf Eris 1-win
raya 1-win
Mia 1-win
はな♥ ~ Elena's Cheeky Wife ~ 2-wins
Sunny the fennec fox 1-lose

List of notable games and opponents (WIP):

Mia: Mia is someone who enjoy playing from a disadvantage and trying to play with her rules and weaknesses in mind made for a very fun match. She's extremely good at playing into her character, and the contrast how feisty she it at the start of a match to how lustful and submissive she is by the end is extremely sexy and rewarding. After beating her I gave her a weakness to anal, give it a shot the next time you fight her. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. 😉

はな♥ ~ Elena's Cheeky Wife ~ My fight with Hana was one to remember. Not only was it the closest fight I've ever had, it was so entrancing. Hana is really good at making her moves flow together seamlessly and keeping the action going. Unfortunately our fight was plagued by technical issues with our internet connections causing some of our messages and commands to get lost to the void and my dumbass not realizing RP mode was a thing meant lots of stalling to either redraw actions or to recover the energy I spent redrawing, but even despite all of that, it was still one of my favorite fights I've had so far.

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