Bunny Elena ~Hana's Fluffy Wife~ (Level 15) mail warning

(RP mostly but sometimes competitive) Bunny needs treats...


Hii! I'm Elena, the cutest thing you'll see today!

Height: 165cm
Weight: 48 kg
Breast: 34DD

General information
Many says that i'm a really cute girl, and i'm so happy to have so many admirers! giggles
I like sweets, books and long walking in the nature, and i'm here to see what i love the most: cumming dicks and dripping pussys!
If you think that only because i'm cutie i don't like sex, you're wrong! I will make you lose your mind for me and then give me your best orgasms, but if you're a strong dominant person, well.... I won't resist you so much!
See you in the bedroom, sweeties! ❤


I was roaming around EF city, as i usually do when i'm bored. I love to spread joy and love to everyone around this place! But one day, during the Easter period, I decided to cosplay as a bunny. It was a joke at first, but those bunny ears and bunny tail were fitting me so well...
I kept them on me for one week, only to discover the truth: those props were cursed! I couldn't take them off no matter i tried... THEY WERE A PART OF ME!
After some moment of confusion, i looked at myself on a mirror, and i never saw myself so much cute. A new bunny girl was born, ready to hop on your lap to steal snuggles and, eheh, orgasms!

I'm Hana's new fluffy wife, she's my cutie pie and i love her so much❤!
My wife Hana

A bunny girl doesn't reveal her secrets!


(under renewing)

I spent one night with Romantic. He brought me to his mansion after a boring party and he made me feel so special i couldn't help myself, cumming multiple times helped by his servants. He then gifted me a bracelet made of gold and emerald, nominated me his yellow rose and official chambermaid.

1x Hentai Champion

If you want to wrestle with me: My wrestling alt!

My siblings (alts):

Daliah (WIP)

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Your messages together

Your partner is sucking your cock like a pro! He's enjoying it too, and you think this is the right moment to call in your friend. He swiftly starts fucking your partner, making him twitch and leak as he must resist both that anal and oral delight! Call your friend for some help! You're the one who make the rules here, and he will accept it. As you order him to fully undress, he obeys, showing his growing erection. Order to undress You need a moment to recover from all the fucking, but you don't want to let her wait with nothing to do! You take out your laptop and queue up a porn video for her. She can't resist the urge to touch herself! Put a porn on for her! He sucks you so well you wish it could last forever! That is why you close him in a headlock, now he can't escape your perfect cock! Headlock blowjob You want your partner all worked up for you, so you make him taste one on your fingers! Will he become hungry for more of your body? Finger in mouth You notice how your partner is craving for your body, and you give them a peak of it! With your underwear on, you bend a bit and wiggle your ass. Now they're even hornier, and you have reached your first goal! Wiggle your ass Your partner offers you his ass, and you can't wait to have a piece of that. You prepare his anus, sticking a thick dildo slick with lube in it, working his hole so it shouldn't be a problem for you to enter. Stretch his ass with a dildo He managed to fuck the adventurer and stealing his precious cum! Now the Incubus is stronger, the adventurer weaker and the dungeon increases its power! The Incubus steals your orgasm! You somehow manage to get the upper hand on the Incubus! You use your skills to make him cum, tying down for another 1000 years and preventing him from touching you again. Another warrior falls, and you are one step closer to triumph... You make the Incubus submit! A strong, hungry Incubus from Hell joins you, using his masculine charme to make the adventurer submit! ~test Dungeon Master: Encounter+: Hungry Incubus!

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