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Hii! I'm Elena, the cutest thing you'll see today!

Height: 165cm
Weight: 48 kg
Breast: 34DD

General information
Many says that i'm a really cute girl, and i'm so happy to have so many admirers! giggles
I like sweets, books and long walking in the nature, and i'm here to see what i love the most: cumming dicks and dripping pussies!
If you think that only because i'm cutie i don't like sex, you're wrong! I will make you lose your mind for me and then give me your best orgasms, but if you're a strong dominant person, well.... I won't resist you so much!
See you in the bedroom, sweeties! ❤


I was roaming around EF city, as i usually do when i'm bored. I love to spread joy and love to everyone around this place! But one day, during the Easter period, I decided to cosplay as a bunny. It was a joke at first, but those bunny ears and bunny tail were fitting me so well...
I kept them on me for one week, only to discover the truth: those props were cursed! I couldn't take them off no matter i tried... THEY WERE A PART OF ME!
After some moment of confusion, i looked at myself on a mirror, and i never saw myself so much cute. A new bunny girl was born, ready to hop on your lap to steal snuggles and, eheh, orgasms!

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Your opponent is sucking your cock like a pro! He's enjoying it too, and you think this is the right moment to call in your friend. He swiftly steps in and helps you out , making him twitch and leak as he must resist both that anal and oral delight! Call your friend for some help! Let’s pump up the crowd and show off your charm! You want them on your side, so you give them a show! You climb the turnbuckle and lose, showing them your fit body to them. Show off your body! Your last hit was devastating! Your opponent is trying to recover at the ropes, but you charge her for a 619! She feels your legs on her face, falling on the mat, unable to stand up again. 619! (Special) You've had enough! You sensually tie him up, restraining him. Then you take a cock ring and secure it to him, holding the control device! He can only try and resist the pleasure. Tie and vibe him! You made him cum so hard that now his belly is a pool! You finally jerk off yourself, providing one more contribution to the humiliating puddle of cum on his chest! You made him your cum dumpster Riding your cock is too much for you bride! Her low experience betrayed her, and she couldn't resist being on top all this minutes! As she cums, you feel her ass hole tighten and your cock trapped, she really wants more from you... Orgasm while riding! You tease your opponent by comparing your cocks, and you're sure that yours is better! She seems pissed off, but hornier than before. Compare your cocks Get the upper hand! No panties, no problem! Giving your opponent a show, you demonstrate your flexibility by sucking your own cock! Self-suck your cock 1! 2! 3! The referee counts and you're the winner of the match! They award you with the Title you always dreamt about, now you can wear it proudly! You won the Title!

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